DC Residents Paid $455k for Mayor, City Council Healthcare Costs

In yet another classic case of “do as I say, not as I do”, the mayor of the District of Columbia and city council have mandated its residents to enroll in their healthcare exchanges while also giving the same general public the privilege of paying for those politicians’ health care expenses.

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#AntiTrump, Female Student Derangement Incidents on the Rise

If you look at the majority of #AntiTrump incidents of note, whether we’re talking about Republican town hall disruptions or #BlackLivesMatter and/or a race-based disruptions, a clear profile is becoming apparent. In the forefront are rude, loud-mouthed, obese college females.

One such example was an “art major” who screamed irrationally at the sight of a Trump sign on her Western Washington University campus, the now-legendary screamer at “ZooMass” Amherst, and a deranged woman who actually chased a Republican congressman in her car after a town hall and physically detained him and his staffers.

Wendi Wright, 35, is charged with felony reckless endangerment after she is accused of repeatedly following the Germantown Republican Congressman David Kustoff’s vehicle. “She followed them and placed her vehicle in a manner next to them where they felt as if they were forced off the road,” Weakley County Sheriff’s Dept. Investigator Marty Plunk said.

With Kustoff, his aide and driver inside, Wright reportedly followed them several miles outside of Martin. When they stopped she reportedly jumped out of her truck and beat on the windows. The sheriff said Wright was driving a Dodge pickup with a University of Tennessee license plate.

She is currently free on a $1,000 bond.
WBBJ, 5/11/17

Of course because Wright is a woman, leniency is going to be demanded and the art major probably found the closest campus safe space to cool off.

Most of these protesters appear to be angry attention-starved individuals who make they’re tirades very public and in the case of Wright, shared an account of her crazed encounter with a United States congressman on Facebook which ultimately helped the police identify her.

MD’s Monday Younger Demo

Obama cryingOh where to start on this beautiful Monday… I know!

CRY BABY #2 is at it again.
So I guess crying about losing the spotlight was a bad media play, so how does an egomaniac fix that problem, I know talk about Bipartisanship…

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Bonehead Of The Day

The Massachusetts health care ‘model’ (which would have driven the Commonwealth into bankruptcy if not for Obama Administration-federal money interventionist boosting) is something that once brought up, would be cause for a tasteful change of subject. Especially if your name is former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney…

Overall, ours is a model that works. We solved our problem at the state level. Like it or not, it was a state solution. Why is it that President Obama is stepping in and saying ‘one size fits all’ ’’?
Romney in a response to a question after a speech at Iowa State University

Obviously, if he doesn’t have the common sense not to publicly embrace a concept most of country vehemently rejects (and will make THE campaign issue for the upcoming midterms), that he signed into law in a state now teetering on insolvency, he definitely doesn’t have the common sense required to be President of the United States.

Not like that will stop him.

It’s-All-About-Me Of The Day

How many times have we heard the president say the health care reform bill is ‘not about me’.

Yes, it is.

One Congressional Hispanic Caucus member told POLITICO that Obama won him over by essentially (saying) that the fate of his presidency hinged on this week’s health reform vote in the House. The member, who requested anonymity, likened Obama’s remarks to an earlier meeting with progressives when the president said a victory was necessary to keep him strong for the next three years of his term.

Another caucus member, Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.), said, “We went in there already knowing his presidency would be weakened if this thing went down, but the president clearly reinforced the impression the presidency would be damaged by a loss.”

White House officials said Obamas recent remarks aren’t intended to personalize the debate or rally undecided Democratic members with an egocentric, win one for Barry message.

Like most things coming out of this White House, bullshit.

.pdf Of The Day

Democrats are planning to introduce legislation later this spring that would permanently repeal annual Medicare cuts to doctors, but are warning lawmakers not to talk about it for fear that it will complicate their push to pass comprehensive health reform. The plans undercut the party’s message that reform lowers the deficit, according to a memo obtained by POLITICO.

Hmmm. I wonder who’s leaking this stuff…?

Boneheads Of The Day

Something tells me Barack Obama would consider himself too important to go down with his ship, but would ask his crew to stay behind and drill holes in the hull to let the water out…

In seeking enough votes to overhaul the nation’s health care system, President Barack Obama is telling nervous Democratic lawmakers that their political fates are linked to the bill’s passage, discouraging the notion that they can save themselves by opposing it, House members say.

That should boost morale.

They also say the president’s not asking lawmakers to save his skin either, while the White House insists that no special favors in exchange for votes are being offered or accepted.

Of course not, and seeing how Obama is off the electoral hook for two-plus years, that must ring especially hollow.

Quote Of The Day

As a recently-former resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I’ve been warning people for years about the scam that was/is RomneyCare, but the know-it-alls in Washington, D.C. just won’t listen.

How about a perspective from the ground….

“I was afraid of what we had already been getting in Massachusetts, and at that point in 2008, I was aware that it wasn’t working,” he said. Separately yesterday, Cahill accused Obama of “propping up” the Bay State’s health plan with federal aid in order to help push the Democrats’ plan through Congress.

“The real problem is that this… sucking sound of money has been going into this health-care reform. And I would argue that it’s being propped up so that the federal government and the Obama administration can drive it through.”
Tim Cahill, Massachusetts State Treasurer

So, whenever you hear a Democrat say how well things are going in Massachusetts with their mandatory health care system, don’t take the word of a clueless politician. The Commonwealth would be bankrupt if not for our federal tax dollars keeping the Bay State above water.

Listen to the person who keeps the books.

Work-Related Of The Day

Over the past year, the media have served as cheerleaders for ObamaCare, praising the proposed legislation, while continuing slamming its critics. Here is just a sampling of some of the slanted coverage from the past 12 months.

Written by NewsBusters’ Kyle Drennen, edited by Bob