From Mumford to Oxford, Winston Marshall’s Conversion to the Light

I’ve always laughed at the Republican Party’s failed attempts at “outreach”. It’s pandering at the least and condescension at its core. In my personal experience and from what I’ve observed, it usually takes a life-altering event to make one take the very uncomfortable leap from liberal to conservative, especially knowing the very unpleasant personal and financial ramifications that come with the action.

The blowback from family members, close friends, and employers are usually devastating, given the words “liberal” and “tolerance” are like oil and water. Following through takes bravery most can’t understand and/or are not willing to risk, which makes it infinately more admirable, especially when sincere.

On November 29, 2022, Tucker Carlson alerted us to the story of Winston Marshall who decided to jump into the light, paid for it with the loss of his chosen career in the “Mumford & Sons” band he co-founded, and was invited to share his perspectives last month in the halls of the University of Oxford to debate that current topic of great concern: democracy.

On April 25th, Marshall was invited to debate a motion that “This House Believes Populism is a Threat to Democracy”.

Also invited was Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. As her remarks, based on the premise that “populism is a threat to democracy due to voters being manipulated” are familiar on this side of the pond, you can view her presentation here.

Like most liberal Democrats, she did break courtesy norms and interrupted Marshall when he made logical points, simply because he struck uncomfortable nerves Pelosi just couldn’t let go countered. For that reason, the legacy media didn’t let the American people know of this event and witness her humiliation in real time.

Logic is easier to censor than spin.

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