Der Spiegel’s Claas Relotius Proves Celebrated ‘Journalists’ Lie and Often

There are many previous examples of so-called journalists who’ve been caught, albeit long after the fact, lying to their editors and readers, plagiarizing the work of others, and all too many were rewarded with a loose standard of time out before being employed elsewhere.

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‘Who, What, Where, When and Why’ is How the Media Produces #FakeNews

I’m sure many of you have heard countless so-called journalists, editors, pundits and commentators repeat that the news comes down to the “who, what, where, when, and why”. While that sounds reasonable and is easily recitable, it’s wrong, in fact that’s how the media blurs the line between real news and opinion.

The 5Ws of journalism
Note how a journalism professor talks about the “5Ws”, clearly can’t explain the “why” and throws in an H that includes “opinions”.

In reality, the news should only be about the “who, where, and when”, despite how it’s being commonly taught and practiced.


You need to know who the news story is about. No brainer.


You need to know where a news incident occurred.  Again, a no brainer.


It can make a difference if the reader knows when an incident occurred for timeline context and follow-ups.

Now here’s where things can become blurry, intentionally or not.


If you already know the “who, where and when” then determining “what” happened is only something one would know if they were there to witness the event. “What” denotes a narrative that can only be composed in speculation, again, if you weren’t there to witness the event.

This becomes dangerous if whomever is reporting has an agenda, personal or activist. The “what” can include adjectives that can either elevate or denigrate a subject, thus leading the consumer to a conclusion which shouldn’t be the role or a true journalist.

If you competently explain where something happened, when it happened, and who it might’ve happened to, that should let someone with reasonable intelligence deduce “what” happened.


Again, unless the reporter witnessed the incident, determining why something happened is speculation. Even if a news story includes the quotes of eyewitnesses, said reporter is left in that murky zone where the word of a spectator is either considered credible or not. There have been many stories over the years that have had to be retracted because witnesses either embellished or outright lied about what they saw or what they claimed happened to them. That’s why news organizations need to be very careful upon who they quote; not give any kind of certification on that person’s integrity and remind the news consumer that this is a witness account; not the definitive on what actually happened just because they said so.

If you competently explain where something happened, when it happened, and who it might’ve happened to, that should again let someone with reasonable intelligence deduce “why” it happened.


If a journalist wasn’t there to witness the incident in question, he or she can’t honestly report on “how” something happened unless that person speculates or totally believes as truth the word of witnesses.

Back in the day, any reporter handing a story to an editor with sources whose quotes couldn’t be verified was as essentially handing in a resignation letter. Editors understood that people exaggerate and sometimes lie and to publish mistruths could open up a newspaper or television station to legal action, not to mention a loss of credibility. With that, you can understand the look a reporter would get from an editor after receiving a story with anonymous sources.

The media should be in the business of distributing the news. Commentary is a separate entity.

But you can see that the “what”, “why” and “how” can be considered pure speculation that has no business in a news story. That is, if it is all about the true dissemination of news. If an agenda is something a news organization wishes to distribute, you’ll receive misleading news stories, not to mention hours-upon-hours of so-called journalists and self-important pundits on cable news and radio telling you “what” they think and “why” you need to see and repeat things their way.

Sound familiar?

“Who, what, where, when and why” can apply to many other intellectual exercises but it shouldn’t apply to journalism.




Watkins: How to Screw Into a High-Profile Journalism Gig!

While feminists continue to demand they be given the same opportunities as men, it appears some of the very complaints some have today regarding what they had to do to get high-profile jobs, at least one shows paid off; big time!

We’re thrilled to announce that Ali Watkins of Politico is joining the Washington Bureau as a national security reporter.

Ali, who covers intelligence and national security for Politico, has had a series of important scoops. She broke news that Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser, met with a Russian spy in 2013. She also had exclusive new details on China’s harassment of American spies. Last month, she was the first to reveal the name of the Russian woman, Olga Vinogradova, who met with the former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos during the 2016 campaign.

Ali arrived in Washington in 2013 as an intern covering national security for McClatchy, where she was part of a Pulitzer-finalist team that uncovered the C.I.A.’s spying on Senate Intelligence Committee computers.

After McClatchy, Ali covered national security for The Huffington Post and then Buzzfeed before going to Politico.
New York Times, 12/5/17

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein saga broke, we’ve argued that some women were willing to cozy up to a pig in order to have a shot at a lucrative career in Hollywood. However, you’re only as good as your professional talent and when some of the careers didn’t blossom as desired, many of these women are now screaming rape.

The template’s not been thrown out the window altogether….

What is known today is that in December 2013, the Temple University intern had begun a romantic relationship with James A. Wolfe, a man 30 years her senior. He happened to sit amid a flow of juicy information as director of security for the same Senate committee. The reporter-source romance would last four years. Then the FBI intervened.

From McClatchy, she went on to land jobs in quick succession at HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Politico and finally the New York Times, where she resides today at the Washington bureau.
Washington Times, 6/9/18

That’s not to say everyone in high-profile journalism screwed their way to the top, but many did, and it prompted us to do some digging on their qualifications to occupy the most prominent positions in the profession; qualifications that can legitimately be questioned.

In most professions, one needs to at least have an educational background, if not a degree, in that chosen profession. However that doesn’t seem to apply to those who work in the highest seats of broadcast journalism.

For some, nepotism and/or sexual favoritism didn’t hurt either.
On-Air ‘Journalists’ Are Lib-Trained, Poli-Sci Hacks

Of course, this is not to imply that ALL women, especially now millennial women who occupy a growing number of very influential positions in the media and in-and-around Capitol Hill, screwed their way to jobs that they’re relatively inexperienced to have acquired. It does show lazy journalism on Ali Watkins’ part as she found a shortcut to doing her job instead of that “shoe leather” journalism; a shortcut she was rewarded for.

Worked out for some people,and for Ali, once was not enough.

The New York Times published a damaging feature about its own reporter, revealing new details of Ali Watkins’ affair with former Senate Intelligence Committee aide James A. Wolfe.

“Last fall, after Ms. Watkins and Mr. Wolfe had broken up and while she was still reporting on the intelligence committee for Politico, she briefly dated another staff member at the committee, friends said. That relationship, which has not been previously reported, ended when the two decided not to pursue something more serious,” the Times wrote.
Fox News, 6/25/18

“Dated”…? Fucked.

Will we see Ali Watkins being stripped of her co-Pulitzer Prize as quickly as Bill Cosby was of his many recognitions? Probably not because women are always the victim. She simply did what she had to do in a man’s profession, even though the numbers are narrowing.

And like a federal government agency, Watkins was not fired for wrongdoing but… reassigned.

The New York Times demoted a reporter who acknowledged a romantic relationship with a Senate staffer who is suspected of leaking information to journalists. Times editor Dean Baquet said Tuesday he would reassign the reporter, Ali Watkins from the paper’s Washington bureau to New York in the wake of revelations that she had been involved with James Wolfe, the former head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee. Watkins covered the committee for a number of publications, although not the Times.

In a staff memo on Tuesday, Baquet said Watkins would be reassigned to an unspecified position in New York “where she will be closely supervised and have a senior mentor.”
New York Times “Style” section, 7/3/18

Thanks to Ms. Watkins, all women (especially younger women) will be looked at with that “What did she do to get there?” There was a time when you had to pay dues that required years, if not decades of hard work, to get the attention of the big house on the hill. If you’re a young woman, no matter how much she’ll commiserate with the #MeToo screamers, all it takes is spread your legs.

There are takers and rewards.

The TOP 25 Black & Blonde Media Stories of 2017

Of course, hate hoaxes committed mostly by liberals following the unhinged reaction to the election of Donald Trump is a work in progress, but many exposed themselves for whom they really are in 2017.

The following list is in chronological order.

1: On-Air ‘Journalists’ Are Lib-Trained, Poli-Sci Hacks
Let’s be real, these are not journalists but selected activists who were hired to tell us all what to think. Just ask Mika!
2: Rogue #DeepState ‘Swamp’ Employees in Full Dissent Mode Against @POTUS
Anyone in the military can tell you what would happen if you decided you weren’t going to do what the commanding officer ordered and organized others to follow your “dissent”….
3: Portuguese Feminists Abort Jesus in Front of Catholic Church
Legitimizing “performance art” for the offspring of the rich and untalented was the downfall of the craft
4: Liberal ‘Experts’ Screwed Stockholders with Bad Pre-Election Predictions
This had to be blown off because of the potential liability Eichenwald and Krugman’s employers were potentially exposed to. Think about how many people took their advice and lost millions
5: Sanctuary State Bill 54: the ‘California Values Act’
California has been a “sanctuary state” for decades. They just put it on paper
6: Tomi Lahren: EXACTLY What’s Wrong with the Conservative ‘Media’
Plunging necklines, push-up bras, six inch heels, blonde hair extensions: that’s all it takes to make it big in the conservative movement. Just ask…
7: The @Joy_Villa Hu$tle
So many were immediately sucked in and are now trying to convince all around them that they were on to her all along
8: Can We Now Defend Ourselves Against Violent #Antifa Women?
They believed they could take the first swing and walk away because you can’t hit the girl
9: ‘Fagitude’ – Self-Outed Shep Smith Insults His Fox News Audience
He knows any retribution from his employer would be cause for a really big lawsuit
10: The Near Lily-White $outhern Poverty Law Center ‘Leadership’
The race pimps used Donald Trump to make millions and keep their old, fat, and white very comfortable
11: #Rogue, Useful Idiot, Top Secret Doc Leaker #RealityWinner Busted
Who would bust a “pretty, white and cute” girl just because SHE knew what was best for the country?
12: Scalise/GOP Shooting: The Predictable Progression of Democrat #Resistance
The culmination of years of liberal death-wishes of Republican unanswered
13: Pr. William Co. Board Caves: Gives ‘Special Treatment’ for New Mosque
Certain identity groups say they want equal treatment, then demand special treatment
14: Why ‘Climate Change’ Alarmists Will NEVER Debate Skeptics
Ask any climate change activist why this has never happened. Should be a slam dunk, right?
15: Who Gave the SPLC the Right to Designate Who is a Hater?
Waiting for the inevitable class action response
16: Is Really Going Broke While the Mikkelsons Live Large?
Another brilliant marketing ploy aimed at those who still haven’t mastered the search function on their PCs
17: Anarchists, #Antifa, #BLM Caused Charlottesville Violence and ‘Terrorism’
Had the left not ramped this up, the irrelevant rally would have been like that fallen tree in the woods
18: #Charlottesville’s Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy: Racist, Misogynist, Democrat
If you’re a liberal, you get a lot of rope
19: George Soros, the Beverly Hills #Antifa Demands Payment
Why pay stoopids when you can get them to commit criminal acts for free
20: If Kaepernick is Signed, Will He Still Suck?
Social justice activists didn’t follow the NFL until this year so they really don’t know how bad Kaepernick was… but that doesn’t matter
21: Sergio Dipp: The Latest Reason to NOT Watch ESPN, MNF
Of all of the competent, experienced sports reporters in the country, Dipp was ESPN’s go-to
22: Kneeling Players Need Look in the Mirror Before Insulting Trump
Where are the fathers to keep young black males out of trouble? Too inconvenient a question?
23: Trump Saves UCLA ‘Shoplifters’; No Thanks from #BLM
President Trump will unfortunately (and justifiably) think twice before helping an American in trouble overseas thanks to the narcissist Ball family
24: The View’s Joy Behar: Lying, Groping, Hypocrite
After the whole Harvey Weinstein-sexual assault awakening, an unapologetic Joy Behar proved that women will get a pass on similar misbehavior
25: Cook County Employees to be Laid Off; Cry and Beg to be Spared
While bad for them, this was collective payback for anyone who’s had a negative experience with a taxpayer-funded government employee (and that’s almost all of us)

See you in 2018. Should be another interesting year!