CNN ‘Factchecker’ Brian Stelter IS What’s Wrong with the Media

Before we get started, let’s factcheck CNN’s Brian Stelter and his “qualifications” to factcheck anyone.

In January 2004 Stelter created TVNewser, a blog covering the television news industry. At the time, he was a freshman at Towson University. He sold TVNewser to six months later and continued to run it until May 2007, when he graduated from Towson with a degree in mass communication with a concentration in journalism. He joined The New York Times two months later as a media reporter. He covered television and digital media for the Business Day and Arts sections of the newspaper. Stelter started at CNN in November 2013.

So, Brian Stelter created a media gossip blog while in college, was well-connected enough to sell it, and was hired shortly after graduation by the New York Times as essentially a tabloid blogger. Must be nice.

Now, he gets to lecture everyone about the ethics of journalism.

Too bad his arrogance and over-inflated sense of self has supplanted what should’ve been the common sense of his profession.

YouTube star known for pranks claims he was kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic
Delta Concludes From Multiple Witnesses That YouTube Prankster Was Actually Shouting, Disruptive

And because CNN’s Stelter Tweeted it as legit without issuing the proper caution, despite skepticism on the plane of the prankster’s account, a business brand has been harmed, albeit by the equally, willfully ignorant.

4 celebs who won’t fly Delta after Adam Saleh prank controversy

Brian Stelter fell for a prank because he suspended his duties as a so-called journalist watchdog and let his politically-correct, partisan advocacy overrule. Stelter carelessly ran with the word of known New York City prankster Adam Saleh, who’s been caught numerous times creating and recording hate scenarios towards Muslims to create the customary “awareness”.

As said here numerous times, way too many so-called journalism departments on campus today do not teach the professional disciplines, but pump out naive little activists who “want to make a difference”, thus are willing to believe what they want to believe instead of doing what real journalists are supposed to do: verify BEFORE you publish.

And these arrogants in the media lament how the public won’t take them at their word.

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