The Latest #FakeNews Beat-Down: Jonathan Karl and Kristin Fisher

As written many times here before, there was a time where only very seasoned professionals where promoted to the select group of White House press reporters. Unfortunately, some of those “seasoned” arrive with agendas and those no-so seasoned are intellectually ill-equipped to question the President of the United States or those he has speaking to the nation.

During the previous administration, you can maybe count on the fingers of one hand how many questions President Obama received that began with “I know you don’t want to talk about….” Not only did Fox News’ 37-year-old Kristin Fisher start off with that question to President Trump, but it was preceded by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl’s attempt at a gotcha asked while withholding pertinent information and it kinda’ backfired.

It didn’t take the butthurt media to long to get in another behind-the-back dig during the process.

Donald Trump trashes inspector general who revealed hundreds of hospitals are short of tests and getting masks from auto shops – then smears 21-year civil servant as an ‘Obama appointee’ even though HE promoted her to her latest role

Heaven forbid a 21-year civil servant lifer be criticized for not observing internal protocols so the president can be publicly embarrassed. If this isn’t about politics, how many “nonpartisan” inspector general reports were used to blindside President Obama on the federal government’s response to a crisis situation while it was happening?

Anyone… anyone…?

What should be the obvious is reporters shouldn’t enter a press briefing with an agenda or gotcha question unless they really have their shit together; especially when the target knows veiled salvos are always incoming. When reporters are careful of being busted with an agenda and their only response when challenged is “I don’t know”, that’s a recipe for disaster (or entertainment at their expense).

Well, it has happened with alarming consistency. At virtually every one of these briefings, there is a moment where he lashes out in very personal terms at a reporter.

The liberal media has been trying to have Donald Trump removed or worse from the day after the 2016 election. It doesn’t get any more “personal” than that, Jon.

He’s done it to me now twice. He’s done it to several of my colleagues. I have to say — I hear that he is spending a good chunk of each day complaining to his top advisers about the way his response to this crisis is being portrayed in the news media. He truly cares about this and is, to a degree, obsessed about it. So, you know, he lashes out, like I said, virtually every day in one of these briefings. He can insult me all he wants. I don’t care What matters is getting to the bottom of what is happening with the federal response and how people should be responding to this crisis.
Jonathan Karl, ABC News chief White House correspondent on The View, 4/7/20

Typical sanctimonious media response. Try to make someone look bad and when it backfires, play the victim. While President Trump may hurt the fragile feelings of reporters, President Obama took things to a level the press is obviously relieved has not been passed down.

‘Jon Karl is Not a Third-Rate Reporter’: Fox’s Bret Baier Defends Reporters After ‘Salty’ Trump Attacks

Such thin skins. They relish an opportunity to destroy anyone in their news cycle but turn it back on the media and the lose their collective minds.

And they’re all bent because fewer trust the professional media every passing day.

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