Mother Blows Up at Insensitive Media Exploiting #Harvey Victims

To be fair, we’re not just picking on CNN. Almost all of the media have people on the ground (in the water) and are asking Texas residents who’ve just lost everything rather stupid questions.

It was only a matter of time before a flood victim, witnessing the insensitive rush for ratings, had enough.

Imagine if CNN’s Jim Acosta’s home was just flooded. Do you think he’d be eager to answer questions from the media in one of his worst hours? Okay, he might because he’d also know he’d be taken care of (and he LOVES attention). He has the means. “Danielle”, who had a microphone in her face, probably has a lot more uncertainty in her future than either Jim Acosta or reporter Rosa Flores could even imagine.

This will continue. The mother who lost it on CNN will be considered “one of those things” that happens. She’ll be forgotten by the media, and was probably a punchline by the media snobs.

Exploiting tragedy 24/7 to sell commercial time is fake news. Don’t worry, they’ll make time for a “Russia” update.

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