Quadrennial Update: ‘Leaving’ Celebs Whose Word Ain’t Worth a Damn

It’s almost an every-four-year ritual where Hollywood celebrities threaten to leave the United States if a Republican is elected president, and in those years when he won, they didn’t.

2000: 10 celebrity candidates for exile if Bush wins
2008: Celebrities who promise to move out of the USA when McCain wins

No explanation, no apologies for their word not being worth a damn; just the assurance that in four years, they’ll be back again sharing their political brilliance and hoping just ONE person will say they’ll be missed if they issue another empty threat that will deny us of their all-important presence.


Below is the 2016 edition of the privileged waiting for someone, ANYONE, to publicly beg them not to flee the country if their candidate didn’t win the presidential election.


We wondered about a class action lawsuit only because it could be argued the thought of some of these “entertainers” fleeing was juicy incentive for many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans to get out and vote for Donald Trump. It could’ve been considered fraud, at the least, as they reneged (again).

So when’s the flight? Celebrities who pledged to leave the U.S. if the Donald won including Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and Miley Cyrus stay silent as Trump supporters mock on Twitter

Many of these narcissistic celebrities assumed the places they announced (Italy, other planets, “hell”) they’d move to actually wanted them and all the baggage self-important divas brought. Of course, when the election was over and they didn’t get the result they wanted, they reverted back to their traditional response: they were “joking” or some have just gone into hiding hoping we’ll not hold them to their word, again .

Just kidding: Stars change their minds after vowing to leave country if Donald Trump wins
Amy Schumer hits out at stars for threatening to LEAVE America now Donald Trump is President after Spain ‘joke’

I’m not leaving the country I was born and raised in.
Whoopi Goldberg

Sure, whatever.

Some celebs have lashed out at a general public that didn’t drop everything and do as they were instructed: vote for Hillary.

Most of the Hollywood elite don’t have a single nice thing to say about any Republican or their voters… except when THEY want us to pay to see their movies television show, download their “music”, buy a product they’re pimping, or bow to a candidate their wisdom dictates we must support.

Then they “act” all nice.

When they don’t get what they demanded, it will be back to Republican/Trump-bashing at the first opportunity.

A couple of those publicly (and proudly) decided to pass on performing for the incoming President of the United States.

We’re not advocating a boycott of anything these “celebrities” participate in or produce, but here’s one thing to think about: these people WILL take any opportunity to use a vehicle to bash Republican and/or conservative ideals during one of their performances or productions and more times than not, that message will be aimed at your politically-naive, easily-awed kids.

Just something to consider.


They’re at it again, assuming there are millions of people who will be all put out if they REALLY leave this time, while some arrogantly believe they speak for others….

John Legend says that Americans ‘will have to start thinking about going somewhere else’ if Trump is reelected
Rock star Tommy Lee says he’ll leave the country if Trump is reelected
Bruce Springsteen Says He’ll Leave the Country if Trump is Reelected

How arrogant these people are that wherever they decide to flee to, the people there actually want them. Of course, should Donald Trump win reelection, you won’t hear shit from these people when they don’t leave.

It’ll be like their words never had any meaning (or weight) at all.