Playboy’s Conservative Women “Hate Fuck” Fantasy

Unfortunately, some conservative women know what it’s like to be a black Republican.

First of all, Playboy thought this would be great to alert the blogs about this insightful piece of commentary…

Subject line: So Right It’s Wrong

Hello —
I just wanted to pass on the link to “So Right It’s Wrong,” an article on the top 10 conservative women we hate to love. It just went live on our site this morning.

Best Regards,
Aranya Tomseth
Editor | Online Community Manager

Of course, after the unexpected condemnations came in, Playboy scrubbed the page from the Internet.

Secondly, for some strange reason Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins didn’t see much of an issue and almost apologized, not for Guy Cimbalo’s poor choice of sentiment, but that the tightly-wound got all worked up in the first place.

Obama promised us the dream of post-partisanship—a cuckoo land where party affiliation and factional animosity were forgotten. Turn on cable news or open any newspaper, however, and you’ll quickly discover that the dream has yet to materialize. But there is a way to reach across the aisle without letting principles fall by the wayside. We speak, naturally, of the hate fuck. We may despise everything these women represent, but goddammit they’re hot. Let the healing begin.
The Top 10 Conservative Women We’d Like To Filibuster

Mr. Cimbalo’s personal appearance implies someone who has to pay for it, and if all else fails….

Of course, in Cimbalo’s serial rape fantasy, the women are, quite literally, asking for it. There’s nothing they want more than for Guy Cimbalo to teach them a sexually degrading lesson. Apparently “bilious simpleton” Elisabeth Hasselbeck “wouldn’t mind putting [her Catholic school uniform] on before taking it off for a session of sweaty, anti-American hate f***ing. And Malkin’s “tight body and get-off-my-lawn stare just scream, ‘Do me!'”
The New Agenda, 6/1/09

Since Playboy was so pussified as to removing the offending piece, please allow me to share with you some of Mr. Cimbalo’s musings…

#10. Peggy Noonan
“Imagine fucking your grandmother.”

#9. Michele Bachmann

#8. Pamela Geller

#7. Laura Ingraham

#6. Dana Perino

#5. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

#4. Amanda Carpenter

#3. Mary Katharine Ham

#2. Megyn Kelly
“You need to flagellate your genitals for wanting to fuck this woman.”

#1. Michelle Malkin

Now, I try to be very careful when commenting on the personal appearance of others, but rape may be the only way this Guido-lookin’ Guy Cimbalo can get any. Obviously liberal women aren’t knocking down his door so he needed to lash out at what he deems unattainable.

The fact that he felt comfortable writing this shows that there is clearly a double standard. If ANYONE, let alone a conservative, had written about liberal women worthy of being raped, that person would be lucky if he’d ever be able to show his face in public again. The media would be running leads on this, and ACORN would be sending bus tours to picket his home.

But notice how little you’ve heard about this?

That’s because conservatives, in the liberal mind, should be raped or worse. Sarah Palin can be hanged in effigy with nary a word from feminist organizations (NOW commented only after being contacted by Hasselbeck). A Top 10 list of potential rape victims can be created by a Playboy writer, and still silence from the liberals.

Do we now see whom we’re dealing with?

15 Responses

  1. MissJean

    “Guido-lookin’ Guy Cimbalo.”

    Bob, I’m guessing you didn’t want to use the slur “gumba”. But I will! He’s a dumb, unshaven gumba who wouldn’t last five minutes at a dinner table conversation with a conservative of Italian descent! He should go to a shrink for the mama-issues he clearly has. (And perhaps grandma-issues, judging from his comments about Noonan.)

    The PB commentary is just more proof that conservative men generally treat women better. I notice that liberal commentators belittle women who have conservative views about abortion, chastity, social roles, etc. They take it very personally if their (fantasy of) easy access to sex is thwarted. Notice that the nicest thing they could manage to say about Sarah Palin was that she was a MILF?

  2. Nancita

    Ah, yes, the wit of liberals!

    I’m not sure if liberals like to degrade women, or if liberal women like to degrade themselves. Likely both.

  3. Mauser

    Okay, there’s this… Liberals like to talk about how sexually liberated and “Sex Positive” they are, but they are usually the first to try to use sex to degrade women and treat it like a punishment.

  4. Mauser

    Hard to add anything that hasn’t already been said, but I wish I had a subscription so I could cancel it in protest.

  5. IT Nerd

    I discussed this topic with my g/f and she said the following:

    “Nobody wants to fuck a liberal woman because they’re too ugly!”

    She has a point…..

  6. Claire

    If this isn’t evidence that they are lacing the liberal kool-aid with mercury I don’t know what is. This is the most sophomoric attempt to shock people that I have seen since I worked in Children’s mental health. I had clients who used to love using the “f” word to shock me. It makes me yawn. Men who come out and say things like this only give away the dirty little secret that they have violent fantasies about women because women probably have nothing to do with them. It’s pathetic.

    Besides they can hate conservative women all they want, but if they ever try and touch us they are in for a surprise. Most conservative women I know carry a concealed weapon and they know how to use it accurately. Maybe they should rename their smut to “Conservative women will fuck you up!” I’m just saying….

  7. Hank

    And more about the chivalric code, to paraphrase a cogent remark attributed to Amanda Carpenter, “The use of the word hate **** makes this list vile and completely out of line.” And here, I recraft her words to articulate exactly how I feel; To suggest to men that women with conservative political views should be raped is sickening. To suggest that women, regardless of their political views, be raped – well I find no humor in that at all.

    With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank
    Owner/Founder Devil Dog Brew

  8. JayPeriod

    Wonder if this’ll blow the ideas that Playboy is a “gentleman’s” magazine and “pornography isn’t disrespectful to women” out of the water. With the filth in the magazine, it had to come out sometime.

  9. Hank


    I see you’re still living by the chivalric code, no surprise to me, you always have. Thanks for fighting from the trenches on this one.

    With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

  10. Master Gunner

    Im surprised Ann Coulter wasn’t nominated for this. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander mentality in it’s finest display!!

  11. Trishmac

    The disgusting left, never seem to hit the lowest level of filth. They keep lowering the bar for being inhuman mindless and thoroughly putrid. And what’s funny, they have no notion that they are absolute pigs; they actually think they’re clever. Stooping lower than a septic tank is not funny.
    Playboy should be ashamed of themselves; never a fan, but thought they had some tiny amount of class. Guess I was wrong.
    And then AOL, after one of their writers TommyXtopher defended these women against the hate in Playboy, in his column, this lib company fires him. The left can do this to anyone who dissents? Wow, there’s a bunch of open minded d-heads.

  12. louielouie

    i’m getting damn tired of liberal dumbasses including peggy numbnuts on lists of conservative women.
    she is NOT conservative.

  13. Dave J

    The Liberals, enthralled with their edgy-ness often fail to note the peril of the fall.


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