On ‘BBC Comedy’, It’s Okay to Joke About Killing White People

It’s amazing to see people, companies, corporations, and even government agencies bowing at the altar of #wokeness in fear of the mostly-anonymous, social media cancel mob. To see what people are willing to put up with to accommodate immature, intolerant, and sometimes violent children is cringe worthy.

One such example occurred on so-called “BBC Comedy” where a stand up comic by the name of Sophie Duker dryly joked about killing white people, just to have the program’s host Frankie Boyle and other white guest uncomfortably laugh and/or nod along… because we all know what could have happen should they dare question the Black Lives Matter concept.

It must be nice to tear down a welcoming society that allows an immigrant to use her college education to become a stand-up comic.

Duker was born in London to first-generation immigrants from West Africa. Her mother is from Cameroon and her father is from Ghana. She studied French and English at Wadham College, Oxford. She joined the Oxford Imps in her first year at university.

Maybe evil white people should think twice before allowing immigrants from The Shithole World to enter and breed ignorant, ungrateful, privileged offspring in their countries.

“Kill white people”.

Now, that’s gratitude and shame on Frankie Boyle and so-called comedienne Sara Pascoe for laughing along. When the mob comes for them at their homes, we’ll see how funny they think it is.

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