Maher Implies There Can Be Civility in the US: ONLY if We Let Democrats Win

Real Time with Bill Maher is a forum for liberal Democrats to kvetch and attention-starved Republicans to be the butt of mockery just get any kind of air time. But every once in awhile, Maher makes an admission that should give slight cause for alarm.

Last Saturday’s HBO program was no exception.

What Bill Maher closed with, regarding Democrats getting over their “Trump fatigue”, is very important.

If the Democrats can do that and win, this country might stop being as divided as it is, because underneath maybe we’re not so divided.
Real Time with Bill Maher, 8/3/19

He’s basically implying that had the American people had the good sense to elect Hillary Clinton, there would be no real visible division in the United States. His closing remark could also be construed as a veiled threat.

Do you think there would’ve been any kind of potentially violent conservative Republican #Resistance had Hillary won? Probably not.

Do you think a United States congressman and others would’ve been shot at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia by a Bernie Sanders supporter? That’s up for grabs but probably not.

Do you think conservatives would’ve called for the denial of service and harassed members of Hillary’s administration in restaurants or held loud protests in front of their homes? That’s not really in the Republican decorum playbook.

Do you think, given what we’d never know, conservatives and Republicans would be allowed to cast any kind of question as to the legitimacy of Hillary’s presidency? We’d probably see very few “Not my president” signs on election night or after and the media would suggest we get a life.

Do you think #Antifa members would’ve found something else to concentrate on while living at home off their parents? Probably so as watching anime and playing video games takes a lot less effort than getting out of bed to take the streets.

Do you think celebrities would be happier since they didn’t have to leave the country as promised, even though they never do when the Republican wins? Maybe their publicists would have to find other reasons to make anything all about them.

If Donald Trump is reelected, we can all justifiably expect more of the incivility the left has to offer. Trump’s nominees can be smeared and/or falsely accused, federal law enforcement officials may again attempt to undo the Will of the People using all the tools at their disposal, his cabinet members (and Republicans in general) can be harassed, students can be frightened into acts of defiance including violence, Antifa can get on with 2.0, Democrat politicians can declare half the nation as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it”, online platforms can practice political discrimination against anyone not 100% liberal, senators can be violently attacked on their front lawns, and the media can continue to shed any notion of impartiality, let alone sanity.

So, we’re only a divided nation when a Republican (especially like Donald Trump) wins but we’re united when a Democrat wins with that subtle “Let the wookie win” warning hanging over your head.

Got’cha, Bill.

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