Hate Hoaxes

Justifying and Excusing False Accusations

CBC: Crying hate crime: how hoaxes give bigots ammunition to undermine real victims
WaPo: Experts on hate crimes say that false accounts are still relatively rare.
Daily Beast: Sorry, Haters—A Handful of Hoaxes Doesn’t Debunk the Hate-Crime Reality
Thought Catalog: 4 Rad Ways To Improve Your Hate-Crime Hoax
Inside Higher Ed: Some positives can come out of a hoax, too.
Oh, really…?


2020: He told police he was stabbed for being Jewish. Then his Apple Watch caught him in a lie.
Temple Kol Ami cantorial soloist allegedly stabbed himself to get out of his contract
And after all that, he resigned


2019: Junction City McDonald’s investigating ‘f***ing pig’ written on cop’s coffee
McDonald’s owner says video shows their employee didn’t insult Herington officer
Chief: Local officer resigns after making up coffee cup incident
What did the 23-year-old officer expect to get out of this: a couple of free Quarter Pounders?

2019: Muslims fear New Zealand-style shooting after five Birmingham mosques attacked and CCTV shows thug smashing windows
Birmingham mosques attacked with sledgehammers: Muslim worship centres vandalised

Rezazadeh sparked a major hate crime inquiry supported by anti-terror police, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Birmingham mosque attacks: Shia Muslim jailed
Arman Rezazadeh got the awareness sought

2019: Ex-pro football player accused of staging racially motivated burglary in Gwinnett
“Racially motivated words, swastikas, and ‘MAGA”. How original!

2019: “Husu” Hussein says he received a comment from Taxi Helsinki Quality Committee about customer service attitude and behavior
Helsinki city councillor apologises for false story about abusive taxi passenger
SDP’s Hussein suspended from council group for fabricated taxi story
Playing the Muslim-victim card doesn’t always work out

2019: White supremacist manifesto shared at library, students say, as racist incidents roil Syracuse University
White supremacist manifesto allegedly AirDropped to students, DPS says
Gov. Cuomo Slams Syracuse University Leadership After ‘White Supremacist Manifesto’ Circulated Among Students
Syracuse U. says report of white supremacist manifesto was likely hoax
College campuses are some of the most racist places in the nation. Something taught, perhaps?

2019: Survivor’s Dan Spilo Accused of ‘Inappropriate Touching’ on Island of the Idols
Did Survivor Handle Its #MeToo Moment Well?
‘Survivor’ contestants admit they exaggerated claims of ‘inappropriate touching’ to win the game
‘Deeply ashamed’ Elizabeth and Missy apologize for actions on Survivor
“Deeply ashamed” only because they got caught

2017: Racist note targets Windsor student
2019: Youth hockey coach speaks out after receiving racist message from parent
Questions arise after viral Windsor hockey coach tweet
“He never taught here”: Ice rink disputes claim of racism by hockey coach
#MuslimToo… NOT!

2019: White students allegedly pin down black girl, forcefully cut her ‘nappy’ dreadlocks
Boys Pin Down Black Classmate, Cut Her Dreadlocks at Virginia School, She Says
‘I want justice to be served’ | Amari Allen and family speak out on crime ... whoops
‘You are powerful, you are brave, and you are loved’ … uh oh
The private Christian school Karen Pence teaches at is embroiled in an alleged hate crime … this link just happens to work

Black Springfield student recants fabricated allegation of racist assault by whites
Amari Allen and her family met with school administrators to issue an apology

Due to the girl’s age and the circumstances, WUSA9 is no longer using the identity of her or her family.
WUSA9, 9/30/19

Anything LESS than expulsion for Allen will be an insult to all who were slandered. This stunk from the minute Allen’s family ran to a race-baiting, partisan media who gleefully reported the lie they so expected and wanted to be true

2019: Deputy Wounded in Ambush Outside Lancaster Sheriff’s Station
Police investigating pellet rifle that may have been used to shoot a SoCal deputy
Lancaster shooter who wounded sheriff’s deputy still on the loose, officials say
Lancaster Deputy Admitted to Fabricating Sniper Shooting, Authorities Say
Angel Reinosa, a rookie “21-year-old deputy” on “training status” … think he was ready for early retirement?

2019: Black lawmaker: White man said ‘Go back where you came from’
Facebook video: I’m about to be very Transparent because this racism and hate is getting out of control! I feared for my life!
Dispute builds over Georgia lawmaker’s confrontation at grocery store
Georgia state lawmaker Erica Thomas now uncertain man told her to ‘go back to where you came from’

I don’t want to say he said, ‘Go back to your country,’ or ‘Go back to where you came from.’ But he was making those types of references is what I remember.
State Rep. Erica Thomas, press conference

Witness in police report: State Rep. Erica Thomas told Eric Sparkes, ‘Go back where you came from’
As per the pattern, it’s looking like Thomas was guilty of what she was accusing the Cuban Democrat Eric Sparkes of

2019: Reported hate crimes and incidents up nearly 400% in Seattle since 2012

The Seattle Police Department hired a bias-crimes coordinator in 2015 that has made community outreach a priority, according to the study.

Makework… and why is there seemingly so much “hate” in progressive enclaves?

2019: Riz Ahmed was headed to a ‘Star Wars’ event — until Homeland Security stopped him
It’s really scary to be Muslim right now: Riz Ahmed
Did Riz Ahmed Lie About His Airport Detention And Absence From Celebration?
2013: Freelance journalist wins libel payout from actor Riz Ahmed over ‘bigot’ tweet
Jussie Smollett has made it difficult to believe an attention-seeking actor with “mistaken identity” issues playing the victim

2019: Man harassed with anti-gay comments, attacked in Tribeca subway: Cops
Subway rider lied about anti-gay attack, was actually aggressor: cops
Now, THAT’s believable!

2019: Bouquets, chalk art show support after assault, anti-Jewish vandalism at café
‘Worst’ anti-Semitic hate crime at Winnipeg cafe allegedly faked by owners, say police
Not good for business

2019: Lamar mayor’s cars vandalized, may be considered hate crime
S.C. Mayor Says ‘Yellow Sticky Substance’ on Her Car Was Sprayed by Vandals, Police Say it’s Just Pollen
Mayor believes police did not use the proper investigative techniques when looking into this incident
Special UV lights and other fancy-schmancy hi-tech stuff like on CSI? After smearing a “person” and lamenting the climate of racism in her community, Mayor McPherson (like a good busted Democrat) said, “What do we need to do in Lamar? I say, we need to come together.” Like electing the first black female mayor in the town’s history wasn’t enough

2019: Inside the suspicious rise of gay hate crimes in Portland
GoFundMe: Trauma recovery fund for our girl.
Trans Activist Crowdfunds $10,000 After She’s Victim of Hate Crime – Then the Police Report Comes Out
Sophia Gabrielle Stanford and Jenny Bruso (“self-identified fat, femme, queer, writer”) complained about a climate of fear they ultimately helped create

2019: Swastikas Show Up At Sidwell Friends School, Bastion Of Progressivism
WUSA9 DC: For the third time in recent months, swastikas plague prestigious and progressive Sidwell Friends School
Amazing how all of this antisemitism is occuring in places where liberals teach in abundance while DC’s WUSA9 stoked the controversy with a touchy-feely #HowDoSwastikasMakeMeFeel hashtag promotion clearly aimed at President Trump and his supporters. Has all the makings of yet another inside job exacerbated by the media to “create awareness”

2017: Gasoline found in fire that destroyed Jackson LGBT advocate home
LGBTQ rights activist Nikki Joly is 2018 Citizen of the Year
2018: LGBTQ activist faces two charges of animal killing
2019: Jackson gay rights leader accused of burning down own home
Things were supposed to get better with all that “awareness”

2019: ‘Empire’ star victim of alleged racist, homophobic attack
“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett claims masked men put noose around his neck
Jussie Smollett Tells Cops Attackers Shouted ‘MAGA Country’

Smollett charged with disorderly conduct for filing false police report, prosecutors say
‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett indicted on 16 counts of disorderly conduct
After Michelle Obama’s former aide’s urging, prosecutor pushed for FBI to investigate Smollett
Straight People: If Jussie Smollett Lied We Don’t Owe You an Apology
Cook County prosecutors drop all charges against ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett
Smollett performed previous community service for a crime he didn’t commit. Only in Chicago…
Why Jussie Smollett Said ‘F**k No!’ To His ‘Empire’ Character Having A White Boyfriend
Wouldn’t that have been considered racist had it been the other way around, Jussie?

2019: Video shows teens in MAGA hats surrounding Native American veteran
Covington Catholic High School closes for the day over student safety concerns
Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy over viral encounter
Kentucky Catholic Bishop: Trump’s MAGA Hats Are Not ‘Pro-Life’
Native American elder says Covington high school student Nick Sandmann didn’t apologize, maybe should be expelled
Nathan Phillips, man at center of standoff with Covington teens, misrepresented his military history
NBC’s Savannah Guthrie slammed over ‘Today’ interview with Covington student
Bishop: Diocese of Covington felt ‘bullied and pressured’ into condemning students too quickly
GQ Writer Regrets Tweet Calling for Covington Students to Be Doxxed
These Celebrities Continue to Criticize the Covington High School Students
Covington Catholic Teen Nick Sandmann Sues ‘Washington Post’ For $250 Million
CNN Slapped With $275 Million Defamation Suit by Covington Student Nicholas Sandmann
Judge allows Nick Sandmann to sue NBC for $275 million over Covington smears
#FakeNews can be quite expensive

2019: Houston mom says man ‘intentionally’ killed 7-year-old daughter while leaving Walmart
Sketch released of suspect in shooting of Jazmine Barnes
2nd suspect questioned in shooting death of 7-year-old girl
Even After A Tip, Texas Sheriff And Shaun King Pushed False Narrative In Jazmine Barnes Murder

It all fit a desired anti-Trump, “white supremacist” narrative. What made it all fall apart (again) was an inconvenient truth


2018: Oberlin College Students Boycott Historic Local Bakery After Racism Allegations, Bakery Owner Says He’s Done Nothing Wrong
Oberlin College issues statement on bakery lawsuit
2019: Ohio bakery wins $11 million lawsuit against Oberlin College
2019: The Lexington policy does not provide coverage for “bodily injury” or “property damage” intentionally caused by defendants
Most insurance policies don’t cover the actions of lyin’ children

2018: More racist notes found in Drake dorms, officials say
Drake University officials: Four of the five racist notes found on campus were hoaxes
Drake University says One Alleged Victim is Responsible for Four Racist Notes Left on Campus
Despite fake racist notes, university continues conversation
The “female’s identity” is being withheld and they wonder why these things keep happening

2018: Anti-Semitic, Racist Graffiti Found at Goucher College
Goucher College student arrested in two racist graffiti incidents
Black college lacrosse player, 21, is arrested for spraying N-word and swastika graffiti targeting HIMSELF and other minority students in two incidents that terrorized the campus
If Fynn Ajani Arthur is “black”, then he was doing all he could to prove it

2018: Vandal covers churches and buildings with swastikas and hate speech
Man suspected of vandalizing Antioch with swastikas, other symbols, arrested following tips
One must admire the restraint of authorities not sure if this was a hate crime

2018: For second time in two years, racist slur at Kansas State was a hoax, police say
They sure are raising “awareness” by any means necessary

2018: LGBTQ Ohio University Student Senate member receives death threat
Ohio University Student Senate member who claimed to have received death threats arrested for making false alarms
Anna just probably needed a hug

2018: Did Zina Bash Flash a White Supremacist Sign During Kavanaugh Hearing? Husband Calls Accusation a ‘Vicious Conspiracy Theory’
U.S. attorney defends wife after accusations she made “white power” sign at Kavanaugh hearing
Conspiracy about woman at Kavanaugh hearing rages online
For decades, the “okay” hand symbol meant just that until it too was perverted by the left. Maybe we should designate body odor a symbol of racism. A few of them should get caught up in that net

2018: Nassau police investigate possible hate crime in Baldwin
Police dispute claim that woman’s tire was slashed in bias attack
Woman, 19, who accused four Trump-supporting teens of slashing her tires and leaving a note that said ‘Go home’ on her car is charged for ‘fabricating the story’

She later admitted to having written the note herself.

Stupid enough to believe, this one time, SHE would get away with it

2018: Racist customer bails on tip and leaves hateful message for Black waiter on receipt
Saltgrass COO, waiter say racism story made up
Reputations threatened just for Facebook likes and sympathy donations, since returned

2018: White man with past sex abuse convictions urinates on Black 5-year-old and calls her the n-word
Police arrest man for urinating on girl, using racial slurs
NAACP calling for more charges against suspect accused of urinating on young girl
Story about man urinating on 5-year-old girl was fabricated, officials say
Man cleared after accusation of urinating on child
No charges filed after prosecutor said story made up

Kent County prosecutors said the parents of the children, in talking with them, ultimately determined the children “concocted the story to avoid trouble.”

A few kids made it all up, activists believed what they wanted to believe, a man’s reputation was publicly damaged and the liars will just walk away

2018: 91-year-old man beaten with brick, told ‘go back to Mexico’

Cher and other blue checks are blaming Trump after a black woman allegedly beat a 91-year-old man with a brick and told him to ‘Go back to Mexico!’
2019: Los Angeles woman gets 15 years for beating elderly man with a brick
This is an actual crime committed by a black racist, falsely blamed on President Trump and his supporters, exploited by a Democrat congresswoman and liberal media that saw what they wanted to believe

2018: Trolls spread hateful fake Starbucks coupon for ‘people of color only’

We at Starbucks are very sorry to hear about people being tricked into believing a hoax,” read a note written on company letterhead.

A few Tweets is all it took

2018: 13-year-old allegedly abducted and assaulted getting off school bus
Shoeless 13-year-old fled alleged kidnappers: Police
13-Yr Old Zavion Parker Escapes Abduction and Assault By White Supremacists
Houston Police: Teen’s story about being abducted by white supremacists wasn’t true
No charges filed against Zavion or his lyin’ mother

2018: Anne Arundel NAACP alleges abuse of black students at Chesapeake High
However, deep down into the Baltimore Sun’s report…

Lt. Ryan Frashure, Anne Arundel County police spokesman, said investigators have identified the student who posted that threat — an African-American student who was charged as a juvenile with disrupting school activities.

That the threat was made by an African-American student doesn’t cancel out the other challenges the school has had historically, NAACP President Rev. Stephen Tillett said.

When a sensational headline is confronted with inconvenient truth

2018: Body cam video contradicts NAACP president’s racial profiling claims

The amount of public and private property damage, not to mention the possibility of injury to local law enforcement and civilians had there been no recording to disprove the lies of this community racebaiter….

2017: Headstones Vandalized At Jewish Cemetery In Missouri
Jewish cemetery vandalized; headstones damaged
Threats and Vandalism Leave American Jews on Edge in Trump Era
Did you hear in February of 2017 they nabbed anyone?
Former St. Louis journalist accused of threats against Jewish groups pleads guilty
Even if it turns out he was the wrong guy? Didn’t think so…
2018: Man was drunk, mad at friend when he toppled headstones at Jewish cemetery in U. City, police say
2019: Man who vandalized Jewish cemetery gets 3 years probation
Waiting for the update/apology from the national media that implied this was Trump-supporter inspired…

2018: Man calls teen ‘terrorist,’ rips off headscarf at knifepoint
Police: Teen girl charged with giving false report saying man tore off her headscarf, pulled knife
Girl accused of falsely reporting hate crime in Prince William County
She’ll get a slap on the wrist

2018: A third of UK Muslims report abuse or crime while studying
Little on reporting the “abuse or crime” to the police and their subsequent findings. Funny how that happens….

2018: ‘I felt really scared:’ Toronto girl says man tried to cut off her hijab as she walked to school
Toronto schoolgirl hijab attack condemned by Trudeau never happened, police say
Hijab hoax girl, family owe Canadians an apology
Muslims fear backlash over hijab hoax as school takes heat for press conference
Oh, puh-leez. These so-called backlashes never happen as often as jihadi attacks and/or their sympathy hoaxes


2017: Navy investigation: Sailor staged racial vandalism in rack on USS George H.W. Bush
He wanted off the ship. It didn’t work

2017: How can we fight hate crimes when liars ruin the cause?
So, it’s a “cause”

2017: Air Force Academy head: Racists ‘need to get out’ after prep school incident
Air Force Academy completes investigation into prep school racist remarks
A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says
CNN: Air Force Academy hoax doesn’t change overall picture on hate crimes
According to CNN, don’t believe what you see. See what you believe….

2017: Methuen Residents Wake UP to Nazi Graffiti, Police Believe It’s A Hate Crime Hoax
Seriously, who today wakes up with “Nazi” in their skinny brains?

2017: Racial slur written on bathroom mirror at Parkway Central
A student of color confesses to writing racial slur on Parkway bathroom mirror
“I dunno” is the typical response when you ask a child why he or she did something really dumb

2017: Riley County police investigating car vandalized with racial slurs, threat
Racist graffiti painted on car near K-State was a fraud
Imagine what goes through the head of someone who does this….

2017: Lesbian fantasist invented 15 rapes and sexual assaults which saw man jailed to get sympathy from girlfriends, court hears
While you don’t want to impugn someone’s personal appearance, many red flags should have gone off here

2017: Swastika graffiti reported at University of Maryland
Former UMD employee charged with malicious property destruction in swastika incident
Bet’cha he didn’t vote for Trump

2017: Michael Bennett: Las Vegas police threatened to ‘blow my fucking head off’
Las Vegas Police Prove Michael Bennett Lied About Racism Charges

2017: Hate Crime Map
In the case of hate-crime hoaxes, black overrepresentation is much greater. As indicated in the graph, over the last two-and­-a-half years, on a per capita basis, blacks were 13.3 times more likely than whites to commit hate-crime hoaxes, and Middle Easterners were 34.7 times more likely. In our data, Hispanics and whites are clearly distinguished, and Hispanics were as likely as whites to perpetrate hate hoaxes. The few cases in which the race of the hoaxer is not known are not included in the graphs that follow.
American Renaissance

2017: Five African-American churches vandalized in New Jersey
Morristown Mayor Calls For Unity Following Church Vandalism
Arrest made in vandalism of five black churches; Bias ruled out as motive
That’s because a black guy did it

2017: 10 Confederate Flag Posters With Cotton Plants Were Found On A College Campus
On Twitter, liberals are now decrying the “defacing” of property which is leaving American University in a state of fear. But when they prolifically deface, it’s called “free speech”

2016: Students at Eastern Michigan U. protest ‘KKK’ and other racist graffiti
Eastern Michigan University’s Black Student Union holds racial graffiti memorial rally
2017: Black man arrested for racist graffiti that sparked protests on Eastern Michigan University campus
Eastern Michigan U. racist graffiti: Ex-student charged, did it for ‘self-serving’ reasons
“It was not driven by politics. It was not driven by race.” What else could it be, pray tell?

2017: Navy seaman ‘stabbed by knife-wielding thug who thought he was a neo-Nazi because of his HAIRCUT’
Victim who told police he was stabbed due to ‘Neo Nazi’ haircut was lying, police say
He “accidentally” cut himself with this knife after blaming it all on Antifa. Sure, take his word for it!

2017: EmpowerDC reports that noose hanging in Ivy City has been there since Monday!
Police Say Reported Noose In Ivy City Was Rope Used For Moving Equipment
EmpowerDC @DCPoliceDept officer responding belittles our assertion that noose hanging is a hate crime
The agenda driven see what they want to believe

2017: When Hate Meets Hoax
The left, albeit reluctantly, having to admit way too many of their “hate crimes” were narcissist, social justice warrior-wannabe fabrications

2017: The guy charged w/threatening Jewish organizations throughout US ran an online paid service offering to call in threats. Someone paid him
US indicts serial Jewish community bomb hoaxer for hate crimes
2018: Israeli-American bomb hoax suspect convicted

Kadar’s conviction might assuage fears of rising anti-Semitism in the United States and around the world, knowing that the bomb threats were a hoax and people were not in immediate danger as they originally feared. A representative of a major global Jewish organisation, who did not want to be named, told AFP that Trump’s false flag claim would gain traction.

“Those sort of statements that everyone thought were totally outlandish at the time now sound somewhat more reasonable.”

Ya think?

2017: Racist flyers surface
Clergy, residents rally against hate
Idaho Falls community holds anti-hate rally following discovery of racist flyers
“The clergy who organized the rally said they have a message to those responsible. The Idaho Falls Police Department said the flyers were a hoax.”
When no culprit is found, that usually means the police are looking for someone who doesn’t exist

2017: Minnesota Mosque Hit by Early-Morning Explosion
Minnesota governor calls mosque bombing ‘act of terrorism’
Device in mosque bombing showed “more sophistication” than expected: officials
Leaders believe imam was target of Bloomington mosque bombing
More than $84,000 raised after Minnesota mosque bombing
Ellison Calls On Trump To Condemn Minnesota Mosque Bombing
Trump Adviser Suggests Minnesota Mosque Attack Could Have Been Faked ‘By The Left’
Head of Bombed Minnesota Mosque Denounces Trump for Stoking Hate & Violence Against Somali Community
Thankfully, the blast occurs when no one was around yet the bombing is being used to, raise awareness, foment victimization and fundraising. Sound familiar?

2017: Woman charged with hate crime after allegedly spray-painting swastikas on Bolingbrook mayor’s home
Will County judge bars release of photos of alleged hate crime graffiti at Mayor Claar’s house
Tuszynski Admits To Hate Crime Against Mayor Claar
The “woman” Rachel Tuszynski, compared to others, basically got a slap on the wrist

2017: CAIR Launches New Civil Rights App Allowing Reporting of Bias Incidents
Better hope the police reach those who are reported first…

2017: ‘Beat me like an animal’ Muslim Woman Says Attacker Ripped Off Her Hijab, Cut Her With Knife
Islamic Society of Milwaukee Searching for Justice After a Muslim Woman was Attacked
Police Report Contradicts ‘Hate Crime’ Narrative In Milwaukee Attack On Muslim Woman

In her April 13 police interview, the woman again said that she believed the assault was linked to her daughter. “She stated she doesn’t approve of her daughter’s lifestyle and she is appalled by the fact that her daughter recently left her husband and she is now in a lesbian relationship with another woman,” the report reads. “She feels that is why she was targeted.”
Daily Caller, 6/26/17

Of course, NOW the translator was in error and the woman is very unhappy. What else could she say?

2017: UC Berkeley undergrad arrested in vandalism spree
UC Berkeley Senior Alleges Racial Profiling, Illegal Detention At Hands Of Berkeley Police
UC Berkeley undergraduate Ismael Chamu said he was traumatized and disrespected during his arrest in Berkeley last week.
An #antifa punk whose identity is now a well-deserved, harsh reality

2017: Court records: Ex-Petersburg city attorney made phony call to himself claiming racial threats to city leaders
Petersburg city attorney remains on payroll after stepping down
Email outage delays trial for former Petersburg attorney
All this because he was yet another Democrat mismanaging a municipality and he was too chicken shit to face the constituency

2017: Woman suspected of arson at Des Moines mosque

Security cameras in the mosque showed a woman, later identified as Aisha Ismail, 22, pouring lighter fluid on the carpet and then starting the fire, said Des Moines police spokesman Sgt. Paul Parizek. “It doesn’t appear that she was trying to burn the place down,” Parizek said. “It seems like she was trying to make a statement.”

They sure love making “statements” they can later call something else….

2017: A Muslim Teen Was Attacked And Murdered Outside A Virginia Mosque
Nabra Hassanen’s father says she was ‘100%’ killed for being Muslim
Police: Reston girl attacked near Va. mosque, murdered in apparent ‘road rage incident’
Muslims question whether girl’s killing was road rage
Man Charged With Murder of Muslim Teen Who Disappeared on Way to Mosque
Media Label Murder of Muslim Hate Crime, No Mention Killer Was Illegal
Her friends (who fled and left her there) said they were walking when assaulted. The police said Hassanen was driving and a road rage incident ensued. Are the police not calling it a hate crime because an illegal alien was involved?

2017: Columbus police on social media rumors about “hate crime” against Somali woman
A Racist Just Brutally Beat A Muslim Woman Unconscious In Ohio
Advocacy Group (CAIR) Says Local Somali Woman Beaten By White Man
Police: No evidence of a hate crime in reported assault of woman, stemmed from argument
Linda Sarsour Has Raised $80K For Anti-Muslim Hate Crime That Allegedly Did Not Happen

Raising awareness pays

2017: Racial slur sprayed on LeBron James’ Los Angeles home, cops say
‘Being black in America is tough’: Lebron James speaks out after his LA mansion is targeted with racist grafitti
Los Angeles Police Have No Info Six Months After Alleged LeBron Racist Graffiti
A $21 million home that has no video surveillance… sure.
But at the end of the day, LeBron got what he always wants: attention

2017: Man saw teenagers, one with hijab, and launched into racial tirade
Portland train stabbings: FBI looking into possible hate crime charges
Portland Mayor Says Train Stabbing Attack an Act of Terrorism
‘Final act of bravery’: Men who were fatally stabbed trying to stop anti-Muslim rants identified
Trump’s ho-hum message about Portland attack does little to address hate
Jill Stein weighs in on Portland stabbing in Trump’s America; Doesn’t mention attacker was a supporter
Portland Attacker Jeremy Christian Was A Bernie Supporter
A pattern regarding Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein supporters and violence has long since emerged

2017: College student beaten and robbed by masked men shouting racial slurs
#CAIR Islamophobia Watch: ‘Get out of my country’: 3 masked men threaten, rob Queens College student in alleged hate crime
Queens College student recants story about being robbed, threatened by masked men: police sources
No apology demanded.

2017: Police: Woman falsely accused trooper of making racial slurs in Cayuga County traffic stop
They probably won’t throw out the ticket…

2017: #SJW Drama Queen Melts Down Over Confederate Flag Rug
Community Anti-Racism and Harassment Picket/Boycott

This is a street sign that was left up by Everyday Deals Extreme Liquidators on SE146th and Stark, it was left up for a long time.
Direct Action Alliance, Facebook post

It’s obvious to all with common sense the store did NOT change the letters on their sign. Here’s just another case of the left manufacturing a race controversy and smearing to create a narrative they wanted

2017: Students protest racism at liberal arts college in Minnesota
Students fill Buntrock Commons to protest racism at St. Olaf
St. Olaf Dean Of Students Responds To Racist Letter
St. Olaf College president: Racist note was a hoax

I do not want my case to be investigated. Not because I do not want to let this person go but because I am very stressed and I think that efforts could be utilized elsewhere. That said, I do want them to investigate both previous and possible later cases.
Samatha Wells, “racist note” author

How does one respond to a stupid college student who believes all around her are even more stupid?

2017: Noose Found in National Museum of African American History and Culture
A Noose at the Smithsonian Brings History Back to Life

2018: Interior Dept. Refuses to Provide Proof of #FakeNoose Existence
Dozens of “tourists” supposedly saw this “noose” and yet not ONE pic was taken and posted to social media. You buyin’ it?

2017: ‘Racist’ displays found on American U. campus
Bananas hanging from string ‘in the shape of nooses’ investigated at American U.
American University releases video of a person of interest in alleged banana hate crime investigation
Hmm… who dresses in black with masks nowadays?

American University Kicks Reporters Off Campus
Black members of Congress demand probe of bananas, nooses at American University
American University: White Supremacist Threatened Student President
American U students are calling for all students of color to have extensions on their finals and not be penalized for exams they have taken
Don’t count out the familiarity with the campus this “person” appears to have

2016: Brown Co. church vandalized
Leaders undeterred after church vandalized with racist, anti-Semitic markings
2017: PC: Church organist who reported vandalism was actually the one who did it
Police: Organist spray painted ‘Heil Trump,’ swastika, gay slur on Brown County church
Prosecutors tell WBIW-TV that they do not believe Stang was motivated by hate and so he is not charged with a hate crime.
The legalization of false accusations against the politically incorrect

2017: ‘NO BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED’ and Confederate flag sign hung on USC house by ‘bitter neighbor’
And where was the first place that “bitter neighbor” decided to go?

2017: Professor Arrested After Allegedly Making Up Anti-Muslim Threats and Assault
Attention-starved progressives continue to think they’ll never get caught

2017: Two Frisco teens arrested for Plano West Senior High vandalism
They’ll make good college activists

2017: Fake ‘Investigation Unit’ Notice Sparks Controversy, Apologies
2013 Flashback: Mock Eviction Flyers Incite Debate
Harvard Muslim students’ first impulse is to lie and create panic (raising awareness)

2017: LGBTQ Nation: Prosecution methods show that hate crimes laws don’t punish thoughts
Can you imagine how many hoaxers would be in jail today if their “thoughts” were punishable?

2017: New York Magazine: The Duke Lacrosse Scandal and the Birth of the Alt-Right
A woman lied and the subsequent outrage is our fault. Got it….

2017: Feds: Black man posed as racist, sent threatening letters
Sad how easily it is for liberal liars to believed

2017: ‘White privilege checklist’ is University of Minnesota’s latest hate crime
Message sent, trigger received. We’ll see who wanted to “make a difference” and start a “discussion”

2017: Gay Manhattan man horrified by unprovoked hate attack outside Madison Square Garden
False hate-crime report landed innocent man behind bars, police say
Charges dropped against man accused of anti-gay hate crime at Madison Square Garden
And it turns out gay Mr. Curtis Campbell was the aggressor. Go figure….

2017: SPLC: Cross-burnings Still a ‘Tool of Fear’ Used by Racists
The Southern Poverty Law Center had to go back five years to make their point despite the fact most cross-burnings and racist graffiti today are produced by deranged leftists

2017: Man wanted in east Charlotte Indian store arson, left note signed ‘White America’
Man charged in Indian store arson, hate crime
Do you really think Mr. Curtis Flournoy is a white supremacist or just plays one on TV?

2017: Rollins College Suspends Student After He Challenged Radical Muslim Hate Speech
Rollins student, professor clashed for weeks in religion class
Embattled Rollins Professor Gives Conflicting Statements To Police
Polston Reinstated After Muslim Professor’s Claims Debunked By Rollins
Prof. At Rollins College Involved In Suspending Christian Student Has Ties To Islamic Extremists
It’s those little details we seldom hear about at first….

2017: Missing Denison Woman Found Safe Just Hours Later
Texas teen’s dramatic account of gang rape by black men was a hoax, police say
White Woman Jailed After Lying About Being Raped and Kidnapped by 3 Black Men: Police
This is the kind of shit that gets people killed

2017: Provocative signs trigger intense conversation at Gustavus Adolphus
College Diversity Org Apologizes After ‘White Nation’ Poster Experiment
Racist signs at Gustavus intended to prove a point
The “point” that liberals are really good at racism when they put their minds to it

2017: Israeli Cyber Police Arrest Israeli-American Teen for ‘Hundreds’ of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers Worldwide

Even though it appears that the main culprit behind the majority of these attacks has allegedly been identified, anti-Semitism in the U.S. remains a very serious concern. No arrests have been made in three cemetery desecrations or a series of other anti-Semitic incidents involving swastika graffiti and hate fliers. JCCs and other institutions should not relax security measures or become less vigilant.
Jonathan Greenblatt, Anti-Defamation League CEO

So, after months of blaming Donald Trump for inciting his hateful supporters (see below), it turns out yet another mischievous millennial (who now has “severe medical problems”…) is behind an outrageous smear the left will never apologize for

2017: Woman convicted of fabricating gang rape charged with fleeing deputies
Michigan Woman Who Lied About Four Black Men Kidnapping, Raping Her Sentenced to One Year in Jail
Liars believe accusing black men of rape gives their story more weight

2017: Unknown man cuts woman’s face on Liberty Street
Ann Arbor woman pleads guilty to making up hate crime
Ann Arbor woman who made up hate-crime attack gets 1 year probation
A “Women’s Literature” class, Trump hate encouraged, fake is the result, and the punishment is hardly a deterrent

2017: Man arrested for drawing swastikas in Penn Station
Pasquale Vargas, who is Colombian and Puerto Rican, wrote “KKK” and “Mexican Go Home” on Penn Station walls to raise awareness….

2017: Schenectady police investigate swastika vandalism
Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY
Suspect claims he was roughed up
King claims to admire Donald Trump. Let’s not deny there are many of crazies out there that supported Hillary

2017: Jewish center bomb threats top 100; kids pulled from schools
Trump Urged to Address Threats Against Jewish Centers
President Trump suggests liberals are causing chaos at Jewish community centers “to make others look bad”
State Senator Slams Trump After Son’s JCC Pre-K Gets Bomb Threats
Man accused of making threats against Jewish community centers arrested in St. Louis
Disgraced journalist charged over bomb threats to U.S. Jewish groups
Juan Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
It wasn’t a Trump supporter, it wasn’t a white supremacist. It was a black, Bernie-voting Democrat plagiarist “journalist”

2017: Montreal’s Concordia University Evacuated After a Bomb Threat Targeting Muslims
Man charged with making bomb threats at Concordia is a student
A 47-year-old “Trump-supporter”, “white supremacy” Lebanese Muslim “student” named Hisham Saadi….

2017: Racist, anti-Semitic graffiti found in Lakeville South High School
Racist graffiti found in Lakeville South High School bathroom
Racist Graffiti Found On Lakeville South High School Bathroom Stalls
Lakeville Officials Say ‘Non-Caucasian,’ Special Ed Student Behind Graffiti
Lakeville Student Faces Punishment After Racist Graffiti Found In Bathroom Stall
It appears we have a new ethnic designation, “Non-Caucasian”, meant to hide the inconvenient racism and stupidity of minorities

2017: Racist note written on check in Loudoun Co. restaurant
Lawyer: Racist note on Loudoun Co. restaurant bill is fake
And the local NAACP is standing by the hoaxer. We all know blacks NEVER lie about things like this

2017: Woman, 18, charged after lying about being raped by two Conn. college football players: cops
Police: Woman fears losing potential lover, lies about rape by Sacred Heart football players
Cops: Football players kicked out of SHU falsely accused of rape
Student accused of false rape allegations claims mental illness
2018: Yovino pleads guilty in false rape case
Woman Who Lied About Rape Appears to Roll Her Eyes As She’s Sentenced
That “potential lover” should be an ex by now (if he has any common sense), meanwhile Nikki and Sacred Heart University need really good lawyers

2017: Sexual assault reported at University at Buffalo
DA won’t charge UB student who made up story about attack
The only upside is some poor schlep didn’t have his life turned upside-down for a woman who’d end up just walking away

2017: Beloit College students target of hate crimes
‘Hate crimes’ spark fury at Beloit College
Fake ‘Hate Crime’ Report at Beloit College Leads to Arrest
Hoaxes are way too easy to commit when aimed at programmed suckas

2017: Campus Police determine reported hate crimes were fabricated, student shares truth
2015: Student finds racially-charged death threat on apartment door, president calls for university-wide conversation
Jalen Mitchell found that being black on campus was a long-term project

2017: Anne Arundel Schools React After Racist Threats On Social Media
BET: Look: ‘Kool Kids Klan’ Petition and Tweets Threatening to Blow Up Black Students Rampant at Maryland High School
Md. high school investigates petition asking students to join racist movement
After days of Twitter threats, Anne Arundel school officials say no policy changes
Police Charge Student For Threat Made At Arundel High School
Whadaya know, a 14-year-old black girl probably auditioning for #BlackLivesMatter


2016: Sorry, Haters—A Handful of Hoaxes Doesn’t Debunk the Hate-Crime Reality
Obviously it doesn’t take proficiency in basic math to write for the Daily Beast as we’re way above a mere “handful”

2016: Artist Who Drew Donald Trump With Small Penis Claims She Was Assaulted By Trump Fan
A week out, no leads in assault of artist who created naked Trump painting
Everything about Illma Gore is an assault to sensibilities

2016: CAIR’s Hooper: US Muslims’ ‘Mental Health Issues’ Cause Them to Fake Hate Crimes
It’s not just Muslims…

2016: Lafayette PD: UL student made up story about attack, stolen hijab

2016: Winthrop police: Student pinned down, sexually assaulted on campus
Winthrop students want increased security after reported campus robbery
College Democrats: Winthrop University Sexual Assault Town Hall
2017: Winthrop Police: No evidence of alleged on-campus sexual assault
And what’s the campus concern? That no one will believe them in the future.
Oh, and the “attacker” was described by the “victim” as a black guy….

2016: Denton family finds vehicles set on fire, racial slur spray-painted on garage
Vandals Spray ‘N-Lovers’ On Garage, Torch Family’s Vehicles
White husband confesses to wife to setting their cars on fire and painting racial slur on their garage door in staged ‘hate crime’
Denton man to face arson charge, fire officials say
Granted, Mr. Williams appears to have issues, but what was “nigger lovers” all about?

2016: YouTube star claims racism on Delta flight
YouTube star known for pranks claims he was kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic
Delta Says Muslim YouTube Prankster Removed From A Flight Was Trying To Disrupt Cabin
4 Celebs Who Won’t Fly Delta After Adam Saleh Prank Controversy
And all it took was legitimacy by a major news network that failed to “triple factcheck”

2016: OU professor receives anti-Muslim pamphlet on campus
Dr. Fahes said she and another “victim” talked to the police who say they have no record of her speaking to the police. Just who should we believe?

2016: Man tells U-M student to remove hijab or he’d set her on fire in Ann Arbor
CAIR-Michigan Calls for Hate Crime Probe After Muslim Woman Forced to Remove Hijab
A Muslim student in Michigan claimed a man threatened to set her on fire. Police say it’s a hoax.
Cops: U-M student lied about man threatening to burn hijab
To give this woman cover, the Washington Post cites that “anecdotal” Southern Poverty Law Center tally

2016: CAIR Calls on President-Elect Trump to Repudiate Attacks on Muslim Women by His Supporters
SPLC Report buried Trump-related ‘hate crimes’ against white kids
Around 2,000 instances, but who’s counting?

2016: “Hope Not Hate”: A Roadmap for Navigating the Racist Backlash Against Neoliberalism
A supposed outpouring of online hatred against Jo Cox, a murdered MP, was exaggerated
As “Hope Not Hate” also cites SPLC “stats”, garbage-in-garbage-out is apropos

2016: Racially themed vandalism found at Williams; state launches hotline
Vandalism in Griffin Hall
Williams students admit to post-election graffiti
They wrote “AMKKK KILL” to bring attention to the election…?

2016: Man Fabricated Story About Racial Remarks at Malden Bus Station: Police
More “awareness” raising….

2016: A student is claiming a Trump supporter pulled a knife on a Muslim girl
The University of Illinois Police Department is still waiting for the “victim” to file a report

2016: Cops: Man faked ‘KKK’ hate crime, own kidnapping after lighting car on fire
Ormond police: Ex-boyfriend set woman’s car on fire, wrote racially offensive notes
Who does he hate worse, his girlfriend or Trump?

2016: Swastikas Found All Over Nassau Community College Campus
Cops nab 20-year-old student who allegedly littered his Long Island college campus with swastika graffiti
Jasskirat Saini doesn’t exactly meet that “racist, white male” preferred profile

2016: Calls for justice after Babson students harass Wellesley
Two College Students Under Investigation Over Trump Celebration Victory Lap
Lawyer: Students were caught up in Babson College ‘witch hunt’ following Donald Trump win
While upsetting sensitive little Wellesley girls may not have been the best idea, it turns out the boys never said what they were accused of

2016: Teen who said she was harassed by Trump supporters goes missing
Muslim girl who was harassed on subway has been found: police
Muslim student allegedly harassed by Trump supporters safe at home as questions about her account arise
Muslim college student who claimed Trump supporters attacked her on the subway under arrest for making story up
Sister of Muslim student who made up Trump supporter subway attack story blames NYPD, media
Muslim college student who lied about Trump supporter subway attack pleads guilty
After all the slanderous drama she caused, Yasmin will basically be able to just walk away

an•ec•do•tal | adjective: (of an account) not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.
You don’t remember anyone citing this report admitting some of these incidents may be just plain made up….

2016: At City Council, University lecturer calls for action over reported assault
Because “she is of dark complexion due to her Native American descent”
2017: Victim of hate-crime attack says ‘there was a lot of rage behind it’
And six months later, it happened to Khita Whyatt again because she “believes the men targeted her because she looked Muslim.” What’s left?

2016: ‘I Just Want Them to Stop’: Chicago Student Says Threatening ‘Trump’ Note Taped to Her Door
North Park University student fabricated anti-gay ‘Trump’ notes, school says
Lots of really stupid college students being unleashed on the nation

2016: Radnor police, Villanova investigating: White males yelling ‘Trump’ knock down black female student
Villanova U. ends probe into report of post election incident
A nice way of saying it was bullshit (but they don’t want to further traumatize the black woman)

2016: Racist and pro-Trump graffiti appears in South Philly following election
S. Jersey man arrested in ‘Pro-Trump’, racist post-election vandalism in South Philly
Sorry, there’s no way this man is a Trump supporter

2016: Police: Suspects Wanted for Anti-Trump Graffiti in Chestnut Hill
City attorney identified in connection with anti-Trump vandalism

And these people call Trump supporters “morons”

2016: “Vote Trump” painted on wall of fire-damaged church in Greenville
1 charged with arson after Greenville church burned, spray painted ‘Vote Trump’
Black church member pleads guilty in ‘Vote Trump’ arson
2019: DA: Man never admitted painting ‘Vote Trump’ in church arson
Take his word for it

2016: BG police investigate report of female BGSU student assaulted on Crim Street, called racial slur
BG police say student lied about politically driven attack
BGSU student charged after reporting fake assault
BGSU: Second report of slur, attack false too
Are liberal college students really that narcissistic and stupid?

2016: Note reading ‘Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista’ found in Kivette Hall
Post-election anti-Latino message at Elon U. turns out to be a hoax… by a Latino student
Salon: This can’t become our new normal: Hate acts reported across the country in wake of Trump’s victory
Reason: There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave in ‘Trump’s America’
Remember that when you consume CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, the Washington Post, New York Times…

2016: Donald Trump’s victory followed by wave of hate crime attacks against minorities across US – led by his supporters
Louisiana ACLU condemns reported Lafayette robbery

Muslim Woman Made Up Story About Being Attacked By Trump Supporter
Lafayette woman faces criminal charges after falsely claiming Trump supporters robbed her
Take their word for it

2016: Pak family leaves US after son thrashed in school bus for being Muslim
N.C. Authorities: No Evidence To Support Father’s Claim Muslim Boy Was Assaulted On Bus
But it sure sounded good… at the time

2016: YouTube Star Assaulted Outside West Hollywood Gay Bar — Why Are Cops Questioning His Claims??
Calum McSwiggan, Friends, React to Sheriff’s Reports: ‘Staying Silent Here is Killing Us’
Alleged witness claims YouTuber Calum McSwiggan’s account of anti-gay assault was ‘completely made up’
British YouTube star Calum McSwiggan denies lying to police over Los Angeles assault claim
A YouTube star could face up to 364 days in jail after a really weird night out with friends
Calum McSwiggan Pleads Not Guilty To Lying About Hate Crime Attack, “Devastated” Nobody Believes Him
There seems to be a lot of self-inflicted violence within this community

2016: Muslim woman set on fire on New York’s Fifth Avenue in possible hate crime, police say
Man Sets Muslim Woman in Traditional Garb on Fire on 5th Avenue, NYPD Says
CAIR offers $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator suspected who set the clothing of a Muslim woman
A Muslim woman was set on fire in New York. Now just going out requires courage
Muslim woman set on fire was not target of hate crime, New York police say
That PC kneejerk jump to desired conclusions

2016: Police Investigate Online Racial Threat Made At Students Of MTU
Charge Dismissed Against Michigan Tech Student Who Threatened African-Americans Online
Yik Yak student sues MTU
When misguided students and kangaroo college courts collide

2016: Arlington Police Investigating Racist Text Messages Allegedly Sent by Ottoson Student: Report
Racist text messages to Arlington student were a hoax, officials say
What happens when you give smartphones to 12-year-olds

2016: ‘Trump16 FUCK Mexico’ written on sidewalk in DePaul Quad
Social Justice Activist arrested by Chicago PD for vandalism
Facebook post: “Stood up for the inner city”
Statement from DePaul University president about profane graffiti on campus
Narcissistic liberals using black people again performed like a college elective

2016: Cops: Iowa student from Naperville lied about being victim of hate crime
Police investigate assault of University of Iowa student from Naperville as hate crime

2016: Black students at SUNY Albany say they were attacked on a bus
Racism Charges in Bus Incident, and Their Unraveling, Upset University at Albany
N.Y. college students plead not guilty to fabricating racially motivated attack
Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration writes letter to UAlbany women involved in CDTA attack
Two New York college students who claimed to be victims of racist attack expelled
Two women charged with lying about racist UAlbany bus attack go on trial Monday
They never consider some people don’t survive genuine asswhoopins and such allegations shouldn’t be made in jest

2016: Whole Foods allegedly sells cake that says ‘Love Wins Fag’; critics call BS
Whole Foods fights back against alleged cake hoax
Pastor admits he lied about a Whole Foods incident that caused a public outcry
They never believe they’ll be doubted and who do we have to thank for that?

2016: Iowa City Police investigate assault as a hate crime
Authorities: Assault near University of Iowa campus not hate crime

2016: Someone Thought It Was OK To Put Bananas On This Black History Banner
Clemson says sign defacers confess
No charges after Clemson sign defaced
On what campus would a racist act be tolerated, unless punishment would be conveniently deemed racist?

2016: SU students ‘hurt,’ angry at racist drawing found on campus
Black students connected in SU racist drawing
They can’t adequately perform academics but they sure can draw pictures in college!

2016: Twitter threats won’t ‘tear us apart,’ Kean president tells students
Woman admits tweeting fake threats to fellow black students

2016: Brussels: Muslim woman knocked down in Molenbeek hit and run during far-right protest
Molenbeek ‘Far Right’ Hit And Run Was Muslim-On-Muslim Attack
They seemingly like to inflict pain on themselves

2016: Desperate hoax: Are these ‘KKK’ Trump supporters really black?
Granted, a lot of black people are racist but are they now allowed to be in the Klan?


2015: Houston Mosque Fire Was Intentionally Set, Fire Department Says
CAIR Seeks Probe of Possible Bias Motive for Fire at Houston Mosque
37-year-old mosque member accused of setting it on fire
It looked good for awhile…

2015: Swastika found in MU bathroom
Black grad student on hunger strike in Mo. after swastika drawn with human feces
Video Shows University of Missouri Activist Jonathan Butler Falsified Key Claim Against President
Mizzou fraud fest: KKK alerts, poo-swastika tales implode
Was The Poop Swastika Incident At Mizzou A Giant Hoax?
Graduate students at MU discuss walkout after losing insurance subsidies
Mizzou Protesters Angry Over Health Care Cuts Caused By Obamacare
Wouldn’t be surprised if enrollment dropped at this fucked up campus. Then again, where could one go where something like this wouldn’t happen?

2015: CNN to Broadcast College Sexual Assault Documentary The Hunting Ground
‘The Hunting Ground’ snubbed from best documentary category at the Oscars

Filmmaker Caught Trying to Change the ‘Facts’ of Campus Rape Case to Fit Narrative
Report: Jameis’ Rape Accuser Tried to Extort Him For $7 Million
Harvard Profs Denounce CNN’s Flawed Campus Rape Doc, Call It ‘Propaganda’
The Hunting Ground: A Cinematic Fraud
Always question the motive behind any “documentary”

2015: Dorothy Bland: I was caught ‘walking while black.’
Dashcam video undermines Texas prof’s claim of racial profiling, says chief
How long before Professor Bland visits the White House, and how apropos: she teaches journalism…

2015: Gunman Still at Large, Schools Closed After Cop Car Fired On Near Boston
Rookie cop fired in Millis after hoax shootout report uncovered
With real cops being targeted, bad timing for yet another “Look at ME!”

2015: Man sought in ‘barbaric’ attack, sexual slur after Mount Pleasant concert
Mt. Pleasant woman shares details of hate attack
Lesbian professor in Michigan admits she made up gaybashing story
This person clearly has issues, even though she wants to “use the experience as a way to advocate”

2015: The Winner Of Oprah’s Scholarship For Black Men Is Allegedly Very White
Ebony: Shaun King Should Not Have to Prove His Blackness to White People
Black people showing how easy it is to dupe them on “Hand’s up, don’t shoot” and a whole lot more

2015: Gay Man Says North Dakota Frat Choked, Beat And Stripped Him
Anti-gay hate crime at University of North Dakota fraternity deemed a hoax
No charges in UND fraternity incident
Because the prosecutors would be accused of victimizing poor Haakon Gisvold

2015: Overlea home owner receives homophobic note over ‘relentlessly gay’ rainbow lights
‘Relentlessly Gay’ yard donations to be returned, Overlea woman says
Why would Julie Baker return the money if she was telling the truth?

2015: Tennessee lesbian couple faked hate crime and destroyed own home with arson for insurance claim, jury rules
And who uses the word “queer”…?

2015: Police investigate after man has gay slur carved into arm
Authorities: Gay slur carved into Utah man’s arm was staged
Delta anti-gay hate crime was ‘a cry for help,’ lawyer says

Rick Jones actually believed he was worth the attention

2015: Local NAACP president targeted with hate mail
Questions raised about NAACP hate mail report
City investigating Dolezal’s activity on ombudsman committee
Dolezal’s art was her ticket to a full scholarship at Howard University, an historically black school where she received her MFA.
Aside from the drama surrounding her clear mental instability, Rachel Dolezal should have to answer for her false police reports and scholarship fraud

2015: Muslim student at UT Arlington says man with gun followed her to campus, threatened her
UT-Arlington student admits making up claim that gunman followed her to campus, threatened her
Nothing like exploiting a tragedy for personal attention

2015: LGBT group Charlton Rainbows claim they were attacked after being lured to hoax meeting ahead of Championship clash against Brighton & Hove Albion
‘Attack’ on Charlton Athletic LGBT fans revealed as Twitter-fuelled hoax
For being a minority, gays sure make a disproportionate amount of false accusations

2015: Police: Kidnapping did not occur in online plea from gay rights activist
Ohio LGBT Rights Advocate Charged After Claiming On Facebook He Was Abducted
Cincinnati Enquirer Considered Suppressing Coverage of Gay Activist Who Faked His Abduction
There are many who cover for those within liberal identity groups who screw up

2014: UMSL student reports being forced into car and raped on campus, police say
Police investigating UMSL rape
2015: UMSL says reported rape on campus did not happen
She probably just changed her mind


2014: Sexual Assault Claim at Columbia
Columbia Student Will Carry a Mattress Everywhere Until Her Alleged Rapist Is Expelled
Columbia University Vigilantes Are Naming ‘Rapists on Campus’ in Bathroom Graffiti
Frustrated by Columbia’s inaction, student reports sexual assault to police
Columbia charges rape protesters $471 to clean the mattresses they carried to shame the university for ‘failing to investigate one student’s sexual assault’
Columbia University Sexual Assault: No One Found Guilty In All 10 Allegation Reports This Year
Columbia student says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand smeared him by standing with alleged rape victim
Columbia Settles With Student Cast as a Rapist in Mattress Art Project
Just what does this say about the credibility of these women?

2014: Man nearly loses everything when woman makes up story of kidnap, rape
Sentencing delayed in Windsor abduction hoax
Ms. Bennett assumed all she had to do was make the “accusation”

2014: Effigies of black men and women found hanging on UC Berkeley campus
Effigies in nooses hung from Sather Gate at UC Berkeley before Black Lives Matter protest march
Group calling themselves ‘queer, black and people of color’ claim they hung effigies of lynching victims on Berkeley campus for an ART PROJECT
Hate posing as “art”

2014: Lena Dunham’s Story of Rape Is a Must-Read
Lena Dunham: My Republican Rapist Hurt Two Other Women
Lena Dunham ‘Raped by a Republican’ Story in Bestseller Collapses Under Scrutiny
Random House Goes for Quick Payoff, Clears ‘Barry One’
Lying about being raped can be just as bad as being raped, right?

2014: Watch: First gay hug, a homophobic experiment
“HOMOPHOBIC” Mother Speaks Out
‘First Gay Hug’ viral video used actors to portray homophobes, actress says
Again, it was all about creating “awareness” by any means necessary

2014: A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA
UVA suspends fraternities after rape claim
Response to UVa story gratifies Rolling Stone reporter
Legislators call for stricter rules after University of Virginia rape revelations
Rolling Stone backs off from U.Va. rape story
Rolling Stone: A Note to Our Readers
Jury Rules ‘Rolling Stone’ Defamed UVA Dean In Its ‘Jackie’ Rape Story
Rolling Stone to Pay $1.65 Million to Fraternity Over Discredited Rape Story
Chump change is no substitute for damaged reputations

2014: Protests against racism escalate after online threats
University of Chicago Student Threatens Rape on Facebook to Further Diversity Initiatives
UC played down the whole incident. Wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of lying punks…

2014: Racial Profiling Experiment
Viral NYPD Racial Profiling Video Was Staged
Muslims and liberals have a lot in common: the like-minded whose stupidity is easy to exploit

2014: Joseph Baken, Montana Gay Man, Allegedly Beaten Outside Club On His Birthday
Montana man who claimed he was beaten by homophobic thugs actually injured self doing a flip off a curb
Joseph Baken did something stupid and attempted to tarnish others to absolve himself of responsibility

2014: Sweet Briar College administrators investigate racially charged signs in campus dormitory
Virginia college student sorry for ‘trying to make a point’ with racist ‘Whites Only’ signs
Of course, they’re sorry only after they’re caught

2014: Holland’s gay village project revealed as ‘serious hoax’ to raise homophobia awareness
It’s always about “raising awareness”

2013: Black Waitress Gets ‘None Nigger’ On Tip Line Of Receipt
Toni Christina Jenkins: Red Lobster Waitress ‘Suspended As Racist Receipt Is Investigated’
Racist Receipt Turns Into $10,000 Tip For Red Lobster Waitress Toni Christina Jenkins
2014: Man accused of writing ‘Nigger’ on receipt given to black Red Lobster waitress sues restaurant and waitress after handwriting experts finds he DIDN’T write the racial slur
Somehow I doubt she’ll return the donations

2014: Cops: MSU Student Charged after Bogus ‘Islamic Terrorist’ Report
The university is saddened.

2014: Suspect In Hoax Call At Yale Arrested
Let’s scare a liberal campus over those evil guns…

2014: GVSU police investigating ‘hateful’ threats to African American students
Student suspected to be responsible for bias incident
Statement from GVSU police chief
When will they learn the world isn’t that dumb and they aren’t that smart?

2014: Transgender Hercules High Student Reports Being Sexually Assaulted In Restroom
Negative spotlight on Hercules High School once again after student attacked in school bathroom
Suspects In Hercules High Transgender Attack May Not Have Been Students At School
Hercules student recants bathroom sex attack story
Police, advocates swung into action before California transgender teen recanted school attack
What would have been said had they not?

2014: ‘I will not subject my innocent son to your “lifestyle”‘: Two gay dads receive shocking reply on the RSVP to their daughter’s seventh birthday party
Grown Woman Responds To Child’s Birthday Invitation: “I Do Not Believe In Your Lifestyle”
Mom’s Ignorant RSVP Reply to Party Hosted By Gay Dads Was Totally Uncalled For
Radio DJs spark outrage after admitting they MADE UP story about a homophobic RSVP to a party for ‘7-year-old daughter’ of two gay men
It was all to raise awareness

2014: Missing ‘Amy Hamilton’ poster circulating on social media revealed as racist right-wing propaganda hoax
The left is all outraged when they’re smeared but relatively silent on their many hoaxes


2013: Tennessee business owner victim of savage anti-gay attack
Tennessee man beaten in alleged anti-gay hate crime
Healthy Thyme health food store assault story in doubt
Whaddaya know ’bout that… ol’ Joe Williams was arrested for filing a “falsified report”…

2013: Bias incidents at Vassar were a hoax as one of the culprits was ‘the transgender student leading the investigations into the offensive graffiti’
Busted student Genesis Hernandez spoke out against hate…

Tanya Borachi2013: Police say woman made up story of attack at Campus Lodge apartments
Borachi told investigators that she fabricated the story as a lesson to women in the area that an attack could happen to them.”
Facebook: Tanya Borachi
Tanya has moved on to become an activist of all things “social justice” and working for a non-profit mentoring at-risk youth. Obviously it takes one to know one

2013: Dem challenger Martha Robertson (NY-23) fundraises off allegation “GOP ops” tried to shut her website
NY-23 Dem candidate goes silent on website hacking probe
Liberals are usually flustered whenever you ask them for proof

2013: Massachusetts high school cancels football season over racist graffiti
Yet another ‘hate crime’ hoax? Teen’s mom targeted in racial graffiti incident
As they’ve not been quickly outed as Tea Party members…

2013: Cheap Bigot Refuses to Tip Gay New Jersey Waitress
Dayna Morales, gay waitress in restaurant receipt flap may be compulsive liar
Waitress claiming couple didn’t tip because she’s gay gets fired
She’ll be pitied and forgiven, like most liberal liars are

2013: Racist Shop Clerk Tells Oprah $38,000 Handbag Is ‘Too Expensive’ for Her
Oprah Winfrey Racism Story Is Untrue, Says Sales Clerk at Center of Media Storm
Oprah Backpedaling on Racism Claim? Billionaire Apologizes
Race Hoax Backlash?: Golden Globes Snub Oprah
Hyping a movie is one thing, but even liberal Hollywood discourages using the race card to do it

2013: Jersey City high school candidate for student gov’t sent racist texts to himself, school official says
I wonder where he learned all this racial intolerance?

2013: ‘Suicidal’ college student posted Craigslist ads asking for men to ‘shoot her and beat her in exchange for sex’ before filing a false rape report
California co-ed asked for abuse in exchange for sex, then allegedly told cops she had been raped
Woman who staged fake UC Santa Cruz rape pleads no contest
Woman who reported false rape at UCSC sentenced to three years probation
She lied because she knew many would believe her without question and if caught, she’d get off lightly
‘Right now I just want this to settle down. I’m trying to move on with my life,’ she said.
Morgan Triplett Ordered to 60 Days in Jail and Three Years of Probation
If she was devious enough to make up such an elaborate story, the whole thing about Morgan having “mental issues” was a convenient and cowardly defense

2013: Oberlin Cancels Classes After Figure in KKK Robes Spotted Near African Heritage House
That KKK Robe Sighting at Oberlin Was Probably Just a Student Wearing a Blanket
Meet the privileged Obama-supporting white kids who perpetrated cruel Oberlin race hoax
Once again, “progressive” means dishonesty, manipulation, intolerance and the tried-and-true tactic of using ethnic minorities to make a warped point.

2013: Meg Lanker-Simons, UW Student, Accused Of Threatening Herself With Rape In Facebook Hoax
Plea deal coming in UW Crushes case
And the case can be made that liberals are quite adept at manufacturing hoaxes for a variety of self-serving motives…


2012: Man says beating outside Missoula bar based on sexual orientation
Gay man pleads guilty to false report of attack in downtown Missoula

2012: Lesbian Couple Charged With Staging Hate Crime

2012: Montclair State University officials investigating hateful message found on campus
Montclair State students are charged with faking racist graffiti

Flashback 2002: Player Leaves Poly After Allegations of Rape

2012: Brian Banks Accuser Caught On Video Confessing That Rape Accusation Was Fake
Woman Who Falsely Accused Brian Banks of Rape Ordered to Pay $2.6M
Brian Banks takes job with NFL front office
Brian Banks will have his story made into movie, directed by Lee Daniels
Given the sensitivities of liberal Hollywood, I have my doubts if the movie will ever be made

2012: UW-Parkside officials say “hit list” found after hate incident
21-year-old UW-Parkside junior created hit list


2011: Gay UNC student claims he was attacked, branded in hate crime
Quinn Matney, UNC Student, Allegedly Faked Hate Crime Report

2010: UCSD Suspends Student Linked To Noose Found On Campus

2009: Danmell Ndonye made up the story that she was gang-raped at Hofstra, which sent Felipe Stalin, Kevin Taveras, Jesus Ortiz and Rondell Bedward to jail
No Charges Planned in Hofstra Rape Hoax
Hofstra rape hoax: DA explains why she won’t prosecute
Dr. Phil: Falsely-accused Smeared for Life?
Ndonye made up a story, had innocent black men sent to jail, and got a slap on the wrist

2008: Muslim student attacked at Elmhurst College
Police charge student for faking anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’

2008: Columbia Professor in Noose Case Is Fired on Plagiarism Charges

2007: Alleged hate crime victim charged with filing false report

2006: Minority Student Charged with Hate Crime at Trinity University

2004: Claremont Hate Crime Called Hoax

1998: Man Changes Dragging Story — Bad Drug Deal, Not Possible Hate Crime


Mindy Brickman was a Feminist and a sex-assault victim advocate at Princeton University. She decided that the best way to convince her friends that rape was a problem on campus was to falsely tell them that a male student had raped her. Her friends started a gossip campaign against the young man she accused, and later she repeated the lie at a Take Back the Night rally on campus. She refused to bring her accusation before campus administrators or the police. Princeton University launched its own investigation anyway, which turned up absolutely nothing. Facing increasing scrutiny, Mindy wrote out an apology which was printed in The Daily Princetonian.

Again, it was all about “raising awareness”….

1990: False Rape Report Upsetting Campus
Mariam Kashani made the whole thing up about being raped by black men so she could “highlight the problems of safety for women”. In other words, she meant well…

1987: Tawana Brawley: Bias Cases Fuel Anger Of Blacks

Of course, here’s one of my favorites…

It would also appear that tolerant, inclusive, free-expression-of-ideas liberal college campuses are the most recent breeding grounds of racial tactics being used to foment animus and tension, as narcissistic progressives always seek, to “make a difference”.

They are, and it shows.

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  1. Corpely.com

    Seriously, what the absolute fuck is wrong with all of these people on twitter and in the media? These are the most disgusting acts and they don t even bat an eye. They think they are actually in the right here, and they are despicable. CNN and the Washington Post are doubling down. It s all hate and narrative and zero evidence with them; they knew that kid was guilty the second they saw his picture and will not back down. What the absolute fuck.


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