Cowards In Black

During an annual parade in our small New England town, the local peace activists “The Women In Black” threw toy trucks to kids with a tag that read “Dump Bush”. Also, they tossed candy to those children along the route with a piece of paper tied to it.

It read:

Did you know:

That there have been mass detentions and the deportation of immigrants in the name of “national security”?

That while the Iraq war continues to injure our troops, the administration is proposing closing 10 Veterans Administration hospitals?

That the president’s proposed defense budget of $420 billion does not include the cost of military operations in Afghanistan or Iraq?

That nine of Bush’s Defense Policy Board members sit on or advise at least one government contractor?

That the Congress has reintroduced legislation H.R. 235 “Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act” that would allow houses of worship to participate directly in political campaigns, endorse or oppose political candidates, distribute partisan voter guides and still maintain their non-profit tax exempt status? That there are already 165 co-sponsors for this dangerous legislation?

Bush dropped out of the Kyoto Agreement and then failed to offer alternative solutions that attempt to slow global warming.

Bush has threatened our Clean Water Act by telling the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to stop protections for our wetlands.

That there are 44 million Americans who have no health insurance?

These cowardly women have to resort to distributing their messages via a Sugar Daddy to little kids. So if I may, let me offer a rebut to these activists who are too chicken-hearted to toss their paraphernalia to adults.

As far as the “mass detentions and the deportation of immigrants”, if they are here illegally (which may have been conveniently omitted from the flyer), good. It turns out many of those arrested in other countries for terrorist reasons entered those countries illegally. Would these women have these illegals stay here as to carry out their terror missions?

Seems to my recollection, peace activists spat on veterans and called them “baby killers”. Now all of a sudden they care about veterans and their hospital care? Just a bit disingenuous…. And as in a few of the items they’ve addressed and blamed the Bush Administration for, with the exception of an executive order, no president can close hospitals unilaterally. It takes bills passed by the congress and the senate and, heaven forbid, would require substantial Democrat support before arriving at the President’s desk.

But the Women In Black left that out….

Again, since when would any liberal group give a damn about the defense budget outside of cutting it, exactly what the WIB seems so suddenly concerned about here.

The Bush Administration wouldn’t be the first administration to give out a contract to someone who’s supported them. Nine policy members, huh? We still don’t know most of the members of Hillary Clinton’s secret health task force that sought to require people to go to doctors and specialists the government assigned us (none of the freedom of choice liberals brag about supporting) or go to jail.

But the Women In Black left that out….

Why is the “Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act” so scary to the WIB? According to these liberals, Christians can feed and house the homeless but can go to hell when it come to supporting a candidate. While liberals want government (mainly someone else) to help the downtrodden, religious organizations give out food, shelter, and counseling to those who have nowhere else to turn and if sparing these churches a tax burden so they can help more people, what’s the problem?

I thought liberals loved free speech? Sorry, silly me. Liberals only love their free speech. I shudder to think of the collect screech heard round the nation if someone told the Women In Black that handing out partisan political flyers to six-year-olds was a bad idea.

The Kyoto Agreement: same old complaint, same old lie….

The Kyoto Agreement was authored during the Clinton Administration. If the agreement was so important and correct, why did 99 out of 100 U.S. senators vote against American participation, thus getting Bill Clinton off the hook in having to sign it? Because the agreement was a multi-national socialist money grab that would impose harsh restrictions on us while other poorer, gross polluters would be exempt. Ultimately those polluting nations would receive our tax money and not be forced to stop polluting.

But the Women In Black left that out….

As far as President Bush threatening our Clean Water Act by telling the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to stop protections for our wetlands, I have to plead ignorance. I didn’t know we got our drinking water from swamps.

Again, “Bush” can’t do anything like that by himself. It takes a bill being passed by the legislative branch to reach his desk. We know these liberals who demand our “tolerance” hate, yes, hate Bush. That’s why lying about him is considered a necessary evil.

But the Women In Black left that out….

And finally the 44 million Americans with no health care.

IF that number is correct, the WIB conveniently left out that many young people in the workforce opt out of having health care premiums withdrawn from their paychecks since they are relatively healthy. In reality, no one in America is denied health care. In reality, it’s against the law for a hospital to turn someone away, which is why many clinics in Border States are in danger of closing since they are forced to take in the multitude of illegal aliens who are drawn to the “free” health care.

But the Women In Black left that out….

Like their counterparts in the education establishment, it’s far more preferable to distribute propaganda to young skulls full of mush who lack the context or experience to question what is disseminated.

These Women In Black are gutless. But what else is new….

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