FNC Joining In To Make Sure All LGBT News Is Good

America’s Survival Special Report Documents Fox News’ Growing Pro-Homosexual Bias and Gay Journalists Group’s Record of Advocacy
Is this something Fox News would admit to their audience because the NLGJA’s agenda is not to be fair, balanced, and unafraid….

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  2. Dr. Mauser

    Doesn’t matter how much they support the gays, the left will never say anything nice about Fox News.

    • n.n

      It’s a trap. Now they can be legitimately described as bigots and thereby subject to acts of extortion. They should review conservative and evolutionary principles in order to determine the correct position.

  3. koala

    Ever since our gay choir director abandonded the lifestyle and ran off to spend his golden years married to his childhood sweetheart I don’t believe in homosexuals anymore. It’s just a lie.

  4. Tallyman

    It’s time to see the M.O. of gay media domination. What is the percentage of gays in the general population? What is the percentage in the media? Is it because gays are more talented or because gays promote other gays under them? Will the casting couch be replaced with the casting bathhouse visits? Can men complain of sexual demands by homos? If the gay employee percentage exceeds 2.5%, will that be legal prima facia evidence of gay sexual discrimination against heteros in employment? The Williams Institute, a gay think tank at UCLA, produced a study that showed 1.7% gay and 1.8% bi-sexual. The cure for Megan and other media homophilia is to turn it off and go to the internet.

    The Dalai Lama said, the Chinese destroyed Tibetan monastic life by not allowing boys to go into the monastery before puberty or eighteen years of age, because the boys are chasing girls at eighteen and the all male life in the monastery becomes anathema. “The Chinese government bans monastic education before the age of 18.” http://buddhism-controversy-blog.com/tag/monastery/ http://factsanddetails.com/china.php?itemid=218&subcatid=34
    (Note: links to this continually disappear on search engines including Duckduckgo).

    Decisions about sexuality cannot be rationally made before the end of puberty. All programs which encourage or condone such choices before the end of puberty are child abuse.

  5. Guest

    What about other loving, sexual relationships? What about other loving, platonic relationships? What about other loving, dysfunctional relationships? Why is there a clear and present bigotry against other forms and kinds of relationships?

    That said, why are they still teaching the philosophy of evolution? They reject evolutionary principles whenever they are deemed to be inconvenient to their hedonistic desires. And I reject the article of faith which is their inconclusive inference describing human origin. Our differences are irreconcilable.

    What’s next, will they sacrifice human lives to reap rewards of material, physical, and egoistic benefits from their mortal gods? Do we really need sacrificial rites? Is it wise to normalize a cult which promotes unfit behaviors?

  6. RightSide

    The amazing hypocrisy of journalists is their unwavering anti-smoking support versus their gay agenda support. For health issues alone they should be screaming against gays everyday. Smoking reduces the average lifespan by 13 years. The gay lifestyle reduces their average lifespan by 20 years. If health issues were really an issue they’d be issuing dire warnings daily not being braying boosters.

  7. Igor

    I’ve noticed the tendency myself, which is why I mostly watch/record The Blaze.
    I’m just not surprised. Not any more.


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