Biden Visited the 82nd Airborne in Poland Near Ukraine. If Looks Could….

Joe Biden’s attempt at using foreign policy during a time of war to shore up his tanked approval back home was seen as yet another fail.

With the last nine, unscripted words of an impassioned speech about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, President Joe Biden created a troubling distraction, undermining his effectiveness as he returned home to face restive Americans who strongly disapprove of his performance on issues that matter most to them.

Just 26% of Americans have faith that Biden can manage a crisis or the military, according to last week’s AP-NORC poll.
Associated Press, 3/28/22

Given his gaffes involving soldiers stationed in Poland, his presence visiting the 82nd Airborne Division wasn’t taken as well as the media would have Americans believe.

Looks said it all….

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