Der Spiegel’s Claas Relotius Proves Celebrated ‘Journalists’ Lie and Often

There are many previous examples of so-called journalists who’ve been caught, albeit long after the fact, lying to their editors and readers, plagiarizing the work of others, and all too many were rewarded with a loose standard of time out before being employed elsewhere.

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Great Uncles Are Not Easily Impressed

Never get into a fight with an old person. They don’t feel as though they have anything to lose. Old relatives are even worse. They won’t stick up for you if you’re wrong.

Charles Payne, great-uncle of President Barack Obama, poses in front of a photo of himself and his wife, Melanie, and Obama, at his home in Chicago. In 1945 Payne was one of the U.S soldiers who helped liberate prisoners from thea German concentration camp Buchenwald.Just ask Barack Obama’s great uncle

Obama plans to visit Germany’s Buchenwald site as part of his multi-country tour, which begins this week.

Charles Payne, Obama’s great-uncle who helped liberate a sub-camp of Buchenwald during World War II, spoke frankly about the visit in an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine. Asked if Obama would be traveling in his footsteps, Payne said: “I don’t buy that. … This is a trip that he chose, not because of me I’m sure, but for political reasons.”

That’s never a positive assertion, especially coming from an older relative with nothing to lose or gain.

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