Conservation Conservatives

It’s time for another debate….

Bob LauraBob Parks and Laura Erickson have created Conservation Conservatives: a start-up company that will ignite a movement supporting the traditional sources of energy. We will lobby, use mass communication, and highlight those who are providing affordable use of our natural resources (and those who impede our access to it).

One of the objectives is advocating the efficient use of our existing natural energy resources while preserving our environment with responsible, affordable natural resource extraction methods. The left, through rampant misinformation, believes they own environmental issues even though their remedies (as we all know) don’t always end in results that are friendly to the humans who live on the planet as well.

There needs to be a counter to the lock progressives have on all things “environment”, including video documentation and future lobbying efforts on the state and national levels.

Conservation Conservatives will be that counter, especially starting in the Commonwealth of Virginia where there are presently approximately 71 environmental non-profits and how many do you think are conservative? This should not sound like a trick question.

As we are a start-up, we seek funding from like-minded conservatives so we can speak out on behalf of industries under assault from radical environmentalists, brainwashed young people, academic malpractice, government agencies run amok, and the politicians who put their careers ahead of the nation’s welfare. We are a for-profit, as opposed to a 501(c)(3), thus we WILL be going political against government agencies. We won’t have to submit to their approval process thus they won’t be able to regulate our speech and/or activism.

Americans need a voice and we will be that voice!

Our longtime friend Dr. Tim Ball is on-board with us and when we contacted him about our company, his response was “Finally!”

Thank you for your time and we thank you for your financial support.

Bob Parks and Laura Erickson
Co-Founders, Conservation Conservatives

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