Read the Room: NY Governor Kathy Hochul Booed by Rangers Fans

Politicians, especially the more recent breed, aren’t stupid. At least half anyway. They must know how they’re received by the general public. They also know doing anything in front of sports fans is problematic.

If you were any statewide Democrat in New York state, for example Governor Kathy Hochul, and you were for all of the things that have turned New York City into the violent, shithole it is today, the last thing you’d do (IF you were smart) is make a public appearance amongst those who aren’t hand-picked, partisan, adoring attendees.

The last place you’d want to go is in front of sports fans, especially hockey fans and with good reason….

Someone in the governor’s office thought this was a good idea.

Hockey fans weren’t impressed by a power-tripping politician during “Women’s Empowerment Night”.

This probably won’t happen again any time soon.

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