Rep. Nadler to Double Down: Impeach Kavanaugh on False Rape Accusations?

Let’s hope no one ever accuses New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler of rape. Even if he didn’t do it, was investigated and was cleared, accuser allegations could not be corroborated, accusers recant their accusations, there will still be someone who want to further ruin his career if not see him behind bars. It’s amazing what […]

#BelieveSurvivors… Only If They’re Liberal Democrats

For weeks during the Brett Kavanaugh-Supreme Court confirmation, we heard constant “Christine Blasey Ford” and her credible, believable accusation and testimony regarding a rape allegation. It was wall-to-wall coverage in the media and protests all the way to the doors of the Supreme Court; that is until the process was concluded. Now, near nothing but […]

Stereotype Confirmed: #Kavanaugh Brings the Out the Hysterical Wimmin

We’re told we are to respect women. Fine, but let’s be consistent. People are to be treated with courtesy however respect is earned, at least that’s the way things used to be until that was redefined by those who demand they can get in our faces and stay there because it’s called “free speech”. Such […]

Senator Chuck Grassley’s Hilarious Obamacare Visual Aids

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) took to the floor to rebut comments made by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) about Obamacare. He provided some visual aids that were still pictures. We added some that move…. Not sure where the Iowa senator got the idea for this example, but it was a good one.

Six Repubs Join Gillibrand in Imperiling ALL Campus Males

It’s at the point that every parent with males in, and bound for, college may wish to seek a campus devoid of females. It may keep ’em out of jail. A bipartisan group of senators proposed Thursday to ramp up the federal government’s ability to penalize colleges that mishandle sexual assault cases, while imposing significant […]

Government Porn

Why businesses are laying off employees by the thousands every day, it’s nice to know that recession-proof government employees are doing the people’s business and justifying their existence and use of our taxpayer dollars. Chuck Grassley knows it when he sees it. The “it,” of course, is pornography. And Grassley has seen it deep in […]