Biden’s Illegals Brought #MigrantCrime to the United States of America: List

We’re told how we’re supposed to welcome and embrace the illegal aliens Joe Biden intentionally fascilitated invading the United States. It’s obvious to all, with a brain, that these “migrants” have no respect for our country or citizens as their very first act was breaking our immigration law. Once in, all bets are off.

This immigrant crime narrative is racist. It’s not true. Donald Trump is out here saying that we’re poisoning the blood of this country, and the facts actually don’t bear that out.
Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA), Biden reelection national advisory board member, 2/29/24

Here’s an ongoing list (“facts”) of the wonderful, cultural traditions “migrants” and “asylum seekers” have brought to our country.

This is NOT an official tally as the media wasn’t really keeping track until they had no choice….

4/17/24 • Haitian migrant double homicide suspect, allowed into US by Biden admin controversial app
4/17/24 • Migrant arrested in Zapata, Texas, connected to Texas Rangers murder probe
4/16/24 • 18-year-old arrested in crash that killed Sen. Cortez Masto adviser entered US illegally, feds say
4/16/24 • Illegal migrant, 20, arrested for child rape in MA; court IGNORED request to detain him
4/15/24 • Record number of Chinese migrants arrested for illegally crossing into US
4/15/24 • Californians buying guns after Border Patrol dumps thousands of migrants on streets
4/14/24 • Illegal alien invasion by boat in Carlsbad, California
4/14/24 • NYC block turned into illicit open-air market for migrant crooks, prostitution: ‘It’s relentless’
4/13/24 • Tijuana drug violence bleeds into San Diego County with recent cartel shootings
4/12/24 • Migrants at Yonkers shelter arrested after confrontation with staff members
4/12/24 • 10 suspected illegal migrants arrested in Texas home amid child porn investigation
4/11/24 • ICE Nabs Brazilian Illegal Alien Indicted On Multiple Counts Of Aggravated Child Rape
4/9/24 • Migrant repeat offenders viciously attack cops during bust for ransacking NYC Target: police
4/9/24 • Teen illegal arrested in connection to murder, mutilation of California man found in car
4/8/24 • Venezuelan gang members arrested after entering US illegally
4/5/24 • Illegal migrant charged with stabbing wife ‘dozens of times,’ nearly ‘decapitating her’
4/5/24 • Illegal migrant deported 8 times with 11 arrests now charged with murder in Ohio
4/5/24 • ICE arrests 2 accused of raping Massachusetts girls, 1 wanted for murder
4/4/24 • Illegal alien arrested for looking under stalls in women’s restroom at D’Iberville Walmart
4/4/24 • 4 gun-toting migrant squatters in NYC skipped processing after being released into US
4/4/24 • Venezuelan illegals occupy Seattle community school tennis courts to demand free hotel rooms
4/3/24 • ‘Migrant influencer’ Leonel Moreno is under investigation for gun charges
4/3/24 • DPS Arrests More Than 200 Illegal Immigrants for State Crimes in El Paso
4/3/24 • Man deported seven times charged with aggravated murder in Hamilton
4/1/24 • Haitian migrant admits to sexually abusing 10-year-old girl in Florida, police say
3/31/24 • El Paso judge orders release of migrants accused of ‘border riot’
3/30/24 • Man accused of stealing diesel, driving unregistered truck, being in country illegally
3/29/24 • Illegal Chinese migrant arrested after breaching Marine base in California and refusing to leave
3/29/24 • Illegal Alien Charged With Injuring Man In DUI Crash In NC ‘Sanctuary County’
3/29/24 • NYPD Posts Warnings of Migrant Pick Pocket Gangs
3/29/24 • Illegal alien arrested for a drive-by shooting
3/29/24 • Texas arrests 70 more migrants who stormed El Paso border, assaulted National Guard troops
3/29/24 • Leonel Moreno, the ‘migrant influencer’ who mocked America, has been arrested by ICE
3/28/24 • Migrant crossings disrupt New Mexico schools, prompt security measures
3/28/24 • Illegal Alien accused of raping ‘mentally incapacitated’ teen
3/28/24 • ICE arrests 216 illegal migrants with cocaine, fentanyl and heroin convictions
3/26/24 • Mexico’s Obrador says the ‘flow of migrants will continue’ unless the US meets his demands
3/25/24 • Illegal alien admits to shooting woman, leaving her body on US-131
3/22/24 • TikToker tells illegal immigrants how to ‘invade’ American homes and invoke squatter’s rights
3/21/24 • Over 100 migrants break through razor wire, knock down guards as they cross El Paso border
3/21/24 • Three Illegal Aliens Accused of Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Woman
3/19/24 • Most wanted Colombian gang leader captured in Texas
3/19/24 • MS-13 gangbanger sex trafficked underage migrant in NYC after jumping bail in child abuse case
3/18/24 • Undocumented immigrant accused of stabbing 2 in O’Fallon, Mo
3/17/24 • Migrant caught at border claimed to be Hezbollah terrorist, intended to build bomb, sources say
3/16/24 • AOC neighborhood labeled ‘Third World’, migrants clog streets, prostitutes overrun every block
3/14/24 • Man living at Rockland hotel housing migrants charged with child rape, DA says
3/13/24 • Female gangster wanted in connection with human sacrifices in Mexico arrested in Texas
3/13/24 • Illegal migrant charged with assaulting girls at Maryland church was deported twice: ICE
3/12/24 • Illegal arrested after deputies found multiple fake IDs, passport, social security card and more
3/12/24 • Nigerian Convicted of Sex Crime Against Child in R.I. After Overstaying Visa Arrested by ICE
3/12/24 • Venezuelan Woman Becomes 9th Suspect Charged for Migrant Mob Attack on NYPD Officers
3/12/24 • 3 undocumented immigrants arrested after woman sexually battered, deputies say
3/11/24 • ERO Boston arrests Colombian national convicted of sex crime in Massachusetts
3/10/24 • West Valley police arrest illegal alien they say attempted to kidnap girl at school
3/9/24 • Missouri Police Accuse Woman ‘Here Illegally from Venezuela’ of Killing 12-Year-Old
3/9/24 • Gangbangers openly sell fake IDs, green cards to migrants on NYC streets; officials warn of danger
3/8/24 • Second illegal immigrant charged with child sex crimes in Southwest Virginia in two-week span
3/6/24 • Driver accused of killing WSP trooper in I-5 crash is Mexican citizen ‘unlawfully’ in US
3/5/24 • Illegal migrant on terror watchlist arrested at Eagle Pass days before Trump, Biden visits
3/5/24 • 15-year-old Ohio girl found in Bedford Co., undocumented immigrant in custody: Deputies
3/4/24 • Illegal alien wanted in Oregon on rape charges arrested in Martin County
3/3/24 • ‘Madman’ illegal accused of serially assaults female doctors, nurses in the Bronx is on the lam
3/1/24 • Wanted rapist, illegal immigrant released from Martin County Jail: Sheriff speaks out
3/1/24 • Migrant who flipped the bird following Times Square arrest ‘exonerated’ after investigation: DA
3/1/24 • ICE Boston agents arrest 3 immigrants charged in death of infant, significant bruising on his face
2/28/24 • Illegal immigrant arrested on sexual assault charges in Englewood
2/28/24 • Illegal immigrant arrested in Towns County on drug charges
2/28/24 • Man, 24, is stabbed multiple times outside NYC shelter in ‘migrant on migrant’ attack
2/28/24 • Illegal migrants with convictions for murder, rape and child molestation captured at US border
2/28/24 • Undocumented immigrant accused of raping 14-year-old girl, armed robbery in Kenner
2/27/24 • Migrant accused in death of St. Johns County deputy in limbo after incompetency ruling
2/27/24 • Salvadoran illegal immigrant arrested in connection to Maryland murder of 2-year-old boy
2/26/24 • Two Randall’s Island migrant shelter residents arrested for assaulting security guard
2/26/24 • Illegal immigrant arrested on sexual assault charges in Englewood
2/26/24 • Venezuelan migrant charged with sexually assaulting a child in Virginia after El Paso release
2/25/24 • CBP arrests multiple illegal immigrants with cartel connections, child sex assault convictions
2/24/24 • ICE arrests 6 sex offenders in Texas, 3 in Houston area
2/24/24 • ICE arrests 19 in Colorado during national sex offender operation
2/23/24 • ICE arrests MS-13 gang member, alleged murderer from El Salvador
2/23/24 • Illegal migrant from Venezuela arrested for murder of UGA nursing student Laken Riley
2/22/24 • NYC migrants busted in $5,300 shoplifting spree after traffic stop also turns up drugs: cops
2/22/24 • Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Cop Files Lawsuit Claiming ‘Disability’ Over Not Speaking English
2/20/24 • ICE confirms suspect in stolen Maryland State Highway truck chase is in US illegally
2/20/24 • Migrants hurl bottles, backpacks at NYPD during shelter fracas
2/16/24 • NYC migrants consume drugs, alcohol in public as ‘crime wave’ plagues tourist hot spot
2/15/24 • Migrant teen accused in Times Square attack on cops is arrested again for Macy’s robbery
2/15/24 • Five-Time Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing 10-Year-Old Boy Walking Home from School
2/15/24 • Violent Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua recruiting NYC migrants for brazen crime ring
2/10/24 • Migrant teen held without bail after chaotic Times Square shooting that injured tourist
2/8/24 • Migrant wanted for homicide, convicted child predator arrested at Texas border
2/7/24 • Palestinian migrant who arrived via Mexico allegedly beat homeowner over his support for Israel
2/6/24 • Migrants allegedly snatched phones from 62 women in NYC crime spree: Police
2/5/24 • Migrant moped gang hired hacker to breach banking apps, ‘sophisticated’ high-tech crime ring
2/5/24 • Illegal immigrant child rapist, prostitute arrested in Lynn, MA
2/2/24 • Venezuelan migrant got arrested twice in four hours: Chicago police reports
2/2/24 • Migrant arrested after high-speed chase involving stolen vehicle in Cochise County
2/2/24 • Cops allegedly beaten by migrant mob near Times Square — suspects later freed without bail
2/19/24 • Chicago police arrest four Venezuelan migrants for allegedly strangling, robbing man on train
2/1/24 • ICE arrests more than 170 illegal immigrants, some with child sex charges, in 25 US cities
1/30/24 • Border Patrol Agents Arrest Unlawful Migrant Wanted for First Degree Murder
1/22/24 • Mother of autistic woman raped, murdered by illegal MS-13 gang member sues Biden admin
1/17/24 • ERO Boston arrests Haitian citizen charged with rape, indecent assault
1/8/24 • Illegal Immigrant Deported Four Times Charged With Killing Colorado Mother, Son In DUI Crash
1/2/24 • Man Arrested at Capitol With Machete, Knife is Illegal Alien Arrested and Released in 2022
12/19/23 • 15-year-old Tennessee girl raped, undocumented immigrant from Mexico facing charges
12/16/23 • ICE nabs illegal immigrant MS-13 gang member released after manslaughter conviction
9/21/23 • Migrants arrested fighting over mattress, storming TSA checkpoint, shoplifting at high-end stores
9/15/23 • Migrant arrested outside Chicago Police station after scuffle with police
9/10/23 • Migrant mother charged with felonies: blocking traffic, resisting officers at Southwest Side station
9/5/23 • Migrants arrested in citywide crime spree, NYPD says
9/3/23 • 41 people arrested at NYC’s migrant Roosevelt Hotel since May — most for domestic violence
9/3/23 • Border Patrol agents arrest dozens of illegal immigrant criminals, gang members
9/2/23 • Migrant arrested 6 times for 14 crimes in first two months in NYC
8/21/23 • Pasadena crime: Illegal migrant arrested, charged with sexual assault, murder of 11-year-old girl
7/28/23 • Migrants face charges for recent incidents downtown, including one arrested twice this month
5/14/23 • Border agents arrest man on FBI terror watchlist amid migrant influx: CBP sources
8/20/22 • Arizona border patrol agents arrest illegal immigrant convicted of raping child

Of course once the damage has been done, politicians are forced to pivot and belatedly acknowledge the damage done by their misguided policy.

3/1/24 • New law could end shelter stay limits for migrants in New York City
2/28/24 • White House calls for sanctuary cities to cooperate with ICE amid furor over migrant crimes
2/28/24 • Mayor Eric Adams challenges sanctuary city laws, calls for more cooperation with ICE
2/27/24 • Georgia lawmakers call for end to ‘sanctuary’ policies after death of nursing student
8/31/23 • L.I. Senators Call on Governor To Protect New York Residents By Ending Sanctuary State Status

Meanwhile, many surrounding areas are loudly declaring themselves “non-sanctuary” municipalities.

2/27/24 • Commissioners: ‘Fremont County is not a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants’
2/27/24 • Aurora to local governments, nonprofits: Don’t bring immigrants in without coordinating
2/21/24 • Resolution for non-sanctuary status for Sandwich offered; DeKalb County Board considering
2/20/24 • Tulsa mayor pushes back on rumor that it is a ‘sanctuary city’
2/13/24 • Colorado Springs approves resolution declaring it is not a sanctuary city
2/6/24 • Lakewood addresses Colorado migrant crisis, “incorrect community information” being shared

And some politicians, officials and activists insist on doubling down on stupid.

4/18/24 • Sen. Cortez Masto Votes Against Mayorkas Impeachment After Senior Adviser Killed By Illegal
4/17/24 • ‘All are welcome’: Mayor Lucas invites migrants overwhelming other cities to work in KC
4/17/24 • Senate Democrats kill both articles of impeachment against DHS Secretary Mayorkas
4/12/24 • Denver To Defund Police, Fire Dept To Fund Services And Housing For Illegal ‘Newcomers’
4/5/24 • Madison Diverted $700,000 In Taxpayer Covid Relief To Illegal Aliens
4/5/24 • Chicago mayor urges Biden to grant work permits to half million illegal immigrants
4/4/24 • After He Dies In ICE Custody, Democrats Defend Illegal Convicted Of Murder
4/2/24 • Boston mayor silent on sanctuary city policies amid migrant crime reports
3/30/24 • NYC pols push $15M plan to provide free mental health services to migrants
3/25/24 • New York Starts Distributing Debit Cards to Migrants, Despite Uproar
3/16/24 • District Judge: Gun Ban For Illegal Immigrant Unconstitutional
3/10/24 • Dick Durbin Thwarts Bill to Automatically Detain Illegals Charged with Violent Crimes
3/8/24 • Texas Judge allows Biden admin program that lets in 30,000 asylum-seekers a month
3/7/24 • 170 Dems Vote Against GOP-Led Bill That Would Require Illegal Migrant Criminals To Be Detained
3/4/24 • Biden administration ADMITS flying 320,000 migrants secretly into the U.S.
3/2/24 • Eric Adams Says Giving Pre-Paid Credit Cards to Illegal Migrants Is ‘Smart’, a ‘Real Win’
3/2/24 • New California bill would make illegal immigrants eligible for first time homebuyer loans
3/1/24 • Maine residents in uproar over $13m housing complex ; illegals can stay RENT FREE for 2 years
2/29/24 • Hochul: ‘Don’t Want to Highlight’ Migrant Crime, Won’t Call for Tougher NYC Sanctuary Law
2/29/24 • White House refers to illegal immigrants as ‘newcomers’
2/29/24 • Judge slaps down Texas bill that criminalizes undocumented immigration
2/28/24 • As Biden Heads to Border, Amnesty International Says Ditch ‘Cruel’ Anti-Migrant Policies
2/28/24 • Bill restricting public aid for undocumented immigrants fails in Idaho House committee
2/28/24 • Undocumented immigrants in California could have a new path to homeownership
2/20/24 • City of Denver hosts work permit clinics to help expedite process for migrants
2/19/24 • Dem senator breaks silence on Biden admin providing veteran medical resources to illegals
2/12/24 • Mayors ask DHS to extend migrant work permits
1/30/24 • Gov. Hochul approves temporary government jobs for migrants
12/29/23 • California becomes first state to offer health insurance to all undocumented immigrants
11/9/23 • Chicago migrants get expedited work permits with newly launched pilot program
10/3/23 • New York Gov. Hochul announces 18k jobs for migrants as city’s migrant influx exceeds 125k
9/21/23 • US offers work permits to half million Venezuelans already in country
9/21/23 • Biden administration speeds up work permits that could help thousands of Mass. migrants
8/31/23 • NYC Mayor Eric Adams pushes feds to help migrants get work permits

At the end of the day, the Biden Border Crisis was ultimately about giving Democrats what they’ve always been wanted: unopposed total power and control.

4/1/24 • Democrats Push to Expedite Relief for Immigrant Work Permits
3/14/24 • Democrats Vote Unanimously To Include Illegal Immigrants In Census

These tallies don’t include the very visible ramifications of Joe Biden’s border invasion: diverted services from American residents and homeless veterans, illegals dumped in poor minority neighborhoods, increased costs to state and local budgets, and hospital closures… to name a few.

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