Has Mayor Johnson Disqualified Males with Black Wives from Public Office?

Some of us who’ve run for public office understand the sacrifices that need be made to hold such a position. Family discussions are had and if all are onboard, it’s understood what will be expected. Time away from home, unexpected interruptions; all this and more will become part of life in a political family.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson brought up a list of sacrifices that may make one think twice about wanting to be a public servant.

Like some politicians, Brandon Johnson admits he has a wife, children and schedules. These should have been taken into account prior to his deciding to run for mayor of Chicago. And while he went on with a litany of items that are included in the job description, he brought up a criteria not mentioned and apparently, at least to Johnson, quite problematic.

“I’m doing all of that with a black wife raising three black children on the west side of the city of Chicago.”

Not just a wife, but a black wife raising three black children.

His tone kind of makes it seem like a black wife and three black children are an extraordinary burden, one that makes addressing public safety, the unhoused and a budget a task only achievable by a super hero.

What is he saying about a black wife, seeing how he was very specific? What is he saying about black children? If he’s not making a blanket statement about black women and children, what has he just said about HIS wife and HIS children?

They seem like a nice family even though Mayor Johnson gave an impression of a hell that only a black wife and black children could inflict, and if that’s the case should voters now need be wary of any candidate for office who has a black wife and children? Wives of other ethnicities should not necessarily as scrutinized, but a black wife and children may add too much to the plate once that politician assumes office.

Of course, such an assumption about a politician’s black wife and children is absurd and rightfully offensive, but only one person went there in an attempt to dodge responsibility he asked for and dissuade white reporters for daring to hold him responsible.

The race card is a booby trap laid by power-tripping blacks who have no good answer on a topic.

Brandon Johnson not only played the race card, but publicly threw his black wife and three black children under the bus. Thanks to him, people will be looking at Mrs. Johnson and her children very differently from this day forward.

It must have been quite the conversation when he went home that night… and every day since.

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