The NFL is So DONE with Kaepernick (AND girlfriend Nessa)

The Inconvenient Truth on Colin Kaepernick: Stats

There is a general rule in life that makes absolute common sense: talk only about that which you know. The issue here is people who not only talk about what they don’t know, but make stuff up and say as much on national television.

Gerald Griggs, vice president of the NAACP Atlanta chapter, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program to discuss the whole Colin Kaepernick issue and the two sports illiterates went at it. However, football (unlike activism) is a game of stats and almost every statistic that came out of Griggs’ mouth was an unforced fumble. We’re not sure where Griggs came up with some of his statistics, but the left is notorious for throwing out questionable, yet easily recitable numbers like 1-in-5 or 97% that’s blindly repeated as fact.

Seeing how his fellow activists could be sports ignorant, throwing around dubious numbers to make the point was clearly the objective.

The fact that only 16 other quarterbacks have a higher quarterback rating than Colin Kaepernick speaks a lot to what’s going on with the NFL and the reason why we believe this is an issue of race.
Gerald Griggs, Tucker Carlson Tonight, 8/25/17

Again, we’re not sure where Griggs came up with Kaepernick being the “17th best quarterback in the league” in 2016, even though that would also make him a numerical mediocre in a league of 32 teams, because according to ESPN, he ranked a lot lower than what Griggs repeatedly told Fox News viewers.

Colin Kaepernick was dead last in the passer rating and the only one with negative rating points. He was second to last when it came to expected points off of an opposing team’s penalty, second to last in overall quarterback snaps because when you can’t make first downs, you don’t stay on the field long.

To be fair, there was ONE statistic where Colin Kaepernick led the league and that was yards per rush.

Seeing how the San Francisco 49ers finished winning only two out of 14 games in 2016, Kaepernick spent most of his time running for his life because he was ineffective; not because he was that good.

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The National Football League is not at all worried about a boycott by people who probably don’t watch football on Sunday, know little about Kaepernick’s unimpressive on-the-field performance over the last few years, and couldn’t even tell you what division his old team is in. Aside from chanting “No justice, no peace” outside of a stadium where the field is called the gridiron upon which teams battle, they are irrelevant to football organizations, the League, and knowledgeable fans.

As stated before, the reasons Colin Kaepernick is still without a job are…

  1. There is no obligation that he must be hired by anyone, let alone a National Football League franchise.
  2. He declined to re-sign with the team that put up with his mediocre performance.
  3. There are very few teams in dire need of a backup quarterback that deems social justice activism more important that winning football games.
  4. The League figured him out in his sophomore season and he failed to up his game appropriately: he just isn’t that good.

Tucker Carlson could have ripped Griggs to shreds however he’s a wonk who clearly knew little about football and failed to run through a big gap in Griggs’ porous defense.

Social justice activists are more about forcing a team to accept someone who’s not all that good just because he’s black (half), which is also kinda’ racist.

The Noise

Colin Kaepernick was oh-so close to signing with the Baltimore Ravens, that is until a “pro ho”, attention-starved activist literally screwed things up.

Enough of us have seen #BlackLivesMatter women get in people’s face, disrupt events, and while there may be no formal affiliation here, there’s a documented activist nature to Nessa Diab.

As the entire world knows by now, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in Friday’s pre-season game against Green Bay because he was protesting ‘black oppression’ in the United States. We’re now hearing that it was actually his girlfriend Nessa’s idea for Colin to protest.

Fox News also looked into the couple and found evidence that seems to show that his “conversion to social activism” happened only after he began dating his girlfriend, DJ Nessa Diab. Her social media account has plenty of photos and posts related to her job as a DJ but it also shows her stance as a black rights activist and Islam defender.
The Grio, 9/3/16

That ill-timed Tweet may have sealed Kaepernick’s fate because no one wants to have to deal with drama, on or off the field, and especially by an irrelevant non-participant.

Colin Kaepernick is supposedly protesting the unfair treatment of young black males by law enforcement. What he’s conveniently leaving out of the discussion is the main reason young black males are in vulnerable positions in the first place: the absence of responsible black fathers in the home.

Given his background, not sure how he can truly relate.

A statistic as glaring as 77% of blacks being born into homes with no father would be worthy of that “discussion” but it’s a fact liberals tiptoe and instead actively glorify the status of the single mothers who raise NFL stars.

The white elites at ESPN, the NFL on CBS, the NFL on Fox, the NFL Network AND Colin Kaepernick are too chickshit to broach the real reason for young black males’ overrepresentation in the criminal justice system as it would put a spotlight on the Democrat encouragement of black mothers to rely on a social system that financially rewards the absence of a father.

The ramifications are obvious and in professional sports, the cycle has been in-play for decades.

Big Poppas: The Athletes With the Most Children by the Most Women
Fathering Out-of-Wedlock Kids Has Become Commonplace Among Athletes, Many of Whom Seem Oblivious to the Legal, Financial and Emotional Consequences

Kaepernick’s blaming law enforcement is easy. Heaven forbid society is forced to issue a modicum of culpability and responsibility on those they deem not knowing any better.

Failed Hype

One would hope a marketing professor at NYU would know the market he’s talking about, in this case the National Football League and its fans.

He’s gone far out on a limb.

Nike’s decision to feature former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign was a stroke of brilliance, according to Scott Galloway, professor at the NYU Stern School of Business. In a “Squawk Alley” interview, Galloway said the sportswear and athletic shoe giant took a calculated risk in choosing the polarizing Kaepernick, who started kneeling during the national anthem in 2016, when he was on the San Francisco 49ers, to protest the treatment of African-Americans in the U.S.

Nike did the math, figuring about 60 percent of its full-year revenue is generated outside North America and “no one overseas thinks America is handling race issues well,” Galloway said, adding “two-thirds of customers under the age of 40 tend to bias progressive” and they’re the prime users of Nike products.
CNBC, 9/6/18

With all due respect to the professor, who really gives a shit what other countries think and to give them a position of moral superiority when it comes to race is dangerously naive. There are many nations around the world that give blacks a fraction of the freedoms we enjoy here. And while “two-thirds of customers under the age of 40 tend to bias progressive”, I’d like to know just how many of those two-thirds are actually the ones paying for the high-priced products and not their parents.

Kaepernick on Monday tweeted a photo of the advertisement, which quickly went viral online, spawning support and backlash. Then Nike dropped the commercial Wednesday on YouTube.

So much for “brilliance”.

Kaepernick’s Baggage

With the recent season-ending injuries creating possible openings in the National Football League, the controversy surrounding the availability of Colin Kaepernick has reemerged. Not by the sports media per se, but by the very girlfriend who quashed a done deal over a year ago.

Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa, is among those who believe the NFL is intentionally keeping the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback out of the league. She wasn’t the only one to insinuate as much, as former NFL player Charles Woodson told TMZ, “There’s a lot of guys that are in the conversation to be picked up. We know the reason [Kaepernick is] not one of those guys … but he should be.

TMZ also noted former cornerback Antonio Cromartie suggested Kaepernick is better than the list of quarterbacks Washington brought in to work out after Alex Smith suffered an injury in Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.
Bleacher Report, 11/19/18

So inconvenient for Nessa, but Kaepernick may have been playing on an NFL field today had it not been for her opportunist “activist” big mouth… and more.

Of course, the media and the activist left will never admit that Nessa’s direct interference in the Baltimore Ravens deal is THE reason Colin Kaepernick is not throwing footballs on an NFL field for an NFL team today.

As written before, NFL teams are businesses and their main goal is to win as many football games as possible; not absorb those who have an unrelated off-the-field agenda. Calling a team owner racist with nothing to back it up is also on that things-not-to-do list; especially when your previous on-the-field record was questionable at best and almost everything made worse by a girlfriend who may just up and leave once someone of a higher profile and value is available.

Settlement Fail

There was supposedly dancing in the streets for Colin Kaepernick after it was reported that he reached a settlement against the NFL for colluding to keep him out of football.

The NFL and lawyers for players Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid jointly announced Friday that they had settled a complaint of collusion by the players, who claimed football team owners blackballed them because they had protested racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem before games.
CNBC, 2/15/19

And we were talking big bucks!

The settlement is confidential, but Colin Kaepernick sure looks happy the day after striking a deal with the NFL. Colin posed with his legal team — led by Mark Geragos and Ben Meiselas — early Saturday morning with a big ol’ smile on his face.

There are reports the settlement could be close to $100 million, but so far nobody is saying anything.
TMZ, 2/16/19

The problem is some people just wouldn’t stop talking and that’s not good when you sign an non-disclosure agreement in order to receive your payoff. You don’t poke the bear.

What was privately a victory yesterday will be publicly made to look like something entirely different today.

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid’s collusion grievance settlement with the NFL was for much less than many expected.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Beaton, Kaepernick and Reid will receive less than $10 million from the NFL to settle their collusion grievances with the league. It’s unclear how the settlement will be divided and how much the players will receive after legal fees, according to Beaton.
Business Insider, 3/21/19

And what screwed it all up again? A familiar name that keeps coming up….

Until mouths are shut, it’s just about football and only those who actually play the game, no one will want Colin Kaepernick and his baggage anywhere near their team.

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