2008 Democrats Revered the Electoral College

Call it intellectual regression or timely hypocrisy, but there was a time when liberals understood and articulated the wisdom of the very Electoral College system that has them unhinged today.

Although back in 2008, it wasn’t about so-called voter suppression of blacks by Republicans. It was even more important: the possible “disenfranchisement” of white Democrats by Hillary’s Democrats.

As we all know, getting rid of the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote (as mentioned above) means candidates would only campaign in the large urban areas and disregard the more Republican rural areas.

One thing the liberal media and Democrat pundits conveniently haven’t mentioned that there are also millions of Democrats who live in those red areas as well. Democrats who volunteer and donate to the party. Wouldn’t want to have the ground machines halted and potentially lose out on those all-important dollars squandered on politicians who will blow off their states altogether.

But they’ll find a way to justify that later.

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