Why Is Cris Carter’s Rant Being Praised?

ESPN’s Cris Carter is being almost universally praised for his on-air rant against Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Paterson and his charge of child abuse….

Cris Carter Takes A Stand Against Child Abuse And Reveals What NFL Players Truly Respect
Cris Carter’s powerful speech on Adrian Peterson and child abuse
Cris Carter gives passionate speech about Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice
Cris Carter gives emotional response in wake of Adrian Peterson case
Watch NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter’s emotional commentary on Adrian Peterson

Again, Peterson was originally cleared by a grand jury of those charges and it seems to only have been reopened because of the recent scrutiny of NFL players because of the Ray Rice incident.

Chris Carter is now calling for any and all NFL players who’ve even been accused of domestic and/or child abuse to be taken “off the field”.

But why stop there, Cris?

It is an honor to be selected and highly-paid to play in the National Football League. It is a privilege, not a right.

With that, how many chances did Cris Carter get before he was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles for repeated drug abuse? I’d be willing to bet Cris Carter would be the first to storm into the NFL Players Association office had anyone told him back in 1990 that he should be taken “off the field” for illegal activities he did “off the field”.

If we were to go by Carter’s sermon, maybe half of the analysts on ESPN who are former players (including at least one on Sunday’s panel) should be taken off the ESPN field… including him.

UPDATE: Following the lead of the San Francisco 49ers owner who is dealing with a similar situation, the Minnesota Vikings are going to observe the antiquated concept of “due process” and allow Adrian Peterson to practice this week, play with the team next Sunday, and let his “legal responsibilities throughout this process” play out. I have to be a cynic and think the ass-whuppin handed to the running-game-challenged Vikings’ by the Patriots had nothing to do with it. Common sense by Vikings management clearly wasn’t a factor.

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