Meathead’s Attempt to Rewrite Iraq War History Through ‘Shock and Awe’

It’s rare that a major motion picture that’s only grossed over $78 thousand dollars since July at the box office receives any kind of attention, but Rob Reiner’s Shock and Awe is one of those exceptions. As a veteran, some of this movie’s message is downright insulting, especially coming from Reiner.

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The Results Of The US’ Sanctimonious ‘Regime Change’ Policy

If you think about it, it was American foreign policy that’s created the ISIS crisis we’re dealing with now.

We’ve imposed our “values” on those who have none. We’ve deposed leaders who our politicians and pundits demonized and those “despots”, as it’s now very clear, knew their neighborhood, knew who their bad guys were, and kept them in check until we interfered and made things worse.

After we helped remove Saddam Hussein and left without a Status of Forces Agreement, al Qaeda took root in Iraq. After President Obama cheerled the overthrow of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood came out and one of Israel’s prominent allies turned. When we had enough of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and when the United States attempted to destabilized the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria with multiple red lines, ISIS systematically grew in influence and violence while we were doing the heavy lifting and in both cases, left a power vacuum that was easy to exploit.

In each of those cases, we expressed horror at what we deemed oppressive governments and through our sanctimonious meddling, gave way to the very murderous crazies who were kept in check by those who knew them best.

Yes, there were atrocities committed against the citizens of those countries whose leaders we helped remove. There was oppression and yet, there was stability and while we considered the methods barbaric, they pale in comparison to the daily reports of ISIS rapes, beheadings, and wholesale ethnic and religious slaughter on the level of genocide we see today.

What makes for good touchy-feely politics here in the United States translates to the situation we have today where we don’t know how many of the crazies are now in our neighborhoods and we certainly don’t know if our leaders can do what those who we removed did successfully for decades… that is until we assumed we knew best and made things much worse.

Beck And The Left Rewriting The Rewritten Iraq War

Few things piss me off more than people rewriting history, not for the sake of accuracy, but for self-gratification.

Glenn Beck is admitting he was wrong and liberals were right for opposing the invasion of Iraq.

“(Liberals) said we couldn’t force freedom on people,” Beck said at the start of his Tuesday radio show. “Let me lead with my mistakes. You were right. Liberals, you were right, we shouldn’t have.”

Almost everything liberals do “for” society requires force of some kind, and they decide who deserves exemptions.

If memory serves, liberals claimed the invasion was about the false narrative (“lie”) about “weapons of mass destruction” as a reason to seize Iraq’s oil (which, incidentally, the United States never annexed).

And let’s not forget (as much as liberals try) the very Democrats who repeated “Bush lied, people died” were the same ones who KNEW Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and would use them on us if we didn’t take him out, and KNEW this years before George W. Bush was president….

I don’t know the reason(s) for Glenn Beck’s revelation but some of us ain’t buying it.

Will The Media Ever Ask Where Syria Got Her WMDs?

‘Poisonous gas’ used in a rebel-held neighbourhood in Homs, medics there say
Not that the left nor their media would ever express shame from jumping to and maintaining an incorrect assumption, but it would be unfortunate if lives could have been saved today had we made an offensive attempt to retrieve WMDs many of us suspected Saddam Hussein passed on to Syria prior to the 2003 Iraq liberation, instead of gleefully chanting “Bush lied, people died”.

People are now going to die because many chose to chant instead of act. I hope it was worth it.

h/t Gateway Pundit

Food-For-Thought Of The Day

White House concerned that Assad will use chemical weapons in Syria
Flashback 2004: Kay Warned Iraq’s WMDs in Syria
Will the left and their media admit they were wrong about the whole “Bush took us to war over a lie” mantra? Unfortunately, we may find out some inconvenient truth soon enough.

Flashback Of The Day

If PBS’ Tavis Smiley can call George Bush a liar for taking us into the Iraq War: Morning Joe Skirmish As Smiley Recycles ‘Bush Lied’ (and I can’t believe we’re still debating this), what would he have to say about all these Democrats who said the same thing, and in some cases LONG BEFORE George Bush even won the presidency…?

Viral Email Of The Day

Some are still waiting for some official press acknowledgment of this one…

This has been flying under the radar. Read the MSNBC article and check the site. The TruthOrFiction version is shown below. This event is factual. I have an increased respect for President Bush. He has taken the heat of being called a liar and a war monger for 5 years while he kept his silence to protect the people of the world. This is truly a display of selfless honor.

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