Trump Can Never Denounce ‘White Supremacy’ Enough for the Media

Maybe candidate Trump should have followed Barack Obama’s lead and make a major announcement on race, prior to his taking office. Maybe he should have had either his attorney general or someone in his cabinet call the United States a “nation of cowards” for not having yet another “conversation” about race. Maybe President Trump should have found a way to make all walk on eggshells and imply anything and everything had some kind of racial overtone.

As the president doesn’t see everything from the prism of identity politics, he mentions such topics as they arise and when it comes to racial bigotry, violence, and “white supremacy”, Donald Trump has made his beliefs on the topic very clear and has done so numerous times as events warranted.

The problem is the media, which holds the national megaphone, has decided to not hear what was repeatedly said.

Racism has always been a default smear Democrats use against Republicans, despite their murderous legacy. As national polls show Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s grip on the minority vote slipping, the left is resorting to what they’ve always done best: race-baiting.

Whether or not the media tactic will work in 2020 remains to be seen.

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