Dr. Tim Ball on the Hooky-Playing #ClimateStrike Students

Let’s be real: students for decades have found ingenious reasons to skip school, so given the dedicated inspiration of activist teachers, guns and/or the climate become great justifications. Even quoting a former president doesn’t hurt when trying to make the case.

This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.
Senator Barack Obama, 6/3/08

Rising oceans due to global warming has been, and continues to be a consistent talking point despite the varying and debatable causes; almost all that conveniently exclude the obvious: the Sun. But that didn’t stop over a million students from taking a time out in a mass hissy fit, to demand adults do something to save the planet; especially since a top expert has declared we only have 12 years before imminent doom.

The children spoke, Dr. Tim Ball had an opinion, it was short and probably not what they wanted to hear.

Dr. Ball believes we’re now living through the “final phase of the American Revolution”.

Yes, that was a teaser….

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