Biden WH Uses Disabled Man as Human Shield to Stop #LetsGoBrandon

It all started with NBC Sports’ Kelli Stavast gaslighting the American people into thinking they were not hearing what they heard.

That resulted in the #LetsGoBrandon meme, mocking the media’s protection of Biden, and becoming a national anthem.

You know it must not only piss of Joe Biden but all those within his administration who’ve been babysitting this president for months, protecting himself from himself at almost every event since the campaign and into his disastrous first term.

So how do you try and get millions of people to shut up if you’re a liberal Democrat? Maybe attempt to shame those who are doing the name-calling and the best way to deflect from someone who has clear cognitive issues is to find someone to exploit who has equal or more issues….

How pitiful.

Guess we should just go back to #FuckJoeBiden!

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