Leo Terrell ‘2.0’ — Another Huckster Leeching Off Clueless Conservatives

Conservatives tend to be susceptible to those claiming to be on their side, despite the fact too many are unwilling to do some simple vetting to see if those being thrust in our faces are worthy of the accolades. Candace Owens, Royce White, Stacey Dash and Joy Villa are just a few of those who were certified liberals and have become “conservative” darlings garnering attention and good money, while sucking off those who laud them as unelected conservative spokespersons.

What’s most frustrating is that almost all of these people, relatively new to conservatism, instead of showing an ounce of humility and taking time to learn about what the concept actually means and let it soak in, manage to infect our platforms and quickly elevate themselves as our new instructors.

Leo Terrell has been a civil rights attorney for 30 years, including filing over 100 lawsuits against law enforcement. He’s African-American, a life-long Democrat, and from California… in other words every aspect of his background would suggest someone who would vote for Joe Biden in 2020. But in this conversation, Leo explains why he’s become both an opponent of Joe Biden and a strong, passionate supporter of Donald Trump.
630 KHOW, 9/2/20

As someone who lived in Los Angeles during the 1990’s, I was privy to the loudmouth persona that is Leo Terrell. He was your typical liberal, rude Democrat apologist-race hustler, appearing on television and radio interviews as an agitator more competent at hurling insults than offering real solutions. It’s with total dismay that he reared his ugly head during the 2020 presidential campaign, posing as a promoter of all things Donald Trump, and the stamp of approval from Fox News.

Leo Terrell is one of the latest opportunist chameleons and his history is proof.

Ironically, Terrell’s appearance on “Hannity” was on April 1, 2013.

‘FAILED’: Terrell explains why Black Americans are turning their back on the Dems

Interesting how Leo Terrell is now a go-to on how to explain the virtue and principles of people he’s publicly denigrated for decades. And like all those so-called conservative leaders who insulted Trump supporters in 2016, Terrell has NEVER apologized to those he’s diminished to the delight of the left. Just fuggeddaboudit because HE’s on the team now!

This is not to say people can’t change. People change perspectives every day. However, most don’t change opinions and assume expert status overnight, especially when that sudden change becomes lucrative.

Leo Terrell is only empowered by his knowledge that too many conservatives gravitate to that shiny thing. Bear traps are shiny. Terrell knew all he need to is be black and say “Donald Trump” on Fox News with a red MAGA ballcap; just like Stacy Dash used a bathing suit next to a rocket with “Romney” emblazoned on the side. Conservatives opened their arms without a true understanding of whom they were about to hug.

Leo Terrell may be “2.0” today, but people like him tend to turn on those when another opportunity presents itself. If MSNBC offered him a fulltime evening opinion show, with the condition that he assume his old liberal position, are you really sure he’d turn it down? As said before, people in the blabbermouth profession have morals that mirror whomever signs the paycheck.

Luckily Terrell isn’t fooling everybody. I don’t believe he’s ever appeared onstage with Donald Trump. I don’t believe that’s an oversight.

He’s MAGA today.

There’s no guarantee who Leo Terrell will be tomorrow.