The American People Woke Up To ISIS Only After Media Introduced Foley

Did you notice the tone of our media when they broke the story of journalist James Foley’s beheading? It was like we’ve never heard of ISIS before. Thanks to their bias-by-omission, for most had not.

I’ve always argued that the tradition of our media sparing us the visuals of Islamic horror for more than a decade has enabled terrorists to continue on unabated and their sympathizer activists here to manipulate the narrative.

To publish or not: James Foley video spotlights media’s tough call
CAIR recommended that the video of Foley’s killing not be distributed or viewed

Islamist atrocities are nothing new and the media decided not to show the jihadis for whom they are.

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#ISISmediablackout: UK celebs urge against sharing James Foley video online
Celebrities lead #RespectJamesFoley charge, urge users to stop sharing beheading video
Did New York tabloids go too far by printing gruesome images of James Foley’s execution?
Twitter suspends accounts tweeting graphic images of James Foley beheading
Grappling with the James Foley video
James Foley beheading video: Would you watch it?

Did the celebrities and the media want the imagery scrubbed because they believed the public couldn’t handle it or did they not want to upset those who play fast and loose with the charge of Islamophobia?

Besides Muslims, who does this kind of thing today?

During these difficult days, the US Council of Muslim Organizations also reminds the public to avoid spreading Islamophobia by using the actions of ISIS to characterize and demonize all Muslims, globally and here in the United States. We unequivocally denounce ISIS, its mentality, and tactics under any circumstances.

Whew! The USCMO only reminded us, then again we all know it’s only a matter of time “reminds” will become “warns” to be followed by “demands”.

How many lives could have been saved had the American people have been shown who the enemy was? Perhaps James Foley and other journalists wouldn’t have been so quick to have been embedded with those who eventually cut off their heads. Maybe our politicians would have rethought their arrogant concept of “regime change” and not left a power vacuum that would be quickly exploited by savages who commit mass executions and rapes.

Leaving out aspects of a story just because you believe only you are intellectually able to handle it is the epitome of elitist arrogance. Maybe if the American people were fully informed of the methods and beliefs of those who blew up the Khobar Towers, attacked the USS Cole and the Beirut Marine Barracks, culminating with the downing of the World Trade Center, vigilance may have replaced the fear of being called a name.

Who knows how many maims, rapes, and deaths (now in the tens of thousands) may have been averted?

Journalism is supposed to be the telling of what happened, not what you don’t think the audience should see or hear. Those who are paid to participate in the professional appears to have either forgotten that or have disregarded it altogether and at what a price.

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