#Rigged Polls

Nowhere in American society are Americans asked to participate in surveys or polls where a certain boost is given to one of the subjects over the other… that is, with the exception of political polls. Polling units almost always appear to ask more Democrats than Republicans and those results are not only made public, but become the basis for news stories and political narratives until the next poll comes out.

Have you ever seen a poll that oversamples Republicans? I haven’t. I mean, not one of these. Not one of the Drive-By polls. NBC/Wall Street Journal, ABC/Washington Post, CBS/New York Times, I’ve never seen one. But this is how you get the result you want.
Rush Limbaugh, 7/17/17

Here are media poll creations “weighted” towards a Democrat narrative.

Daily Mail: Poll shows TWO-THIRDS of American voters think Trump is a bad role model for children and half are embarrassed to have him as president
Politico: Trump’s disapproval lowest in more than a year
Quinnipiac: 35% Independent, 32% Democrat, 27% Republican, 6% Other

NBC News: Democrats hold double-digit lead for 2018 midterm elections
Hart Research Associates: 22% Strong Democrat, 9% Not very strong Democrat, 10% Independent/lean Democrat, 17% Strictly Independent, 9% Independent/lean Republican, 6% Not very strong Republican, 18% Strong Republican, 9% Other/Not sure

NBC News: Majority of Americans disagree with Trump’s proposal to arm teachers
NBC News/Survey Monkey: 1,096 Independent, 930 Democrat, 756 Republican

WaPo: Most Americans think Trump is racist, according to a new poll
Quinnipiac: 40% Independent, 29% Democrat, 24% Republican, 6% Other

Monmouth University: Trump Rating Hits Record Low
Methodology: 51% Democratic, 36% Republican, 13% Don’t know/Other

NPR: Trump’s Opposition Firmer Than His Support
PRRI: 44% Democrat,  31% Republican, 17% Neither, 8% Don’t know/Refused

Newsweek: Trump impeachment is Most Popular Solution Among Americans
Harris Insights and Analytics: 1,551 Liberal and Moderate, 720 Conservative

NY Post: Most disapprove of Trump’s Charlottesville response
Washington Post-ABC News: 42 Independent, 33 Democrat, 22 Republican, 1 other

CNN: Majority in 3 key states ’embarrassed’ by Trump
USA Today: Voters in three key states Trump won ’embarrassed’ by his conduct as president
NBC News/Marist Michigan: 795 “Registered Voters”, 270 “Republicans and Republican leaning independents”
NBC News/Marist Pennsylvania: 773 “Registered Voters”, 300 “Republicans and Republican leaning independents”
NBC News/Marist Wisconsin: 801 “Registered Voters”, 317 “Republicans and Republican leaning independents”

NBC News: 40 Percent Now Support Trump Impeachment
WaPo: A big jump in percentage in favor of impeachment — and other Trump poll horrors
PRRI: 796 Independent, 591 Democrat, 511 Republican

Politico: Majority of Americans disapprove of Trump response to Charlottesville
CBS News: Most oppose threatening North Korea with military action
SSRS: 578 Independent, 357 Democrat, 288 Republican

The Hill: 78 percent say Trump should try to make ObamaCare work
The Week: 51 percent of Trump supporters want Trump to try and make ObamaCare work
TIME: Around 4 in 5 Americans Want the Effort to Repeal Obamacare to End, Poll Finds
Kaiser Family Foundation: 430 Independent, 376 Democrat, 275 Republican

CNN: Trump at 200 days: Declining approval amid widespread mistrust
WaPo: This brutal new poll shows that Trump’s safe space is shrinking
MarketWatch: 60% of Americans don’t trust Donald Trump, CNN poll find
SSRS: 42% Independent or another party, 30% Democrat, 25% Republican

Marketwatch: These are the most and the least trusted news sources in the U.S.
Reynolds Journalism Institute: “Trump” is #5 as “news brand” not trusted?

USA Today: 60% in battleground districts would strongly oppose Trump firing special counsel Mueller
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Commissioned by American Bridge, End Citizens United, MoveOn, Stand Up America
WaPo: Most white millennials now disapprove of Trump, too
GenForward: “521 Latinxs, 506 African Americans, 510 white, 251 Asian Americans,  48 other”

CNN: Trump supporters’ optimism starting to wear off
Quinnipiac: 37% Independent, 33% Democrat, 23 Republican, 7% other

AOL: Six months of Trump and 70 percent of Americans say he hasn’t helped them financially
CBS News 2017 Nation Tracker: 716 Independent, 689 Democrat, 571 Republican

AOL: Majority of Americans support transgender military service
Reuters: 815 Democrat and “other”, 434 Republican

The Hill: Trump job approval swings lower
Harvard-Harris Poll: 37% Democrat, 31% Republican, 31% Independent/other

USA Today: Americans split 42%-42% on impeaching Trump
iMediaEthics: 43% Democrat, 36% Republican, 16% Independent

Fox News: 53 percent disapprove of Trump, even as voters feel better about economy
Anderson Robbins Research, Shaw & Company Research: 44% Democrat, 37% Republican, 19% Independent
The Hill: 1 in 8 people who voted for Trump say they wouldn’t do it again
Reuters/Ipsos: “1,296 people, including 543 Trump supporters”

ABC News: A midterm preference for Democrats, but without anti-Trump motivation
Langer Research: 35% Democrat, 35% Independent, 23% Republican

The Hill: Trump trails Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris, Booker in matchups, Voters trust media more than Trump, New poll reveals who might win if Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg ran for president in 2020
Public Policy Polling: 42% Democrat, 31% Republican, 27% Independent
Bloomberg: Finally, a Poll Trump Will Like: Clinton Is Even More Unpopular
Selzer & Co.: 37% Democrat, 30% Republican, 29% Independent

The Hill: Poll: More support impeaching Trump than Nixon at start of Watergate
Monmouth University: 40% Independent, 34% Democrat, 26% Republican

ABC News: Distrust in Trump deepens North Korea concerns
CNN: Over half of modern presidents never hit an approval rating as low as Trump
Politico: Poll: 70 percent say Trump acts unpresidential
ABC News: 6 months in, a record low for Trump, with troubles from Russia to health care
AOL: Trump job approval rating now lowest in 70 years
Langer Research: 35% Democrat, 35% Independent, 23% Republican

Associated Press-NORC: Most Americans disapprove of Trump’s stewardship of the country
Allied News: Few favor Trump move to ditch Paris accord
AP-NORC: 46% Democrat, 33% Republican, 21% Independent

Minnesota Star Tribune: Poll: GOP health bill a far cry from Trump promises
Kaiser Family Foundation: 404 Democrats, 398 Independents, 279 Republicans

New York Magazine: Voters Describe Trump As ‘Idiot’ and ‘Liar’ in Disastrous New Poll
Quinnipiac: 35% Independent, 34% Democrat, 24% Republican

Washington Post: New poll shows that fewer and fewer people believe Trump’s lies
Gallup: Methodology not disclosed

Investors Business Daily: Trump Support Plunges In Latest IBD/TIPP Poll
36% Independent, 34% Democrat, 30% Republican

USA Today: Majority of Americans trust the media more than Trump, poll finds
Quinnipiac: 34% Democrat, 33% Independent, 25% Republican, 8% Other

Public Policy Polling: Americans Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump
39% Democrat, 31% Republican, 29% Independent

Ebony: Black Americans Fear They’ll Be Worse Off with Trump
GenForward: 58% Democrat, 25% Republican, 18% Independent

BTW — We’ve omitted polls that irresponsibly omit political affiliation.

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