Looters: Why People Don’t Heed the Weather #FakeNews Media Hysteria

Back in the day before the 24-news cycle, we would just look out the window and that’s what the weather was.

Now the citizenry is frightened by climate predictions that will conveniently only be proven (or not) decades after activists are long gone and buried, yet we’re inundated with wall-to-wall dictates with staged #FakeNews drama every time a storm approaches a landmass.

Florence might dump 10 TRILLION gallons of rain on North Carolina
CNN, 9/13/18

Seriously, how are they going to verify this? By doing what the media does best: make it all about them.

“I’ve really never seen a person so wet in a live-shot for any hurricane ever.” Meteorologist @chadmyerscnn says @NewDay anchor @JohnBerman, reporting in North Carolina, is in the wettest hurricane live-shot he has ever seen.
CNN Newsroom Tweet, 9/14/18

They ramp up the hysteria so images of empty store shelves and long gasoline lines can be issued as verification, people flee their homes and businesses in fear of loss of live and property, and when predictions are again proven inaccurate, the media never takes responsibility for the panic they instigated.

Of course while the law-abiding follow the instructions of state and federal officials, who were also whipped into a defensive posture, there is one class that almost always stays behind to weather storms because they wisely disregard the evacuation mandates of the media prognosticators….


“There is a vacancy sign on our jail”, New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David said as southeastern winds began picking up at Trask Middle School Wednesday afternoon, where he, Judge J.A. Corpening and Sheriff Ed McMahon were touring Wilmington’s first established hurricane shelter. “We have room for people who are going to show the worst about humanity after something like this.”

Such people include those who enter unoccupied residences due to the city’s mass evacuation, loot properties suddenly exposed to the elements, or practice in price gauging that often follows in the wake of hurricane cleanup, according to David.
Port City Daily, 9/13/18

Evacuations prompted by Hurricane Florence have left homes and businesses empty and vulnerable and some people are allegedly taking advantage of the situation. The sheriff’s office got a call about suspicious people on the south end of the county and arrested them for breaking into cars.

Later on the north end of the county, they got a report of a business break-in and arrested one person after a short chase.
WWAY, 9/14/18

There were a few reports of looting, or break-ins, at three businesses on S.C. 9, Horry County Police Chief Joe Hill said. There also was a suspicious car at the Food Lion in Longs. Every time officers tried to apprehend the suspects, they escaped. The suspects at the Food Lion fled in a vehicle and Hill said they chased, but the suspects wrecked and then fled from police on foot.
Myrtle Beach Sun, 9/15/18

Police said that the manager of the Family Dollar on Greenfield Street in downtown Wilmington told police to let the looters go ahead. Wilmington police tweeted they are “identifying looters who took items from a local Family Dollar Store Saturday afternoon, despite initial concerns from the store management we will charge them to fullest extent of the law.”

Wilmington police also said officers arrested five people who broke in and looted the Dollar General at 5th & Dawson Streets.”
WSOC, 9/16/18

Like excuses and justifications the left made for those taking advantage of a weather disaster during Hurricane Katrina, these opportunists who knew (thanks to the sensationalism generated by the media) there would be hundreds of vacated homes, cars and businesses just ripe for the pickin’.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said that anyone who loots during Hurricane Florence will be shown “no mercy” by law enforcement.
CNN, 9/14/18

So when you watch the media interviewing local residents who’ve decided to stay behind in direct defiance of their greater knowledge, understand that these locals have probably seen many storms come and go, have been suckered by hype that never materialized, and know the kinds of people who’ll exploit a disaster scenario to commit petty crime.

Yes, they are potentially risking their own lives and those who may have to rescue them, but more times than not, we’ve seen a #FakeNews media that’s more about scaring the shit out of their viewers for ratings and advertising dollars (while acting the fool), and when they hype is shown to be overblown, don’t have the common courtesy to apologize and admit they were wrong… again.

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