Let’s Be Realistic®

Years ago, my father told me that while a technical illustrator at MIT’s Draper Laboratory, he designed the logo for Realistic audio products. My response was THE “Realistic”…?

He showed me that the “R” in Realistic was very similar to that in his signature. His first name was Raymond.

A couple of weeks ago (just for the hell of it), I looked up Realistic and Radio Shack in Wikipedia and while it confirmed some of what Dad told me, no credit for the logo was issued.

I did email the public relations department of the Tandy Corporation, told them of my father’s contribution, made it very clear I wasn’t seeking money (although had my dad received a half a penny for everything his logo appeared on…), and just sought public recognition for him.

No response to date.

Just a heads up to all you fledgling graphic designers out there. NEVER sign away the rights to your work. The restaurant or website you create corporate ID for may not amount to much now, but you never know.

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