It’s Naïve to Accept These Wildfires As ‘Climate Change-Caused’ Coincidences

Especially in today’s world, there are no coincidences. The latest was the tragedy in Maui and now this….

British Columbia wildfires intensify, doubling evacuations to over 35,000

With that, it would be naïve to exclude ecoterrorism as it’s in the by-all-means-necessary column.

Terrorist acts have included the spiking of trees to present hazards to loggers who would cut the trees, the dismantling of an electrical transmission tower, and the sinking of ships involved in whaling and drift net fishing. Eco- terrorists have also issued death threats against targeted individuals and even attempted to murder individuals deemed threats to their cause.
Department of Justice, 1996

They’ve tried to injure, destroy, deface priceless works of art, and glued themselves to anything that would stick. It isn’t beyond these nutcases, who’ve been scared bejeezus about a climate that always has and will change, to do what they deem imperative to get us all to change our way of life.

US wildfire, smoke map: Track latest wildfires, red flag warnings across the US

Although environmental experts and federal agencies have attributed the massive fires and ensuing smoke to warm and dry conditions that exacerbated Canada’s wildfire season, which typically runs from May to October, the extreme weather has sparked conspiracy theories that the fires were started by climate change advocates who are using the unhealthy air to push for legislative change.

Because we ALL KNOW they’d never do anything like that….

“I bet a good portion of the wildfires raging across the country were started by green terrorists who want to give their climate change campaign a little boost,” Maxime Bernier, the leader of the far-right People’s Party of Canada, tweeted on Monday. “The far left are experts at inventing and creating crises that they can then exploit.”
Newsweek, 6/8/23

It’s not like Bernier is blowing smoke. Liberals ARE experts at inventing and creating crises they can exploit.

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not before.
Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff, 11/19/08

There’s a consistent lack of apprehensions of ecoterrorists and Antifa. Both are comprised of mostly young, white liberals and in at least one case, a proven family member of the elite political class got a slap on the wrist for her violent and destructive acts.

The [transgender] daughter of House Minority Whip Katherine Clark – the second highest ranking Democrat in the lower chamber, struck a deal with prosecutors that will result in the dismissal of Riley Dowell’s case (allegedly struck a police officer in the face, leading to an assault and battery on a police officer charge, on top of charges of vandalizing property, tagging property, vandalizing a historic marker/monument after allegedly spray-painting a monument in the historic Boston Common with anti-police slogans “NO COP CITY” and “ACAB” — an acronym for “all cops are bastards.” and resisting arrest) after writing a letter of apology to Officer Daniel Roca, who suffered a bloody nose during the Jan. 21 incident, completing 30 hours of community service within a year and re-paying the city for the cost of removing her graffiti, the Boston Globe reported on Wednesday.
New York Post, 1/23/23

These young people know the authorities won’t look after the perpetrators of certain crimes, who’s committing them, and if they are caught up in a wide net, they’ll either be set free with minimum inconvenience or even be generously reimbursed for the insult.

There are way too many wildfires happening to make this anything but copycats performed by a generation who make almost everything about themselves, how they feel, and the need to be the ones to “save the world”; especially when it means the destruction of property they neither built or paid for. They are devoid of conscience and any deaths caused by their actions are okay as long as they are saving the planet.

The fact very few in the so-called media has any interest in coming to the bottom of how these fires started and have lazily defaulted to blaming “climate change” implies there is something nefarious behind them and it could make their cult look very bad. Attributing the wildfires to possible arson can be called a conspiracy theory by the left and their media, but how many recent conspiracy theories have turned out to be true?

If people lose their homes, if not lives, it’s something these climate change ecoterrorists can live with as long as these bad things happen far from the current areas they occupy.