KC Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt: The Latest to be Ruined by the Unladylike

Here we go again. It happened to Baltimore’s Ray Rice and now Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt.

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VENT: When the Left Issues Demands, the Right Should Respond ‘FAHQ’

You know, there comes a time when you just throw up your hands and say “Enough is enough” and if you don’t like it, too fuckng bad.

Democrats, the left in academia and entertainment, the workplace and almost every other area in which we all must share equal space has dictated how we must think, how we should speak and everything has to be on their terms or face their wrath. They’ll troll your social media accounts, accost you in the street or outside your home and we’re just supposed to take it because THEY say so?

Fuck that.

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Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Nessa is His Immediate Problem… AGAIN

With the recent season-ending injuries creating possible openings in the National Football League, the controversy surrounding the availability of Colin Kaepernick has reemerged. Not by the sports media per se, but by the very girlfriend who quashed a done deal over a year ago.

Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa, is among those who believe the NFL is intentionally keeping the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback out of the league. She wasn’t the only one to insinuate as much, as former NFL player Charles Woodson told TMZ, “There’s a lot of guys that are in the conversation to be picked up. We know the reason [Kaepernick is] not one of those guys … but he should be.

TMZ also noted former cornerback Antonio Cromartie suggested Kaepernick is better than the list of quarterbacks Washington brought in to work out after Alex Smith suffered an injury in Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.
Bleacher Report, 11/19/18

So inconvenient for Nessa, but Kaepernick may have been playing on an NFL field today had it not been for her opportunist “activist” big mouth… and more.

Of course, the media and the activist left will never admit that Nessa’s direct interference in the Baltimore Ravens deal is THE reason Colin Kaepernick is not throwing footballs on an NFL field for an NFL team today.

As the entire world knows by now, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in Friday’s pre-season game against Green Bay because he was protesting ‘black oppression’ in the United States. We’re now hearing that it was actually his girlfriend Nessa’s idea for Colin to protest.

Fox News also looked into the couple and found evidence that seems to show that his “conversion to social activism” happened only after he began dating his girlfriend, DJ Nessa Diab. Her social media account has plenty of photos and posts related to her job as a DJ but it also shows her stance as a black rights activist and Islam defender.
The Grio, 9/3/16

As written before, NFL teams are businesses and their main goal is to win as many football games as possible; not absorb those who have an unrelated off-the-field agenda. Calling a team owner racist with nothing to back it up is also in that things-not-to-do list; especially when your previous on-the-field record was questionable at best.

Especially coming from a girlfriend who may just up and leave her boyfriend once someone of a higher profile and value is available.

#FakeNews: CNN Fumbles Morning Email with Embarrassing Typos

One would think a “news” organization with well-paid “professionals” like CNN could compose a simple email sent to thousands of subscribers and someone would check for typos before mass distribution.

Obviously that was too much to ask.


48 hours in prison” for sending sending bombs in the mail?

Better not let that get out.


The “Boston Red Sex“….

Whoa! Is there a pill for that with side effects that aren’t worse than the “Red Sex”?

Obviously someone’s coffee kicked in or a few responses came back as the CNN errors of someone’s way were caught.



“Fall short” yet the incompetent at CNN will continue to be paid.

#Massholes: The Boston Red Sox Division Title Banner Hostage Crisis

The entertainment is drawn to the southern states when it comes to mocking Americans, especially those with a drawl. Sometimes that accent is shown to illustrate a lack of intelligence.

However, there are parts of the north where stereotypes have a basis in truth. In Massachusetts, we affectionately refer to these people as “townies” or “Massholes”. Today, Massholes made national news.

The bizarre case of a Red Sox division title banner that went missing Monday came to an abrupt end Wednesday afternoon when a Malden man who says he found it in Somerville brought it to Fenway Park.

The Sox confirmed shortly before 4 p.m. that the banner, which they plan to unveil outside Fenway if they clinch the American League East crown as expected, was in their possession. A team spokeswoman said the people who returned it received nothing in exchange for the item.

Louie Iacuzzi, a 44-year-old Malden resident described himself as a good Samaritan. “[W]e’re trying to do the right thing, but I’m not just going to hand it to them, know what I mean?” Iacuzzi said.

“If I didn’t pick it up, a hundred people would have ran over it,” he said. “I don’t want a million dollars. I don’t need a million dollars. All I wanted was to maybe bring my family, my friends to a [expletive] baseball game, maybe meet a player…. The flag is back home with the Boston Red Sox.”
Boston Globe, 9/19/18

Had these two men simply made a phonecall to the Red Sox, let them know that they found the banner and where they could pick it up, who knows? The person doing the pickup may have brought some souvenirs, maybe some tickets to the upcoming New York Yankees season finale at Fenway.

His friend, James Amaral, noted, “We’re hoping they do the right thing. You know, we did the right thing. We could have kept it, we could have put it on eBay. You know, we got connections where we could have reached out to other sources.”

Asked whether they wanted cash from the Red Sox, Iacuzzi at first said, “Yes, financial [compensation], maybe some tickets, we want something. We don’t know what we want. We want to return it, 100 percent, but we would like to get something.”

But it sounded almost like blackmail, they acted like the Massholes they are, appropriately got nothing in return and are lucky the visit they got wasn’t from the State Police to take them for a ride.


We’ll settle for local law enforcement….

What exactly happened to the banner printed for the Red Sox to hang at Fenway Park when they clinch the American League East title? Somerville Police are trying to find out. Tony Lafuente, the owner of Flagraphics, which made the banner, told the Globe he did not believe the banner fell off a truck.

“These guys stole my banner,” he told the newspaper.

Somerville Police confirmed to WBZ-TV on Thursday they are investigating whether the banner was stolen or found. “This matter is currently under investigation. As this is an active and ongoing investigation, no further information will be provided at this time,” police said.
CBS Boston, 9/20/18


Tony LaFuente, the owner of the company that makes the Red Sox banners, told the The Boston Globe Friday morning that he had filed a report with Somerville police in an attempt to figure out “what happened.” However, the department said Friday afternoon that they had ended the investigation at his request.

“The investigation has been closed at the request of the complainant,” Somerville police said in a statement. “The SPD is no longer looking into the matter.”
Boston.com, 9/21/18

Do you think Jimmy and Louie stole the banner?

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Josh Gordon WILL Turn His Career Around with the New England Patriots

There’s a lot of hang-wringing going on between fans and the sportswriter-intelligentsia over the trade of wide receiver Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns to the New England Patriots.

Not making excuses for Gordon’s numerous off-the-field issues but his head should turn around in New England. He knows, like many before him, he’s got a golden opportunity to be with a team that consistently wins which is huge compared to where he’s been for all of his career.

“We’ve done all we can do for Josh,” said Cleveland coach Hue Jackson, who didn’t provide any specifics about Gordon’s issues over the weekend. “We tried to provide the right environment. It just didn’t work out. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and hopefully things work out for Josh.”
YourErie.com, 9/17/18

They did all they could for Josh. Winning would have helped and let’s also allow holier-than-thou sports writers to pontificate.

Make no mistake – the 27-year-old Gordon is an athletic freak. If he can indeed buy into the Patriot way, he could be just the football answer they’ve been looking for. His production when he’s on the field is ridiculous. Among active players, Gordon’s average of 92 receiving yards a game is fourth only to Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Odell Beckham Jr., otherwise known as the three best receivers in the game.

Of course the operative phrase is “when he’s on the field.” Gordon missed all of the 2015 and 2016 seasons because of suspensions and rehab for substance abuse (he has admitted to regular use of marijuana).
Boston Globe, 9/17/18

Not sure how many football games the Globe’s Tara Sullivan has under her belt, but anyone who’s played any team sport knows how deflating and toxic a consistently losing environment can be, especially when the losing occurs for years.

Imagine being one of the most talented players in the league, playing for a Cleveland Browns team that hasn’t won a regular season game since December 24, 2016, which incidentally ended a 17-game losing streak. The Browns are 1-32-1 since 2016. Which one of us wouldn’t take a toke or two?

When reminiscing over previous troubled players who had their careers turn around in New England, remember that they almost all had one thing in common: they were immensely talented and played for shitty teams. We’re dealing with successful athletes, most of whom are initially drafted into consistently bad organizations. Sometimes a great paycheck isn’t enough, especially when everyone around you, from the top down, are numerically-proven losers.

Josh Gordon isn’t stupid and it would have been illuminating to hear his phone conversation with Coach Belichick prior to the trade being inked in stone. The Patriots seldom make personnel moves out of desperation so they, as usual, and the rest of the league see something the rest of us don’t.

When Gordon plays, he is one of the NFL’s best players. He just rarely does. But when veterans get to Foxboro, the Patriots tend to bring out the best in them. That has the rest of the league terrified of the possibilities of what Gordon might do as a Patriot.
24/7 Sports, 9/17/18

Gordon knows if he’s dumped by the Patriots, his career is as good as done. He’s now walking into the day after years in the night; something he’s never experienced until now and buying-in to a winning, no-bullshit culture should be a refreshing motivator. It’s all up to Josh.

For all the geniuses who said this trade would never happen, imagine Gordon lining up near Rob Gronkowski with Dez Bryant on the other side of the field. I’m not the only one thinking this.

Tom Brady barks out signals from the shotgun. Rob Gronkowski is on the line of scrimmage as an in-line tight end. Julian Edelman is in motion. Chris Hogan is already wide on Gronkowski’s side of the formation. Dez Bryant is on the opposite side of the field on an island. If Bryant is doubled, that would make life difficult for any defense that wants an extra set of eyes on Gronkowski or Edelman. If he isn’t, then Bryant has an opportunity to feast in one-on-one coverage.
NBC Sports

The Patriots are not done yet. They have a workout planned with Dez Bryant this week.
Adam Schefter Tweet, 9/17/18

“Situational football” could get scary good and fast.

#MattPatricia: Former Patriots Coordinators Still Lousy Head Coaches

The social media backlash has been brutal.

The Detroit Lions’ Monday Night debut with new head coach Matt Patricia was an epic debacle exposed on a national stage. His problem in accepting the job was not that he was going to turn things around in the Motor City but that he obviously believed he could do something former Patriots’ coordinators-turned-head coaches couldn’t: win.

Patricia should have made some phone calls and/or sat down with those before him and inquired why things what looked so good could go so wrong.

Bill Belichick
Special assistant, assistant special teams coach, receivers coach, assistant special teams coach/defensive assistant, special teams coach/defensive assistant, linebackers coach/special teams coach, defensive coordinator: 1975-1990
Pre-Patriots head coaching record: 36-44

Bill Parcells
Defensive Coordinator, linebackers coach, defensive coordinator/linebackers coach, head coach: 1979-1990
New England Patriots head coach: 1997-2006

Post-Patriots head coaching record: 63-49

Romeo Crennell
New England Patriots defensive coordinator: 1993–1996, 2001–2004
Post-Patriots’ head coaching record: 28-55

Charlie Weis
New England Patriots offensive coordinator: 2000-2004
Post-Patriots’ head coaching record (college): 41-49

Eric Mangini
New England Patriots offensive assistant, defensive assistant, defensive backs coach, defensive coordinator
See: #Spygate

Post-Patriots’ head coaching record: 33-47

Josh McDaniels
New England Patriots personnel assistant, defensive assistant, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator: 2001-2008
Post-Patriots’ head coaching record: 11-17

Bill O’Brien
New England Patriots offensive assistant, wide receivers coach, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator: 2007-2011
Post-Patriots’ head coaching record (as of 9/9/18): 31-34


Matt Patricia
New England Patriots offensive assistant, assistant offensive line coach, linebackers coach, safeties coach, defensive coordinator: 2004-2017
Post-Patriots’ head coaching record (as of 9/10/18): 0-1

Yes, it’s way too early to declare the Matt Patricia era a failure, but it should be fairly obvious at this point that the insertion of one person won’t convert a losing franchise into a mirror image of One Patriot Place.

When Bill Parcells (a proven genius) was hired as the New England Patriots’ head coach in 1993, he obviously did his homework and understood the culture of mediocrity he had assumed command over; a culture that needed more than the ordinary change. The Big Tuna not only brought in his own assistant coaches, but he also radically changed the team uniforms. He erased the “Patsies” legacy and everyone, from the front office down, was on notice and that his way (now known as the Patriot Way) was going to be the only way. In less than four years, he took a perennial laughingstock to the 1996 Super Bowl. Yes, the Patriots lost in part because of meddling by the New York Jets and internal differences with the team owner (differences Robert Kraft learned not to repeat with Bill Belichick) but a page was allowed to be turned.

Aside from Parcells, there is ONE exception and it’s a little complicated.

Pete Carroll
Defensive backs coach, defensive coordinator, head coach: 33-31
Post-Patriots’ head coaching record (college): 97-19, (NFL) 79-48

Carroll inherited Parcells’ foundation in New England and in three years managed to take them from finishing first in the AFC East to fourth, twice. He fled the Patriots for USC and retooled his approach before returning to the NFL in 2010. It’s always a tad easier to win with a decent team and owner with a healthy checkbook.

The one thing almost all of the former New England Patriots assistants failed to do as they assumed the helm of bad teams was to change the culture from the top down. Firing front office people, assistant coaches, toxic players, and visual cosmetic changes are valuable options that for the most part wasn’t done. These former Patriots’ coordinators obviously believed their mere presence was all it took to turn things around.

The success of the New England Patriots was a process that was proceeded with a jolt, not a tinkering around the edges of a losing culture. When Parcells took over the Patriots, we were more than optimistic because of his bull-in-the-china shop approach. There was no such internal destruction when Weis, Crennel, McDaniels, O’Brien and now Patricia took over their new teams.

I made the argument years ago after #Spygate when so many were calling the Patriots cheaters, that had Robert Kraft fired Bill Belichick, there would 31 cities of New England-hating football fans who’d enthusiastically embrace him in a heartbeat if he were to be hired to transform their team. Then again, notice how Coach Belichick is still in New England. Who needs to leave and try to clean up, in some cases, decades worth of caked-on dysfunction?

Matt Patricia is just the latest Patriots’ former coordinator to have found out the hard way that a losing team needs to be blown up during the offeseason so it won’t be blown up for the football world to see on national television on Week One.

Note: The Tennessee Titans’ new head coach Mike Vrabel doesn’t count as he didn’t vacate a Patriots coordinator job for unknown pastures. He retired as a linebacker in 2010, coached in college and coordinated in the NFL before landing a head coaching gig (as of 9/9/18, 0-1).

Serena Williams Only Carried On Because She Was Gettin’ Beat… Bad

We’ve seen many outbursts by professional athletes, both men and women, and as sports consumers we can honestly say that Serena Williams was allowed to mouth-off to an umpire much longer than any in recent memory.

Usually an athlete gets to say one unflattering thing to an official before getting a warning. The second infraction can result in a technical foul in basketball. In hockey and basketball, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that could result in an ejection. In baseball, one really good comment can get you kicked out of the game. No one goes on and on, even as much as accusing the official of “stealing a point” and calling him a “thief”… who does that?

Another “Queen”.

Aside from publicly reinforcing yet another stereotype of the ratched in modern society, Serena Williams displayed the ultimate in sore-loseritis because had she been winning her match against Naomi Osaka, none of this would have happened.

But as not-unexpected, the entitled Williams played the woman card, the mom card, and denied Osaka the opportunity to respectfully savor a well-earned upset victory.

Serena Williams proved herself a class act following her tough loss to Naomi Osaka.

Seriously…? Did so-called “digital writer for @People magazine” Emily Zauzmer actually watch any of the match or was it all about gushing over a staged consoling of an opponent overwhelmed by the on-the-court antics of a no-class drama queen who hogged what should have been Osaka’s time in the spotlight?

During the U.S. Open Women’s Final on Saturday, Osaka, 20, beat the tennis legend, 36, after Williams received three code violations. In the emotional trophy ceremony, as a roar of boos erupted from the crowd, Osaka tilted her cap down and began to cry. Williams, standing next to her, sensed the emotion, moved closer to Osaka, and wrapped her arm around her in a comforting gesture after a tough defeat.
People Magazine, 9/9/18

Serena Williams was fined $17,000 which is chump change. Most male athletes (depending on the sport) can be suspended for subsequent games following an outburst of a significantly shorter duration. Despite what Williams alleges, it’s clear her sport granted her much more leeway than almost any sports played by men.

As contrite as John McEnroe was for losing his poise during his victory against Slobodan Zivojinovic in the third round of the United States Open, Farrar decided that his outbursts on the court had gone too far. McEnroe was fined $7,500, which carried with it an automatic two-month suspension.
New York Times, 9/7/87*

The fact tennis has traditionally made sure we could all hear the audio of player outbursts (unlike other sports played by men) showed they expect their players to mouth off thus encouraging unsportsmanlike conduct.

Serena Williams is an embarrassment to all those who seek equality based on results, not a faux anointing of royalty status bestowed on those whose actions dictate otherwise.

*h/t Erik Pistek

Now, it’s ‘Baboons’… I #WalkAway From Toxic Republican Party Leadership

How do you explain this or even try to defend stupid unforced errors that just keep happening?

While what Pennsylvania’s Carla Maloney (elected member, Secretary of the Beaver Counter Republican Committee) said was inexcusable and really stupid, she’s just a symptom of what many of us already know.

Today’s Republican Party is being run by the wrong people; many of whom who have little respect, thus little use for black people.

Too many of us have spent years, in some cases decades, advocating for the Republican Party and its principles despite the blatant racism aimed at us from the left. Instead of treating us like equals, we’re marginalized. When we overachieve in promoting conservatism, we’re compartmentalized if not stifled. When Republicans suffer instances like Maloney, we’ll be expected to ignore and/or deal with it, or be asked to do damage-control buffers to protect their brands.

Steelers are now just as bad as the rest of the overpaid baboons. You respect your flag, country and our national anthem. How many men and women have lost limbs or died to protect this country and you baboons want respect. If you want respect you need to earn it and so far you haven’t. Stop watching, or going to a game and paying for over priced food, water and tickets. Let’s see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries.
Carla Maloney, deleted Facebook post

Okay, this is clearly a white-black thing within some Republican thinking. So, let’s go there.

Candace Owens was only brought on to deflect the rampant racism within Turning Point USA and conservatives too lazy to vet, fell for the ruse and Charlie Kirk has been prominently promoted up the movement’s ranks. Black Republicans are STILL only invited to the forefront when Fox News needs the right faces to explain certain events to their viewers. We’re only invited to events to either work at-or-below cost or be showcased.

There is an “independent” registration option for a reason.

Maloney would NEVER say something similar about women because she respects women. To date, she doesn’t appear to have said anything similar about people in her neighborhood, people in her church, or other people she either knows or respects. Of all of the things she could have said about kneeling NFL players, she referred to them with a word knowing it would be taken racially and she didn’t fuckin’ care.

She doesn’t respect black people and this is not a shock. I expect Democrats to say racist things but Republicans should know better and with too many, their actions say otherwise. Had a Democrat said this, her quotes would be the red headline on Drudge and other conservative media. The fact it’s as if it never happened proves party indifference to stupidity is here for the foreseeable future.

One doesn’t have to be a Republican in order to be a conservative.


It’s a good time to #WalkAway because we won’t be missed.

2010: Obama Couldn’t Name ‘Favorite White Sox Players Growing Up’

While watching tonight’s MLB All Star Game, we’ve been hearing a lot about our favorite players.

In 2010, President Barack Obama was invited to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ home opener. His toss to the plate was legendary for all the wrong reasons, but it didn’t stop there. MASN color commentator Rob Dibble asked the president what should have been an easy question: “Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?”

Growing up, the first players you followed left an imprint. They were the ones you initially rooted for; they were the ones that made you a fan. Anyone who claimed to be a baseball fan should have answered that with ease and an element of joy.

But not Barack Obama….

In full disclosure, I grew up a Boston Red Sox fan. Fenway Park had no billboard ads on the Green Monster, let alone seats on it. I remember my first game and was just amazed how green the grass was. I watched the games on WHDH and Curt Gowdy was the announcer. The first players I followed were Carl Yastrzemski, Reggie Smith, Tony Conigliaro, George “Boomer” Scott, Mike Andrews, Rico Petrocelli, Luis Aparicio, Jim Lonborg, Ray Culp… you get the idea. These players are an easy recall and if Barack Obama was truly a Chicago White Sox fan, he should have been able to list his favorite childhood players.

But when your first impulse is to lie, when called on it you look the fool.

BTW — 2010 was Obama’s second and final ceremonial first pitch.