Talk Radio Host Humiliates Black Republican

Despite the efforts of the Democrat Party to defeat the Voting Rights Act of 1965, today they openly brag about protecting the rights of all people to vote for the candidate of their choice. However, it’s also quite clear that blacks are the only people in America who are publicly ridiculed should they not vote for candidates Democrats so authorize.

Just ask Congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann after her appearance on Memphis’ Thaddeus Matthews radio program….

Note: This YouTube video was clearly created by someone not friendly to the Tea Party or black Republicans.

As Democrats have held almost all elected offices in the black community for more than 50 years, poverty, crime, and hopelessness has only gotten worse, can Mr. Matthews honestly say what liberals have done for black folk? Might it be just a tad disingenuous for him to blame Republicans for the plight of the Democratically-represented minority community?

No, that would take guts and Thaddeus Matthews would have to face the same small-minded humiliation he gave Ms. Bergmann.

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  • First off, how could she do anything for the district he was ranting about over and over if she wasn’t even the incumbent. Apparently the incumbent has done nothing to change the people’s attitude in that district otherwise he wouldn’t have said there was a problem there.

    This guy is a walking talking contradiction. True, people do need to change their behavior to improve and throwing more money into the pit won’t do that, however, he should practice what he preaches…he’s rude, obnoxiously demeaning, abusive and terribly vulgar. I noticed too that he’s got the ‘get even’ thing going on also…that in itself is what get’s people killed.

    I think the woman handled that charade professionally. She must be used to handling 2 year olds exhibiting the terrible two’s tantrums.


  • RollCall79

    She was unable to answer the question because it was unanswerable. There is really no “Tea Party” to “belong” to. It’s a grassroots philosophy whose roots in old (20+ years) conservatism argues less government intervention equals greater prosperity for all.

    There is no master party there, but rather a large segment of society who subscribe to a similar point of view on particular subjects, such as taxation, size of government, and bailouts. The so-called Tea Party was opposed to fat cat bailouts at Fannie & Freddie, which I’d imagine all working class people applaud, were they not spoon-fed liberal ideology from every direction.

    Mr. Matthews was looking to do nothing but trap her and put her in a “sell-out” box.

  • BRFan

    OK. I saw some excerpts of what he said. I wasn’t willing to listen to 16 minutes to get to it. I expected he would just get angry at her and call her dumb or something like that. It annoyed me when she couldn’t answer a yes/no question.
    What he said was disgraceful and had a someone like Rush Limbaugh said this, or even Don Imus to a white woman, the media and NOW would be all over it. The things liberals can say and get away with. The media and NOW will yawn at this.

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  • BRFan

    Good to see you on Newbusters again, Bob. You’re definitely a plus on that site.

  • BRFan

    I only watched the first minute or so. I don’t like evasive answers. The interviewer asked her the same specific yes or no question at least 3 times and she wouldn’t respond. Her district is D+23. She has no chance of winning. Allen West wouldn’t win there. By being evasive, it strengthens the perception that Republicans aren’t honest. While I do feel the Republicans should make an effort in every district, she’s not a strong candidate. If she is Tea Party, then say it. There is nothing shameful about saying it. If not, say it as well, again nothing shameful.

    Short of her being called a b* or a c* I don’t care what happens in the rest of the interview. She lost me the first minute. She stands for nothing.

    Part of the reason why I stopped after a minute was the audio. The interviewer audio sounds really distorted and annoying to listen to.

  • Igor

    Bob, currently down, or at least I can’t access it from my desktop.  No ping, and traceroute dies at – at least DNS works…

    I’m just not surprised at the attitude and antics any more that comes from the Lousy Suckup Media.  I hope it gets so blatant that blacks everywhere realize just who’s keeping them on the plantation.  It’s gonna take a LOT of blatant examples, unfortunately, because for something like this to penetrate the Welfare Mentailty you have to have lots of repeated “hits” to get through their thick skulls.

    Tallyman, I use PB because it’s easier to handle, doesn’t dry out as fast, and they have to lick it off instead of grabbing it and going.  Darn good analogy, though!!  🙂

  • n.n

    Democrats have empowered black “leaders”. That is, apparently, sufficient reason to vote for them. Unfortunately, without competing interests, it is also a cause of stagnant and even negative progress. The same concern is applicable to any individual or cooperative that seeks to represent or hold authority over others. They must know their proper role and be held accountable for their actions.

    Anyway, Democrats, in the majority, promise to realize people’s desire for physical, material, and ego instant gratification; and they are not above denigrating individual dignity and devaluing human life as means to their end. Who in their right mind would not vote for promises of dreams fulfilled?

    • Tallyman

      And I put peanut butter on my mousetraps, because I care for the nutritional needs of the mice.  These Black house servants are protecting their higher life style by kowtowing to their White Democrat Progressive Masters and keeping the lower class serfs groveling.

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