A Liberal Democrat Birthday Bash for J6 Murder Victim Ashli Babbitt

Call it a form of psychosis or just plain vindictive indifference, a young woman named Brianne Marie Chapman decided to show her version of respect for the memory of Ashii Babbitt; murder victim during the January 6 rally.

In a video streamed live on YouTube, Chapman documented her activity on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C..

The video goes on for another hour and forty six minutes of her musings and responses to those watching her live stream.

She does fit the profile of your average, unhinged Democrat stalker.

Last month, sicko agitators chased Micki Witthoeft, Ashli Babbitt’s mother, at the corner of Constitution NW and First St NW, north of the Reflecting Pool, to stand united against the political persecution of the January 6th political prisoners, screaming “You are going to die!… Ashli deserved to die!… We don’t give a shit about you or Ashli!”

“Fuck your Jesus!!”, they repeatedly yelled at the predominantly Christian crowd as they sang Bible songs with tambourines in front of the DC Jail. Leftist Counter-Protesters screamed horrific things at the still grieving mother, including “Ashli Deserved to Die! You are a bad Mom!”

After today’s rally, an unhinged woman began harassing Micki,  hurling horrific comments at her about her daughter screaming. The sick woman screamed, “Fuck you Micki”… and repeatedly chanted “Fuck Ashli Babbitt.”
Gateway Pundit, 9/24/22

Just going out on a limb here but, at this point in her life, there’s very little chance Brianne Chapman will do anything of significant public value or sacrifice that would make some in the general public want to pay tribute to her. She probably wouldn’t appreciate having such a gesture be desecrated in such a juvenile way.

But when it comes to liberal Democrats, brainwashed by a lying party, politically-infected education infrastructure, and propagandist media, a Brianne Chapman is what you get.

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