Have You Ever Heard of a Homeless Veteran Officer?

They’re glamorized in movies and television programming. They’re the “experts” we see on cable news. They’re called to give expert testimony on Capitol Hill.

We dare you to find and send one link to a news story about a homeless veteran who was an officer as we’ve done the research and our suspicions have been verified.

Persons who subsequently became homeless were disproportionately among those with the lowest pay (72% of the homeless came from the 44% that had the lowest pay grades). This corresponds to substantially reduced adjusted hazard ratios (AHR) associated with the higher pay grades.
Homelessness and Risk Factors for Homelessness Among Veterans from the Era of the Afghanistan (OEF) and Iraq (OIF/OND) Conflicts

You very rarely see officers at veteran job fairs because they either get hooked up (within their own fraternity network) with government contractors or have that guaranteed pension coming in that cures most ills.

Think about how differently the approach to veterans issues would be when it comes to employment and housing if the officer class had to deal with government agencies or so-called veteran nonprofits that do more to keep themselves in business than actually give the vet the services they offer in advertisements.

President Donald Trump had at least 1,987 vacancies within his new administration, most of which did not require Senate confirmation, according to data from tracking service Leadership.
CNN, 2/25/17

Every federal government vacancy should be offered to a veteran FIRST, regardless of discharge status. From the look of many who currently occupy many jobs within the government, finding qualified applicants shouldn’t be a problem and veterans clearly come with a work ethic far superior to their civilian counterparts. A good-paying JOB alleviates many issues that eventually result in homelessness.

Don’t get us started on the lies some politicians tell on the backs of veterans when it comes to homelessness, and we won’t even get into the promises given to veterans during campaign season vice the promises kept AFTER the election.

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