Pink Slip: Remember When We Were All Told NO Street Shoes on the Court?

It wasn’t a stern message sent just by the basketball coaches. None of us were allowed to come anywhere near the court with anything but sneakers, with the only exception being socks during gym classes.

Hardwood floors and heels typically don’t go together but somehow NBA sideline reporter Kristina Pink missed the memo and took a nasty fall on Sunday at the Arena.

Of course, that rule got thrown out the window when entitled sports announcers began venturing onto the hallowed floor in their street shoes, let alone females in hooker heels.

The following was inevitable.

Pink was doing her due diligence interviewing L.A. Clippers shooting guard Amir Coffey after a game against the Atlanta Hawks. After her chat, Pink somehow lost her balance in black heels on the hardwood, slipped and came crashing down pretty hard. The cracking sound of Pink slamming to the floor emanated through the mics around the arena and shocked bystanders who quickly ran to her side to help her up.

“For everyone asking, I’m ok,” said Pink. “There was water on the court… Appreciate all the messages.”
Black Enterprise, 1/10/22

Instead of suffering the indignity of having to wear more practical footwear in the future, what’s the bet that there will soon be a new NBA rule where special carpets have to be rolled out for announcers so wardrobe statements won’t have to be compromised?

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