Penn State Scandal: Didn’t Ask, Didn’t Tell

I continue to watch the media reaction to the Penn State, Jerry Sandusky-Joe Paterno-sexual abuse scandal with mild disgust. Mild disgust not for the horrendous, criminal acts performed on young boys by a dirty old man, but because we saw this coming. We live in a society today that dictates gay men (Sandusky may swing both ways, but these were gay sex acts) are always victims, NEVER predators.

College legend and Penn State head coach Joe Paterno was fired because he failed to tell the police when Sandusky’s acts were made known to him. While I won’t excuse his choice of going to the athletic director instead of the police, I understand it.

Given the hypersensitivity and eggshells we’re all supposed to walk on concerning anything “gay”, what do you think would have happened if Paterno had reported this to the police and there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute? Sandusky could have sued, and Patero would have been attacked as a homophobe (which is a helluva lot worse than being a snitch).

Joe Paterno would never have been put in the situation he now finds himself if Jerry Sandusky was found in a shower with a 10-year-old girl. Public awareness dictates the police be called immediately. Anything less on a liberal campus, where all men are deemed to be rapists thanks to college feminists, would have been unthinkable. It would appear, the non-judgmental progressive line was adhered to in this case and gay sex, no matter the age of the participants, was nobody’s business because public perception must be that gay men are always victims, NEVER predators.

The left has long ago sewn these seeds with the normalization of what were previously common sense non-starters.

Imagine the drama that would ensue if Girl Scouts (in the name of equality) could be taken on camping trips by male scoutmasters unsupervised. What would be a reason for outcry? Because it would be assumed some men might be sexually attracted to little girls, duh! But that reasoning was never allowed when political correctness (and fear of constant litigation) pushed the Boy Scouts into allowing gay scoutmasters to take little boys into the woods unsupervised.

Gay men are always victims, NEVER predators.

Do you think the term “pedophile priest” was used simply because it was accurate? The left has always had it in for the antiquated moralities of the church, but the Catholic Priest scandal had a speed bump. The vast majority of those priests weren’t doing little girls; that would be easy to condemn. No, most of these priests were doing little boys and progressives had to attack the church, not the “men” committing the crimes from within.

Subsequently, churches had to close so settlements for the victims could be covered as well as the nature of the priests who abused the boys. Can any of you name one of the priests involved? Maybe not, but we all know know the name Matthew Sheppard.

Many questions have yet to be answered as to how the actions of Jerry Sandusky could have gone on so long unreported. The answer is simple.

If Sandusky had been realized to have molested ONE little girl, he would be been promptly reported to the police. That’s what we’ve been trained as a society to do. But since we are talking about gay sex acts, the ones politicians even look the other way at, this whole Penn State scandal should be a proud example of “Didn’t Ask, Didn’t Tell” being properly implemented, because what one does in the privacy of a college locker room shower is nobody’s business, right?

The Penn State students who rioted on campus following the dismissal of Coach Joe Paterno had it right. They were defending Paterno’s not being judgmental and informing the police of gay sex on campus, because the demonization of gays leads to their lack of self-esteem and such bullying can lead to suicide. Joe Paterno was acting in a way most activists should admire and he was a victim of retribution by an intolerant majority of homophobes within Penn State’s Board of Trustees.

I often watch for code words when analysing media coverage of stories and when men abuse young girls, it’s called sexual assault: rape. (The only place where this doesn’t apply is in Hollywood.) When women abuse young boys, we’re told how much fun they must have had. When gay men abuse boys, we very seldom hear the word “gay” in respect to the acts because gay men are always victims, NEVER predators.

When proven to have the same potential for deviant behavior as anyone else, that celebrity victim status cannot allowed to be tarnished and an agenda talking point cannot be allowed to be diminished.

No number of abused little boys is worth that.

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