Meathead’s Attempt to Rewrite Iraq War History Through ‘Shock and Awe’

It’s rare that a major motion picture that’s only grossed over $78 thousand dollars since July at the box office receives any kind of attention, but Rob Reiner’s Shock and Awe is one of those exceptions. As a veteran, some of this movie’s message is downright insulting, especially coming from Reiner.

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Cheney Speaks Out On Threatened CIA Investigation

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Vice President Cheney let’s ’em have it.

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Bonehead Of The Day

A CIA spokesman said Panetta does not believe Cheney is hoping for a terrorist attack.If this is the case…

A CIA spokesman is sharply downplaying Director Leon Panetta ‘s recent comments that appear to question whether former Vice President Dick Cheney is hoping for another terrorist attack against the United States.

“The Director does not believe the former Vice President wants an attack,””He did not say that. He was simply expressing his profound disagreement with the assertion that President Obama’s security policies have made our country less safe. Nor did he question anyone’s motives.” CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano said in a statement to CNN.

Panetta has no C.I.A. experience, but, an ex-officer says, it’s not “a bad thing to have a powerful guy with access to the President.”Now I don’t want to appear like I’m saying the CIA is intentionally misleading, but Panetta was quoted saying Vice President Cheney “smells some blood in the water on the national security issue” and added,

It’s almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point.
Leon Panetta, New Yorker interview with ultra-lib Jane Mayer

Obviously, Panetta assumed the left would be doing cartwheels, showing him with praise for standing up to Dick Cheney. but with all due respect Director Panetta, that’s not your job. Your job is to lead the premiere agency tasked with keeping our nation safe; not just the president’s approval ratings.

Quote Of The Day

The Speaker of the House essentially called the Central Intelligence Agency liars and they withheld information about the “torture” of terror suspects from her. Vice President Cheney quickly came to the defense of the CIA.

Panetta at CIAThis is how he was thanked…

I think he smells some blood in the water on the national security issue.

It’s almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it’s almost as if he’s wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point.
CIA director Leon Panetta, The New Yorker magazine’s June 22 issue

If it weren’t for the men and women in the field, I could see leaving Panetta hanging the next time his agency is falsely attacked by his own party.

Gallup Spins Cheney-Pelosi Poll Results

After years of non-stop hunting jokes and Dr. Evil comparisons, it’s no wonder former Vice President Dick Cheney is unpopular. A recent Gallup poll reflects this, but it’s title “Cheney and Pelosi Have Poor Ratings in Common says one thing while the poll itself says something entirely different: Dick Cheney is more popular than Nancy Pelosi….

PRINCETON, NJ -- Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Dick Cheney have little in common politically, but they receive almost identical image ratings from the American public. According to a May 29-31 Gallup Poll, 37% of Americans have a favorable view of Cheney and 34% have a favorable view of Pelosi. Both Cheney and Pelosi are viewed unfavorably by at least half of Americans.

Stepping on the CIA-torture landmine (President Obama left for Republicans) has really given Nancy Pelosi a shell-shock headache that just won’t go away. Meanwhile, Dick Cheney is doing something Barack Obama can only hope to learn how to do… make sense, and the people are in agreement.

Bonehead Of The Day

Mike LupicaNew York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica has decided, in white liberal-guilt fashion, to defend a former Army general against the savage attacks by two partisan Republicans who dare criticize a black, so-called Republican. Lupica asserts that since neither Rush Limbaugh nor Dick Cheney has served in the military (and military issues aren’t even the topic here), they have no right to challenge Colin Powell on anything, let alone what it is to be a Republican.

A week ago Cheney – whose idea of a foxhole is Fox News – went on “Face the Nation” and said he assumed Powell had left the Republican Party after endorsing Barack Obama. Then Cheney said if he had to choose between Powell and Rush Limbaugh to lead the Republicans, he would go with Limbaugh.

But that really is the current Republican Party, isn’t it? Angry old white men like Cheney and Limbaugh talking to each other. Two toy soldiers who enjoy insulting a real one like Powell.

As someone who has served, I’ll pick up where Limbaugh and Cheney can’t. Who the hell is Mike Lupica to talk anyway…?

Deferments during the Vietnam War were not only used by evil Republicans who now send our children off to “immoral, illegal” wars. The sons of the well-connected, political and economic elite were also the direct recipients of policies created on Capitol Hill. You know, sons who wrote letters to generals on how they “loathed” the military and later became presidents.

So before hypocrites like Mike Lupica (who grew up a priviledged Northeast liberal) begin to criticize and use non-service as a weapon, he should look long and hard in the mirror before he starts typing away again.

Powell’s Ongoing Lapse In Judgment

Powell on CBSOne of the problems with attention/relevance seekers is that they seldom see the errors in their ways, let alone admit it.

Colin Powell, appearing on “Face the Nation” Sunday, answered criticism from Cheney, who questioned Powell’s loyalty to the GOP after voting for President Barack Obama in November.

“I am still a Republican. I’d like to point out that in the course of my 50 years of voting for presidents, I have voted for the person I thought was best qualified at that time to lead the nation. Last year I thought it was President-now Barack Obama,” Powell said.

Powell also addressed criticism from conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, saying his assertion that Powell only voted for President Obama because “he is black” was “unfortunate.”

I’ll give Powell the smallest benefit of the doubt for voting for a Democrat Obama because he’s black, as it was the path of least resistance.

Given he voted against his own party (race or not), Colin Powell’s  judgment and party allegiance is fair game and he should be scrutinized before we watch his public comments echoed in a media who’ll assume his advice to the Republican Party is worthy of serious consideration.