Seventy-Five Minutes of Resistance: Protect Yourself from Al Gore

The choice is yours. On December 3-4, you can endure slow-talking Al Gore and his eighth annual 24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, complete with certified has-beens, never-really-weres and on-the-way-outs like Sting & Shaggy, Moby, Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, the Goo Goo Dolls, David […]

Quote Of The Day

In the end, it all comes down to the money… Most of the atmospheric scientists who I respect do endorse global warming. The important point, however, is that the science that they do that I respect is not about global warming. Endorsing global warming just makes their lives easier. The process of co-opting science on […]

Gore’s “Debate Is Over” Non-Debate

If anything, Al Gore gives us all a classic example of modern liberalism. Create a crisis only solvable by government (that coincidentally just happens to enrich you personally), denigrate all those who disagree, and refuse to debate those who disagree on the basis that everyone knows they’re wrong. And if that liberal is proven wrong, […]