When Bad Things Happen to the Media: COVID-19 Version

Over the years, we observed the media covering events that affect people in negative ways: the way they cover victims after a terrorist incident, a major weather event, an urban disturbance, or in this case, a pandemic. They tend to look at us as props in their coverage, and they are fairly indifferent to the people who have to live with the aftermath.

But when reality unfortunately hits them between the eyes, things take a whole new sense of importance and now they believe they need to inform us how to deal with the circumstances and this is nothing new.

It makes one wonder why the American news media has been so careful as to not antagonize terrorists, despite the carnage they continue to inflict on the masses to this day. Do you think it had anything to do with the 2015 attack at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris where the media was specifically targeted? They’re fairly agenda-driven when it comes to mass shooting incidents but when a disgruntled reader attacked a newsroom in Maryland, there was collective mourning that transcended their normal coverage of such events.

Not because it was an unfortunate incident, but because it happened to them.

As of this posting, over 1,100 people have died of COVID-19 in New York City alone but one person’s admitted contracting of the virus has stopped the presses.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo talks about what it’s been like since he tested positive for coronavirus, and why he wants his diagnosis to serve as an example for others.
CNN, 4/1/20

The rest of the media is also reacting as expected when it comes to disseminating the bad news.

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Those who’re sick and dying from the Wuhan flu are all important. This horrific attack on the nations of the world have all been equally victimized and no one person (outside of elected leaders who are coordinating the response) should be given added importance over another.

And then, I got sick and lost my ability to do my job. I was too sick to even continue the Instagram series from my bedroom. I was suddenly cut off from my purpose, and even isolated from my own husband, left to experience the virus firsthand all by myself. Like so many others.
CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, 4/19/20

They always make sure to relate to “so many others” while they go on and on about how this now affects THEM.

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But now that those who deem themselves more important than the rest of us are affected, the China virus is no longer just an event our self-anointed royalty can check-in from the relative seclusion from their consumers.

While this is a difficult time for everyone, it has been particularly tough on the famous. They have been upstaged by a virus. No one cares what they are wearing or who they are snogging any more; the world’s attention has been diverted by a headline-hogging pandemic. It seems as if some celebrities are starting to grapple with the realisation that they are not quite as important or beloved as they thought they were.
The Guardian, 3/31/20

Suddenly it’s very real, the Monday morning quarterbacking will increase and the demands that President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force amp-up their efforts to find a cure (the media and entertainment industry can and will access first) will crescendo.

We hope ALL who contract the virus recover as soon as possible.

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