Fallout: ‘Scientists’ Never Asked US if They Could Screw with Our Sky

You’ve seen the news stories.

Severe heat in the United States, torrential rains and flooding in the Far East, tornados in the midwest, and it’s all being blamed on man made “climate change” and for once, we agree. But it’s not solely because of the effect of industrialization but because arrogant climate scientists believe they alone can play God, tweak the weather, play havoc with our health and just look the other way after the literal fallout.

Some of the very climate catastrophes they predict now appear to be of THEIR making and they didn’t even have the common courtesy of asking the American people first before they interfered.

David Keith, who manages a multimillion dollar geoengineering research fund provided by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, previously commissioned a study by a US aerospace company that made the case for the feasibility of large-scale deployment of solar geoengineering technologies.
The Guardian, 7/17/12

We’ve heard these scientists speak of their desire to lower the temperature but does anyone really know what the “normal” temperature for the planet should be or are we just talking about what’s comfortable for humans, which is suggestive as climates differs with location and people adapt accordingly. That is, until agenda-driven, taxpayer-funded government-granted scientists decided they should put chemicals in the sky without even the courtesy of asking the American public first, because what’s deposited into the atmosphere doesn’t hover; it eventually falls on all of us.

Of course, all involved ignore the health ramifications on the public because, hey, we were mandated to have health insurance that benefits who…? How many times have we seen science fiction stories where ambitious scientists create a bigger problem putting the public in the crosshairs, and then shake their heads in remorse after the cataclysmic damage is done?

To counteract global warming, humans may someday consider spraying sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to form clouds — and artificially cool the Earth. However, suddenly stopping that spraying would have a “devastating” global impact on animals and plants, potentially even leading to extinction, according to the first study on the potential biological impacts of climate intervention.
USA Today, 1/22/18

Great, they conveniently can’t turn off what they took it upon themselves to start. This should keep those all-important, multimillion dollar taxpayer-funded grants coming in!

So when you see that fine haze in what should have been a crisp, blue sky (much of which has been deposited against our knowledge), know that it will eventually come down on all of us; either in the form of erratic weather events and/or “side effects” of toxic chemicals no American gave them authorization to dump on us in the first place.

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