Seventy-Five Minutes of Resistance: Protect Yourself from Al Gore

The choice is yours. On December 3-4, you can endure slow-talking Al Gore and his eighth annual 24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, complete with certified has-beens, never-really-weres and on-the-way-outs like Sting & Shaggy, Moby, Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros, the Goo Goo Dolls, David […]

#MarchForScience: All About the Money, NOT the Planet

As the left’s Trump-derangement-syndrome epidemic is spreading across all special interests, the latest are so-called scientists who are alarmed that President Trump may take his climate change denial to the next level. Facebook: March for Science It is time for scientists, science enthusiasts, and concerned citizens to come together to make ourselves heard! This is […]

Climate Change/Global Warming Data Manipulated

We were mocked by blind believers, so-called scientists and “experts” with the Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN), Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the National Climate Data Center (NCDC) … and even the President of the United States. But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact. And when our children’s children look us […]