Dover, NH Outraged Over KKK ‘Jingle Bells’; Not Over Historical Omission

Isn’t it funny how so many incidents of racism comes out of our academic institutions that are controlled by those enlightened liberals?

The latest comes from Dover, New Hampshire….

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Donald Trump, David Duke, and CNN’s Klan Smear

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Do you want to know who’s behind these surreptitious attacks on Donald J. Trump and his supporters? The fat and nervous elite DC donor class, from both sides of the aisle.

In our opinion, CNN had it’s agenda to use David Duke to accuse Donald Trump of being a racist to embarrass and compartmentalize Trump and his supporters as ‘racists’, discouraging anymore from supporting him.

Ex-racist David Duke didn’t endorse Donald J. Trump, he hasn’t been a democrat or a leader in the KKK for over 40 years.

And for all of you “conservatives” out there supporting Cruz or Rubio, invoking Andrew Breitbart in your social media posts, ask yourselves who would he be supporting: the GOPe or Donald Trump?

#AlwaysTrump #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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