Celtics’ Jaylen Brown May Soon Be Deemed Anti-Semitic, Told to Grovel

Politicians can make racist remarks and become president. Entertainers can also be sexist, gropers, violent predators and still work in the industry. But it’s also well known if anyone is deemed anti-Semitic, that person’s career depends how long and hard they are willing to grovel for approved forgiveness to the appropriate entities.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving made reference to a “documentary” (currently available on Amazon Prime) and for that he was suspended by his team, lost millions in pay, and he’s been told he must get his mind right before he can play again.

Irving missed a seventh straight game due to his suspension after promoting an anti-Semitic movie on social media and initially refusing to apologize. He has been given a list of remedial tasks to fulfill in order to potentially be reinstated.

Pick that up, boy.

Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown, and an National Basketball Players Association vice president, isn’t taking this well and is alluding to what everyone is told is a taboo topic and the humiliation typically demanded of an accused offender….

Kyrie Irving has issued an apology on social media and met with NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Nets owner Joe Tsai, both of whom said they didn’t think the star was anti-Semitic. But on Saturday, when Tsai was asked by The Post about Irving returning, he said the guard “still has more work to do.”

Celtics star Jaylen Brown, who, like Irving, is an NBPA vice president, said Monday that Tsai’s comments don’t sit well with him.

“His response was alarming to me, I tweeted that out [Sunday]. He didn’t say that the organization was working together to get Kyrie back on the floor. He said that he had more work to do,” Brown said. “And our society has more work to do, including Joe Tsai. It’s 2022. It takes 10 minutes of time to see who these business owners, corporations, etcetera, who they’re associated with and who they’re doing business with, who they’re affiliated with. I’m vice president of the union, and it’s part of my job to protect our players legally,” Brown said. “And to see Phil Knight (Nike co-founder) first come out and condemn Kyrie, and also see Joe Tsai say he has more work to do — I think it’s time for a larger conversation. And Adam came out and said in a statement that he doesn’t believe Kyrie Irving is anti-Semitic, and yet he’s still suspended indefinitely.”
New York Post, 11/16/22

It’s clear Brown is carefully dribbling around what’s clear to anyone who reads the large font credits after movies and television programming. And for groups like the Anti Defamation League to go for every once of blood, while ignoring the endless calls for diversity in Hollywood, that’s what’s problematic for Brown and millions of others who dare say the forbidden.

Because of his post and previous refusals to walk it back, the antisemitic film/book is now a best seller in multiple categories on Amazon. There is a lot more to do to undue this damage. Although we will not accept any funds from him, if Kyrie is open to direct dialogue to repair the harm that he has caused and to engage in a process of healing and learning in a sincere manner, ADL is open to engaging with him. Time and action will tell.”
Jonathan A. Greenblatt, Anti-Defamation League CEO statement

Again, liberal Democrat types in politics and entertainment can repeatedly make racist comments and after a brief public penance and an all-clear from publicists, are allowed to continue on with their million-dollar careers. With the assistance of the media, it can be like the offense never happened. But when an obvious demographic fact is pointed out, careers will be destroyed until the sadistic “victims” agree if and when to back off the branding iron.

Hollywood is notorious for it’s tolerance and inclusion of verbal and sexual abuse, pedophilia, spousal battery, alcohol and drug abuse, racism, and in some cases, murder. For some strange reason, most of the offenders are still working to this day. You can get away with almost anything in the entertainment business, except saying two specific words in sequence….

Jaylen Brown is being very diplomatic in his pushback to the typical punishment to anyone deemed anti-Semitic but it’s also clear what he’s saying and given the power he has as a player association vice president, he full well knows what could happen if the ADL and others go too far this time in the demands and pressure to endlessly repent. Brown could conceivably call for a mass protest. Imagine an NBA with no black players on the court….

That might be worthy of a documentary.