VENT: When the Left Issues Demands, the Right Should Respond ‘FAHQ’

You know, there comes a time when you just throw up your hands and say “Enough is enough” and if you don’t like it, too fuckng bad.

Democrats, the left in academia and entertainment, the workplace and almost every other area in which we all must share equal space has dictated how we must think, how we should speak and everything has to be on their terms or face their wrath. They’ll troll your social media accounts, accost you in the street or outside your home and we’re just supposed to take it because THEY say so?

Fuck that.

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Once Donald Trump Leaves Office, Americans Will Be Screwed Over Again

If you listen to the Democrats, their activists and media, you’ll hear how bad things are under President Trump and how happy they are about it.

Despite the sloths who’ve inhabited all government offices and agencies and allowed our economy to languish for decades, a businessman took the reins and did what most of the overpaid slugs insist, to this day, could never be done.

But what happens, whether it be their desired 2020 or 2024, when Donald Trump’s presidential term ends and we go back to business-as-usual?

After President Trump leaves office, will our economy be...?

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(This is an informal poll. No personal information is requested or extracted. It’s a shame we have to say this.)

For those of you who still have your 401(k), look at the numbers prior to November 8, 2016 and look at it now.

Think about those who were in control and set up a system where no matter what their decisions are for the rest of the nation, they would land on a nice soft pillow.

Remember those who exempted themselves from an overpriced Obamacare YOU were forced to acquire, even if you couldn’t afford the deductible to access services. Remember an indifferent Federal Reserve that arbitrarily raises interest rates and screws up everything from car to mortgage payments, not to mention your cost of living. Remember the unelected in agencies that ran amok and how their edicts affected, or negatively affected, how you live your lives. Remember all the nations that took advantage of trade policies that sent millions of jobs out of the country because they were negotiated by ignorant bureaucrats who never built a business with their own skin in the game. Remember hostile actors that would capture our soldiers and make then appear pitiful on video because our former POTUS wasn’t respected or feared.

Remember a stock market that we were all told would crash if Donald Trump was elected, that has broken records ever since, and the dip it took when Democrats retook the House and there’s that feeling they’ll do everything politically possible to tank the economy before 2020.

And let’s state the obvious, there’s no Republican on the horizon with the experience and cajones to ever replicate all that is Donald Trump.

Aside from immigration policy that will essentially be the reopening of the unlocked door to the United States and benefits, a military and veterans who will again be relegated to insignificant status, and jobs in poor neighborhoods that may go away, ask those who hate this president what part of the pre-Trump era should we openly embrace and look forward to… again?

CNN Proves Numerous Claims of ‘Ended’ Veteran Homelessness is a Lie

In the media’s ongoing attempt to prove how much better they are than the American people, CNN issued the following “Do more than just thank a veteran” in their daily email drop.

Help veterans on the streets
A phone call can also make difference in the life of a veteran who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Call 877-4AID-VET, or 877-424-3838, to connect with help at the VA. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Stand Down program is designed to help homeless veterans “combat” life on the streets. Stand Downs are usually one- to three-day events that provide food, shelter, clothing and health screenings to homeless and unemployed veterans. To find a Stand Down program in your community, contact your local VA hospital.

This implies there ARE veterans that don’t have a warm place to call their own, however if you were look at the declarations of states and municipalities (mostly Democrat-run) you would get a far different impression of the plight of too many veterans.

The whole theme of “ending veteran homelessness” was initially a pet project of First Lady Michelle Obama and we all know the priority “pet projects” of the boss’ wife are given, even if the results have to be embellished to keep those involved in good favor.

When this administration took on the challenge to end veteran homelessness, many believed that it was an unattainable goal. A growing list of more than 35 communities, and the entire states of Connecticut, Delaware, and Virginia, have proven that ending veteran homelessness is possible and sustainable.
Tina Tchen, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady

Opportunist politicians took the cue and announced successes that require a suspension of common sense.

Virginia Just Became the First State in the US to End Veteran Homelessness

Gov. Malloy Says Connecticut Is Second State to End Veteran Homelessness
Delaware becomes third state to effectively end veteran homelessness
Mayor Landrieu declares victory in ending homelessness among veterans
White House: Syracuse among first cities to end veteran homelessness
Lincoln has effectively ended homelessness of veterans, mayor says
White House: Portland has ended veteran homelessness
Atlanta announces end of veteran homelessness
HUD: Kansas City has ‘ended homelessness among veterans’
Norman becomes first community in Oklahoma to effectively end veteran homelessness
Hampton Roads nonprofit marks milestone in ending veteran homelessness
Little Rock mayor says city has ‘functionally’ ended veteran homelessness
Miami-Dade County announces virtual end to veteran homelessness
Lynn Becomes First Mass. City To End Veteran Homelessness
Officials: Lowell has ended veteran homelessness
Feds: Kent County has ended veteran homelessness
Kittitas County ends veteran homelessness
Pittsburgh and Allegheny County ‘effectively’ end veterans homelessness
How Austin ended veteran homelessness – Mayor Steve Adler
Homelessness ‘effectively ended’ for Phila. vets
How Winston-Salem/Forsyth County, NC Ended Chronic Veteran Homelessness
Will County declares an end to homelessness for veterans
Veteran Homelessness ‘Effectively’ Ended in Nashua Area
Mayor Larry Morrissey on CNN shares how Rockford ended veteran homelessness
Chattanooga says it’s ended veteran homelessness
Houston Effectively Ends Veteran Homelessness!
Ending Veteran Homelessness in San Antonio
Ohio Region has ‘effectively’ ended homelessness among veterans
Troy ends veteran homelessness
Alexandria functionally ends veteran homelessness
La Crosse Ends Veteran Homelessness
Middlesex County Effectively Ends Veterans’ Homelessness in County
De Blasio Touts End to ‘Chronic Veteran Homelessness’ in New York
Des Moines touts ‘end of veteran homelessness’
City of Las Cruces ‘functionally’ ends veteran homelessness
San Bernardino County exceeds goal of ending veteran homelessness
HUD says Kansas City has ‘ended homelessness among veterans’
West TN announces an effective end to veteran homelessness
Riverside Ends Homelessness for Veterans

“Functionally”, “effectively” are words used to dance around reality for political backpats and points. Some even leave those words out and make the declaration despite the very real reality on the ground.

Utah had touted ending homelessness for veterans years ago. Now the numbers are increasing

Uh oh….

Let’s be real, the military and subsequent veterans are very low on the priority list of many politicians. Active duty votes have been dismissed during election years when it was felt they were supportive of a Republican Commander-in-Chief. Politicians and nonprofits love to display pictures or be pictured with black homeless veterans in particular to pull public and donor heartstrings.

The VA continues to be a mess, albeit not as bad as in previous years, and taxpayer dollars meant for homeless veterans are quickly diverted to more desired immigrant refugees, illegal aliens with children, unwed mothers with children, etc.

The fact we still have homeless veterans is something we’ll continue to see on our street corners and sidewalks despite what politicians and the media say to our faces.

Pravda on ‘Russophobic Whores, Cuckolds’ #Swamp and Media

Of course, on this side of the pond we see and hear the constant pummeling of the Trump Administration by the fat and balding punditry, high-pitched squealing millennial reporters, career swamp rats and media reciters. Democrats are in unison demanding action for Russia’s outrageous meddling in our election because we all know the United States NEVER does that kind of thing.

And while they’d look at our gutless, backstabbing politicians or our “gold standard” media regarded as nothing close to Russian propaganda, it’s kinda sad when Pravda’s take is any less the propaganda seen day on the self-adoring CNN, MSNBC, or in our nation’s capital…

Trump versus the Traitors on Capitol Hill
Pry behind the scenes of Capitol Hill and what does one find? A bunch of professional politicians, some of whom are serious and earnest to deliver public service but the jeers behind my back as I face the keyboard already show what the People think: collectively they are a bunch of self-seeking good-for-nothings who would sell their own grandmother or pimp their own daughters if they thought it would bring them personal gain.

That’s pretty spot on as we’ve personally met many of them.

Now they have their knives out for Donald Trump. And why? Because he listened to Vladimir Putin, because he listened to common sense and because he made his statements based on the truth and not upon cajolery, lies peddled by political skallywags, sexed-up half-truths paraded by Russophobic whores and cuckolds permeating the woodwork of the FUKUS (France-UK-US) Establishment.

The left did get along with Russia until the whole Russia-collusion thing was floated out there as a premature trial balloon if, heaven forbid, Hillary lost, President Obama could hide behind his most authoritative statement, “Cut it out”.

When it comes to foreign policy, due to the fact that Washington sticks its nose into everyone else’s business, it is a question for all of us and here we, non-US citizens, indeed have a word to say.

I would prefer a US President who is prepared to listen to common sense and follow his instincts than one sprung from the cesspool of professional politicians, deviants, traitors, nutcases and social climbers of the ilk we find on Capitol Hill. And common sense tells us that if the US electoral system is so weak and porous that a handful of hackers can fix the result, then what the hell have those on Capitol Hill been doing for generations?

No reason to make this post Rated R.

There are dozens of problems in the United States that linger because that “cesspool of professional politicians, deviants, traitors, nutcases and social climbers” need them as campaign reelection issues, no matter how many Americans are negatively affected or worse.

BTW — The DC establishment leeches always seem to find a way to exempt themselves from the policies THEY know are better for the taxpayer.

President Trump has had many successes because he feels and acts on the urgency of the American people. He doesn’t deem us as annoying statistics that can justify more government makework career Democrat employees, contractors who play fast and loose with taxpayer money, and/or near-useless politicians who use us as props.

Unlike those in the swamp and the parasites slithering in the water, Donald Trump has actually created something of value and doesn’t need the backpatting the useless in and around Capitol Hill depend on for relevance. Name ONE of those clamoring for relevance who’d be missed if they vanished off the face of the Earth tomorrow.

All those in cable news, so-called news websites, any politician, staffer or career employee in Washington, D.C.; how would our lives be any worse off if any of them weren’t around to bless us with their presence and wisdom?

Granted, we can’t afford to stay at any Trump properties, but many people enjoy the president’s facilities and he hired hundreds of people to create and maintain them. The swamp hasn’t created anything of physical value nor enriched anyone but themselves, especially the politicians who come to D.C. and get rich.

Yes, they help us… and make us pay for it.

So I prefer a President who listens to common sense. I prefer a President who is prepared to engage with Russia and to form a relationship with Russia, knowing that Russia is not an enemy of the United States and its allies, but an advanced nation, a powerful partner which respects international law and which complains against the West simply because it is the west which flouts international law, which lies and uses bullying as its modus operandi, hiding behind terrorist organizations which it uses to foster policy.

Sure, some of that is a bit of bluster, but the United States does have a history of trying to impose their brand of democracy on other nations without the courtesy of asking first. Yes, we DO meddle in the elections of our countries and sometimes to make it more palatable, it’s dubbed “regime change”.

Sometimes we instigate a populace and just walk away when things get too dicey. Our politicians and unelected pundits assume they alone know what’s better for other nations and use bombs and bullets to achieve a whitepaper goal. Video of bombed out buildings and dead children at the bottom of the hour.

And seeing how Russia has quite a few nuclear missiles aimed at us in a saturation fashion, it would be common sense to not be on an adversarial posture with them if at all possible. Isn’t “engagement” what the fat-and-happies at the State Department are always telling us what must occur, or is the problem that President Trump is having results where the superior-intellect career have routinely not?

So Trump is not a traitor. In his approach he is doing more for his country than those on Capitol Hill have done for the last hundred-plus years. Meaning Capitol Hill is what exactly?

Many of us can see what President Trump has accomplished. Maybe more substance than any president in our lifetime and more. Too many others are still in full sore-loser revenge mode because their candidate who couldn’t even walk up the stairs by herself, lost.

And Capitol Hill is… well, the nation would clearly be a better place without those who depend on and create misery.

The GOP’s ‘Metropolitan Bias’ and Elitist Identity ‘Politics of Division’

In 2017, Republicans and conservative activists roundly criticized what we considered Democrat hypocrisy when Barack Obama joined the campaign trail and ramped it up.

Former President Barack Obama, back on the campaign trail on Thursday for the first time since he left the White House, called on voters to reject a growing “politics of division” that he said was corroding American democracy.
Reuters, 10/19/17

Democrats have strategically separated any and all demographics for political exploitation, dividing one against the other under the altruistic ruse of their knowing how to bring us all together. Republicans have repeatedly stumbled when trying to employ similar tactics in an effort to prove we were above it all.

Their elitist stumbles continue to this day.

Their messaging is anything but inclusive and more targeted to whom the RNC would want to deal with.

On face value, it looks like the GOP is inviting young white leaders, which if that’s whom they want, fine.

Their blog also reads like they assume many and young and dumb which is not a good sign of things to come.

Graphic design skills are at a minimum. Having a portrait and cutting off one of those in a shot implies that person is of limited importance. We see examples all the time. One would think the GOP would show women in a banner and give equal weight, unless we’re talking afterthoughts.

Oh, and as we’re talking women… let’s do lunch!

The “faithful” offers millions of dollars to places of worship every Sunday. When Ted Cruz was on the campaign trail, he went preacher on numerous occasions to pander to believers. The GOP ultimately wants a piece of that action in the way of a small tithe.

The face of Black Republican activism is diverse.

Thanks for the tip.

Some of us have reached out to the Republican Party over the years and have been patronized, and during campaigns even ignored.

… a historic slate of new Black Republican leadership in Congress…

Mia Love, a RINO suck-up and finger-in-the-wind Tim Scott. That’s the “new Black Republican leadership in Congress”? Hall & Oates wrote a mega-hit on their “Big Bam Boom” album that comes to mind here.

… now is the time for Black America to REALLY votes its interests. Help us grow a movement of Black Republican activists!
GOP Black Republicans

We need a Ronna Romney McDaniel-led GOP to help grow a movement of Black Republicans while they’ve ignored the long list of activists who’ve persevered despite, or in some cases, had to work harder because of the clueless missteps of the elitist Republican Party?

Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.
Frederick Douglass

Our goal is to identify committed Asian Pacific American Republicans to recruit, mobilize and activate APA voters ahead of elections. 

Bullshit. These specifically-targeted “Asian Pacific American Republicans” have money. That’s why the GOP is “committed” to recruiting them as voters; not as candidates.

Our goal is to continue to grow the success of our Hispanic Initiatives Team in 2017….

Have any of you heard of the “Hispanic Initiatives Team”? Neither have we, but knowing some Republican insiders as we do, they’re probably well fed despite the lack of public awareness of their activities.

And last on their “Groups” page are “Veterans & Military Families”.

The GOP is working to honor the needs, concerns and issues associated with protecting our nation and the men and women who fight for our freedom every day. 

Ever hear of the GOP taking a lead on an issue that didn’t appear in a Fox News segment? Anyone want to guess how many veterans even work for the Republican Party?

On a side note, giving the rather paltry salary average at the RNC, if you’re parents are wealthy enough to donate to the party and subsidize your expenses living in or around the D.C. area, you can get a job with the Republican National Committee. Ronna Romney McDaniel appears to earn a lion share of compensation.

Many of us look at ourselves as Americans and Republicans, in that order. We’ve pushed back against being compartmentalized into groups yet those in our leadership, many of whom are privileged and have spent little time within the groups they’ve so designated, have broken us up to serve and fund them; NOT grow the party in ways that would effectively spread a sincere message and inspire new candidates.

Then again, when it comes to metropolitan bias elites, it’s all about money for them first.

The Black & Blonde Media Skim

The following media links are provided for the Black & Blonde Media audience and are not intended for low-motivation aggregators who seek inspiration so they can rewrite previously published stories and act like they broke news.
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Bill Maher is ‘hoping for’ an economic collapse so he can ‘get rid of Trump’: ‘Sorry if that hurts people’
You can’t get HBO for free if you’re unemployed and broke, Bill
Joe DiGenova: IG Report is Being Scrubbed by Rosenstein
The desperate suits know they won’t do well in prison as Bubba’s bitch
Council on Foreign Relations Tells Gov’t They “Have To” Use Propaganda on Americans
What the fat-and-happy white privileged wonks think of their countrymen
G7 leaders to talk gender, oceans and climate change — Trump to skip out early
He won’t miss much
State-level Dems funneled $84M to Clinton’s campaign, lawsuit alleges
The usual going rate to sit at a Clinton table
Warriors complete sweep of Cavaliers to claim second straight NBA championship and third in four seasons
LeBron James played with a ‘BROKEN’ hand: Cavs star punched board after Game 1
Here come The King’s excuses
‘What the hell do you think she’s going to do?’: TSA comes under fire for ‘prolonged and repetitive’ pat down of a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair
Government loser bullies
BuzzFeed Confirms it Knew About Ali Watkins’ Relationship with Indicted Senate Official
Ali Watkins’ past tweets come back to haunt NYT reporter amid leak case
I thought the #MeToo movement denounced screwing your way to the top?
Press Groups Criticize the Seizing of a Times Reporter’s Records
Flashback: Unethical, Partisan Journalists Deserve NO First Amendment Protection
The CPJ is the last group to lecture anyone about ethics
Senate Intel Staffer Indicted In Leak Case Was Charged With Domestic Violence
The vetting process on the conservative side sucks
Donald Trump is wooing black voters and killing the Democratic party
A Republican doing what Republicans did best: freeing slaves
Austria’s right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 foreign-funded imams in crackdown against Islamist ideology
Rapes, riots, and terrorist acts will do that
Iran Admits To Facilitating 9/11 Terror Attacks
What would make Mohammad-Javad Larijani blurt this out?
Air Force grounds B-1 bombers due to safety concerns
They hardly just began to degrade
Chinese Government Hackers Steal Trove of U.S. Navy Data: Report
What DON’T They steal?
‘An INSULT to British voters’ Fury as Soros-backedgroup launch bid for second Brexit vote
They just love to screw with the people when they don’t get the results they want
Flashback: Did Climate Change Worsen the Southern California Fires?
Flashback: Climate Change is Worsening Forest Fires
Flashback: Global warming’s role in California’s wildfires
Flashback: Scientists See Climate Change in California’s Wildfires
PG&E Equipment Tied to Some of Deadliest Wine Country Fires
Lawyers FINALLY found something they can sue
KEY EVIDENCE GOES MISSING: Server Belonging to Wasserman Schultz IT Worker Imran Awan Is Physically Stolen from Congress
Why do public servants do things we could never get away with?
Ex-Jet Kellen Winslow Jr. arrested for alleged burglary
What happened to all his money?
Men caught with enough fentanyl to kill 26 million people
Two wonderful immigrants!
President Trump Expects to Welcome Caps to White House
Liberalism has yet to fully infect the National Hockey League
Flashback: Obama to Trump: ‘What magic wand do you have?’
Trump to host fundraiser, attend Foxconn groundbreaking
The president’s “magic wand” and 13,000 jobs appear in Wisconsin
Mike Pompeo: North Korea must agree to inspections of ‘all of their sites’
We’ll believe it when we see it

Anthony Bourdain’s Haunting Tweet Weeks Before His Suicide Hillary Clinton’s Goons Harassed Him
A sad commentary if Tweets can drive you to kill yourself, then again ask Keith Emerson about compassionate liberals
Suicides by public figures can lead to a ‘contagion’ effect
More like social media losers who consume Tide pods and snort condoms
Democratic senators accuse Trump of possible leak call for investigation into jobs report tweet
They’re just mad they didn’t get to violate the STOCK Act again

STRATCOM Gen. John Hyten Would #Resist a Trump Nuke Strike Order

This is yet another reason why the unquestioned has lingering consequences.

For eight years-plus, we were all repeatedly assured that Barack Obama was the smartest president in our nation’s history, despite the only proof being his college transcripts that are conveniently sealed to this day. It could be argued that had he ordered the deployment and use of nuclear weapons, it would have been carried out because of his unquestioned wisdom.

After more than a year of insults directed at President Donald Trump and the recent provocative actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the question of wisdom and lawfulness is now being mulled over by the liberal media, their think tanks, and even one those whose job it is to follow the orders of the Commander-in-Chief; an egotistical military officer who now deems himself an appointed presidential adviser, free to travel outside of our borders and announce to the world our operational capabilities and deficiencies.

Aside from broadcasting to the world, via the Halifax International Security Forum, the United States’ military readiness (or lack thereof)Air Force General John Hyten, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command has also informed our enemies that if they were to prepare to launch nuclear weapons against us, he would take the time to debate with President Trump if his order was “lawful” and have the option to obey or #resist that order.

Many of us who’ve served wish we would have had the option to obey or not obey orders we knew were frivolous, an ultimate waste of taxpayer dollars, or just plain wrong. But when an officer like Hyten faces an order he or she questions, HE is worried about the lawfulness and worried about going to jail if he questions it.

The survival of the American people is secondary.

Be it a note of importance or not, General Hyten has spent his 35-plus year career stateside, mostly in and around Washington D.C., Colorado, Nebraska and in and out of colleges. Hyten doesn’t appear to have endured the sting of battle and instead of being in a cockpit, he’s spent most of his career behind a desk.

Also participating in the discussion was Bonnie Jenkins, an Obama-era hire.

Bonnie Jenkins currently serves as the U.S. Department of State’s Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs in the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation. She is also the U.S. representative to the G7 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction (WMD) and chaired the Global Partnership in 2012. She is the Department of State lead on the Nuclear Security Summit, and she coordinates the Department of State’s activities related to the effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear material.

Jenkins serves as the Leadership Liaison for the Department of State’s Veterans-at-State Affinity Group. She also serves on the Department of State’s Diversity Governance Board.

Moderating the discussion was Steve Clemons of The Atlantic.

Steve Clemons is an American journalist and blogger. He was appointed Washington editor-at-large of The Atlantic and editor-in-chief of AtlanticLIVE, the magazine’s live events series, in May 2011.

And don’t get us started on the “journalism” of The Atlantic….

Don Lemon Took it Upon Himself to Speak ‘For the Entire Country’

As said here many times before, blacks are the only group in this country that has unelected “leaders” who believe they speak for all of us and the media throws microphones and cameras in their faces as validation.

Like clockwork, the media continues to use black people and have made this about race.

WaPo: What makes President Trump casually dismiss black pain? White rage.
NY Daily News: We have to question whether fallen Sgt. La David Johnson’s race played a role in Trump’s disrespect
Guardian (UK): A fallen black soldier being disrespected? That’s not an aberration in America Trump’s words to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow echo a history of slights to black soldiers

On Monday night CNN’s Don Lemon took it upon himself to not only speak for all blacks, but self-upgraded himself to speak “for the entire country”.

The arrogance of Don Lemon was once again on full display as he not only assumed the moral authority to “speak for the entire country” but did so without knowing all the facts. Was he either with Myeshia Johnson in the limo or President Trump when the phone conversation occurred or is he just taking the word of a manipulative, attention-seeking black congresswoman? Isn’t it the responsibility of the media to get all the facts before pronouncing judgment?

Yes, but this is Don Lemon and this is CNN.

We didn’t have to get to this point but because of an “empty barrel” congresswoman who dragged a Gold Star widow into her narcissistic brand of politics, and it may just take having the recording of the conversation released; the only reason it may have not been to date is out of sensitivity to Mrs. Johnson but it may take the unfortunate shaming of many to bring this all to an abrupt end.

Should President Trump Stop Calling Gold Star Widows?

General John Kelly warned the president about calling Gold Star widows.

When I took this job and talked to President Trump about how to do it, my first recommendation was he not do it because it’s not the phone call that parents, family members are looking forward to. It’s nice to do, in my opinion, in any event.

It was probably because it was at a time when emotions were tender. It’s also clear because as in most things today, there’s an opportunity to have things politicized by those ready, willing, and able to exploit such calls for political purposes.

Something most civilians don’t know or understand, when a person decides to join the Armed Forces, that person signs on the line. I’m not sure if this is case uniformly, but I had to obtain permission from my command before I got married. This was not to micromanage my personal life, but when a servicemember gets married, the military is now inheriting his or her choice and all that comes with it.

The military has inherited her housing, medical expenses, costs for food, etc. The military will also absorb many of the costs should the married couple have children and should that servicemember die, the military will be financially assisting the survivors according to the last paygrade of the fallen servicemember; something Myeshia Johnson made a point of bringing up to George Stephanopoulos and the nation.

Whether we’re talking about our health care system or acceptance of the results of a presidential election, Democrats and their media may have screwed up yet another American practice. With that,

Should presidents stop calling the widows of fallen soldiers?

View Results

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CNN: Key senators say they didn’t know the US had troops in Niger

While Mrs. Johnson is now repeating political demands to know what our soldiers were doing in Niger, some politicians are now demanding to be kept up-to-speed on all operations outside of the obvious in North Korea and Iran. Secret operations are conducted all the time but given numerous recent examples, what’s the guarantee that giving a member of House or Senate, his or her staff details of secret operations will keep them “secret” and not wind up as the next headline on the New York Times and/or Washington Post? There are lives on the ground that may be put in further jeopardy should the existence of a secret operation be blabbed to the world by a media that wants any reason to damage the current Commander-in-Chief.

Using those way down the chain, including a Gold Star widow, is inconsequential to the media and it would be a shame if a concerned and sympathetic president would now be hesitant to share his appreciation of sacrifice because of concern it would go somewhere it shouldn’t.

Gen. John Kelly vs. Rep. Frederica Wilson, an Ignant Elected Civilian

For those of us who’ve served, especially those who chose to sign on the line during times of war, we all understood the risks. Even those who chose a billet that was potentially a desk job knew those desks could also be in harm’s way but no one who joins a branch of the United States Armed Forces is under the illusion that they’ll never find themselves “in the shit”.

I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart. But the saying is true: “The empty vessel makes the greatest sound.”
— William Shakespeare, Henry V, circa 1599

There are many politicians, especially on the federal level who’ve never served, sought and obtained deferments, and some who’ve embellished aspects of their time in to get elected. But there are some things that those who’ve never served should never interject themselves into. Many of us who served know of at least one person who died during an op. We all have our personal ways of dealing with such an event and if I may be so bold, I don’t think any of us would take offense at the term “knew what he signed up for”.

To a civilian, that may be considered “insensitive”. Oh well.

General Kelly, given the fog of events and years, erred in his memory when it came to “funding” for versus “naming” of the FBI Building but the video clearly shows Congresswoman Wilson bragging how she got into “attack mode” during what was supposed to be a solemn ceremony.

And exactly what dictionary did the congresswoman refer to that said “empty barrel” phrase was racist? Note: Congresswoman’s dictionary assertion has not been “fact-checked” by the media while General Kelly’s account of Rep. Wilson’s all-about-me speech has suspiciously just been posted by the Sun Sentinel. I wonder why…?

It’s also so old, listening to the civilians in the political and media class go on about feelings, now Shakespearean “racism” when it comes to terminology they can’t understand.

As far as Congresswoman Wilson’s charge that President Trump is insensitive, a Gold Star widow just shared her experience with the Washington Post.

The argument’s been thrown out there long ago that only veterans and/or immediate relatives should be our representatives. Yes, that goes against the reasoning that civilians keep the reins on the military, but it’s also easy for those who’ve never served, avoided serving, to send your sons and daughters to do something they’d never do, and do so for political points.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is an embarrassment and another case to be made for term limits. Unless she’s a serious penny pincher (on everything but hats and cowboy boots), how she could be worth a million and a half on a representative salary while having two places to live and have her income spike within the last few years of the Obama administration?

Here in Miami, the most eye-opening revelation is that scandal plagued Rep. David Rivera has reported his worth at just $8,000, while hat-queen Frederica Wilson has $1.3 million, and Mario Diaz-Balart is almost $32,000 in the hole. In all, Florida’s congressional caucus can count more than $170 million to their name.
Miami New Times, 12/28/11

Okay, she’s doing well while her valued constituents are, of course, left behind.

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson Reacts to New Study Ranking Miami Among Cities with Highest Levels of Income Inequality

Her response: pass legislation or in political speak, time for another meaningless program that will increase the government worker waist line and do little to solve the problem.

But now, she’s a “rock star”!

Wilson’s accomplishments in Congress have been scant. She has sponsored 14 bills since she was elected in 2010. None has passed in the do-nothing Congress, where Republicans control the U.S. House and Democrats control the Senate. She has co-sponsored another 288 bills. Wilson, who underwent surgery last year, also has a reputation for missing votes — 9 percent — which is worse than the median proportion of missed votes in the House, 2.4 percent.
Miami Herald, 8/10/12

“Thank you for your service” is not an icebreaker so a civilian can then go off and speak with authority on things they know little about. There are things civilians don’t know while servicemembers and veterans can look at each other and we understand. Nothing need be said.

That’s what defines us from the empty barrels in our legislatures and the media. General Kelly told the cold hard truth from personal experience and shared that insight with the Commander-in-Chief; a cold hard truth comfortable civilians will never understand.

Like that will stop them from talking anyway.