Fear of Vandalism Masks President Trump’s Genuine 2020 Support

In 1994, it was collectively reported that California’s Proposition 187 (Save Our State (SOS) initiative) that would bar illegal aliens from access to public funds and programs, was doomed to failure and the visuals matched their prediction. There were “No on 187” bumper stickers visible on a large number of cars while “Yes on 187” stickers were hard to find at all.

The very few one did see were on cars coincidentally had flat tires, broken windows, and an assortment of other physical damage.

Despite the impression given before the initiative vote, Prop. 187 passed (only to be later overturned).

Today’s media is doing everything possible to tell the American people how fringe President Donald Trump’s support is and despite a growing number of large flags and flotillas being witnessed, you don’t see a whole lot of his stickers on automobiles or on lawns and like in 1994, the reason is obvious: people don’t want their property damaged by angry, intolerant liberals.

Police seek help in identifying vehicle vandals
Woman admits to vandalizing car for having pro-Trump stickers
Former Trump Appointee Carl Higbie’s Truck Keyed with Swastika
Police: Trump bumper sticker triggered vandalism
FBI: SUV spray-painted with ‘go home,’ ‘terrorist’ and ‘Trump America’
Family finds ‘Trump’ and ‘Go Home’ keyed into their car
Newlywed’s car vandalized after groomsman jokingly paints ‘Trump 2020’ on window
North Hollywood vandalism: Cars smashed, garage marked with anti-Trump graffiti
Anti-Trump vandalism sweeps country: Yacht, Hollywood star latest targets
Banners Supporting Trump Vandalized, Stolen From North Reading Home
Schenectady police make arrest in anti-Trump graffiti spree
Man arrested on 103 counts of anti-Trump vandalism at UConn
LI Trump Supporter’s Home Vandalized 5th Time
Villager’s car vandalized over Trump bumper sticker
Trump supporters car vandalized
Trump supporter says he was targeted in multiple car vandalism cases
Car set on fire, spray painted with anti-Trump vandalism
Businesses, police car vandalized with anti-Trump graffiti
Trump 2020 banners vandalized, neighbors tell police
House with pro-Trump decorations vandalized
Portland man claims car was vandalized because he supports Trump
Police: Trump bumper sticker triggered vandalism
Trump supporter’s home vandalized in Palm Coast
Florida Man Smashes 20 Cars, Says ‘I Did It Because Donald Trump Owes Me One Trillion Dollars’
Somerville man’s truck and home vandalized for the second time
Trump Campaign Signs Vandalized, Stolen In Tabernacle And Woodland Townships
Trump’s Bedminster club vandalized by car doing ‘doughnuts’ on the course, suspect charged
Citrus Heights Trump Supporters’ Cars Vandalized
Trump Sign Set On Fire In Leesburg, Damages Fence: Police
Some Say Removal Of ‘Trump’ Sign Along LA Freeway Politically Motivated
Video Shows Woman Stealing Trump Signs in Lake Mary
Biden/Harris/Whitmer Supporters Vandalize Trump Signs With BLM Tags
Homeowner ‘violated’ by defacing, theft of Trump campaign signs
Two New Jersey residents accused of stealing pro-Trump signs in town of Denmark
Sheriff: Schenectady woman used kids to steal Trump signs
Several Trump signs spray painted with swastika in Mandarin neighborhood, report says
Lake Mary Police blame TikTok challenge for increase in Trump signs stolen
Haystack with pro-Trump signs set on fire again, weeks after arsonist set it ablaze
Lebanon County man charged with stealing Trump campaign signs, vandalizing homes of president’s supporters, state police say

Of course, this is not to say that Trump supporters don’t commit similar acts, but let’s be real: if there was this scourge of vandalism by Trump supporters perpetrated on poor, unsuspecting liberal Democrats and their property, each incident would be a national news story the media would demand the president publicly and repeatedly denounce.

Yet you can’t honestly rule out that some of the vandalism supposedly committed by Trump supporters ever happened at all; at least by them. See Hate Hoaxes

But that hasn’t happened and probably won’t because, unlike their ideological counterparts, Trump-supporting Republicans’ first instinct is not to commit an act of vandalism when visually triggered. As evidenced by what we’ve seen in the streets, just going back to Election Day 2016, liberals have no problem committing acts of wanton destruction on public and personal property. Aside from keying and/or slashing tires, they’ve smashed windows, looted, burned corporate and small businesses, intimidated and harassed the general public on a sidewalk cafe or in their homes in the middle of the night.

So just because you don’t see Trump bumper stickers as often as we did Obama’s, doesn’t mean that’s an accurate barometer of his support or lack thereof.

It’s just that law-abiding citizens are biding their time until where their show of support for Donald Trump will count… and no one will know.

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