YouTube ALWAYS Allows Liberal Hate, Especially Against Black Republicans

For years, we’ve seen social media platforms declare they are doing everything to stop hate speech, especially racist hate speech. But as we all know when it comes to the “progressive” wing, what they say is not always what they do.

YouTube has banned some prominent white supremacist channels as internet companies face a backlash over racist content. In a statement YouTube said: “We have strict policies prohibiting hate speech on YouTube, and terminate any channel that repeatedly or egregiously violates those policies. After updating our guidelines to better address supremacist content, we saw a 5x spike in video removals and have terminated over 25,000 channels for violating our hate speech policies,” it added.
BBC, 6/30/20

While it’s currently trendy to tell the world that #BlackLivesMatter and any racism is a bad thing, YouTube has always displayed a poor record of weeding out racism when it comes from their left.

On August 4th, 2010 I sent an email to Andrew Breitbart which later inspired the Big Government post, “Resolution Against YouTube ‘Racism’“.

Using the NAACP’s resolution against Tea Party “racism” as a model, I hereby ask YouTube to repudiate their racist users.

“I take no issue with Google’s YouTube community. I believe in freedom of assembly and people raising their voices in a democracy. What I take issue with is the YouTube’s continued tolerance for bigotry and bigoted statements. The time has come for them to accept the responsibility that comes with influence and make clear there is no place for racism & anti-Semitism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry on their website.”

The following are real comments of YouTube users from just one of my videos on the Black & Right channel. They have not been Photoshopped and distributed by Think Progress.

Here are the screenshots of actual comments sent to me from YouTube users that somehow made it past their oh-so supportive and racially sensitive “community standards” monitors.

I’ve sent screenshots of comments like these to YouTube on many occasions and have yet to receive acknowledgement.

And almost all of the offending users STILL have their YouTube channels to this day.

It’s amazing, with all the sophisticated algorithms and filters at their disposal, how easily the word “nigger” got by YouTube, as well as the professional media that can always interpret a presidential Tweet into something they want while missing concrete examples that require no investigation for possible motive or Snopes certification.

During a few of our phone conversations, I posed the idea to Andrew of adding “Big Race” to his family of then-growing websites; an idea he didn’t seem too crazy about.

Not because it was a bad idea but he probably knew the magnitude of such a project when it comes to monitoring racist hate speech from the left; racist hate speech that’s ignored thus obviously agreed with by the tolerant and inclusive within Google and other social media platforms.

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