Even Noam Chomsky Believes Dems Screwed Trump to Possible Reelection

Despite the real time mental breakdowns you continue to witness on CNN, MSNBC and in most rags, there are a few liberals who are sounding the warning bells to their fellow Democrats… bells that are clearly being ignored.

It’s time for Democrats and the country to move past the Russia collusion narrative, and for the media to ’fess up. If we are not going to respect the outcome of the Mueller report, then what was the point of the whole exercise? They found no collusion and they did not charge obstruction.

The cloud under which the president and his associates have lived for more than two years deserves to be lifted. The officials who launched this aborted investigation should be held accountable for their actions.
Mark Penn, The Hill, 4/19/19

Meanwhile, far left activist/professor Noam Chomsky held a screening of his unrelated documentary in Boston, a week before the redacted Mueller report was released to the public and he sounded the warning sign as well to what must have been an audience clearly caught off guard.

It will be interesting to see how many other liberals and/or Democrats try and talk some common sense into those who don’t appear to display any or walk away from an exercise in futility and watch the house burn from a safe distance.